Cool de Sac Singapore @ Suntec City Review

Detailed Review of Cool De Sac (Suntec City)

Today, I brought MY to check out the newly opened indoor playground at Suntec City, Cool de Sac! We were greeted by a spacious and welcoming foyer.


There were many racks and lockers for shoes and bags, but note that the bag lockers cannot be locked, so use them at your own risk. [Update:  Cool de Sac now charges for the rental of lockers.  To rent, approach the sign-in counter.]


Play Areas at Cool De Sac

The first place MY ran into was the play area. The play area was not very big, with 3 wavy slides and a small ball bit. At 1yo, the steps inside the play area were too high for MY, so I had to go up with him. MY loved the slide, it was super slippery and fast! And they were so new they *sparkled*!


I was too lazy to keep climbing up with him, so we didn’t stay long in this area. The next area was the Tree House, but it was closed when we were there. It’s a wooden playground for older kids, not padded like the earlier one.


Beside the treehouse was a flying fox zip line.


After passing the Tree House, we reached the activities area. It was divided into four sections: Craft, Bricks, Dressing up and a stage.


There was a generous supply of art material available at the craft section at no additional cost. And I absolutely LOVE the human-figure chalk boards.


The bricks section made me feel like I have arrived at Legoland! MF would have gone craaazzzyyyy if he was there!


Dressing up has never been my kids’ cup of tea, but I’m sure the girls would love it. The staff help to dress the kids up, at no additional charge.

I super super loved the dividers between the sections. The human-figure divider that divided the craft and bricks section was a chalk board on the craft side and a lego board on the other; The dressing table divider between the bricks and dressing up section had Lego boards on one side and mirrors on the other. Ingenious!


After the activities section, we arrived at the Tweens section, where you can find interactive game consoles Xbox 360, Wii and Playstation. Not sure if they are for the kids or the parents. If I did not have to chase MY around, you would probably find me here playing Guitar Hero.


And finally, we arrived at the Toddlers play area, Tots.


The first thing that attracted MY was the foam Lego bricks. He probably found them very familiar, because he loved playing with these at Legoland Hotel Malaysia’s lobby.


MY had quite a lot of fun going around the toddler’s area checking out everything that was available.


That pretty much sums up what is available for the kids to play at Cool de Sac. The staff were also pretty enthusiastic and are stationed throughout the playground to help kids with the play and activities.


The premises is huge and there are plenty of seating area for the adults. There are two areas with tables to sit and dine: Next to the activities corner / Tree House and next to the toddler’s play area.


I didn’t have the opportunity to dine at their bistro today because we went there after lunch, but I browsed through their menu and was extremely impressed by their kids menu – they actually have purees for babies! And at a very reasonable price. [Update (Nov 2014): Cool de Sac bistro has since done away with having a full bistro and the in-house cafe only served drinks and cakes. However, outside food was allowed to brought in and dined within the playground.]

2014-03-17 15.15.38

There were no toilets or nursing rooms within the premises (which was a huge disappointment frankly, given the size of the playground, it would have been great if they had installed toilets and nursing room), but they do have a diaper-changing area:




Party at Cool De Sac

There were three party rooms with different themes and different pricing.


This is the current price list for the party packages (taken from their facebook page):

cool de sac party plans



Admission Fee for Cool De Sac

Update (2 March 2015):  Cool De Sac now charges GST.  Here is the updated price list.


Overall, I was pretty impressed by this new playground. The entry fee of $20 $21.40 (on weekdays) for kids above 3 is very reasonable, given that you do not need to pay extra for the craft activities and dressing up (unlike Fidgets where you need to pay for these, on top of the entry fee). And don’t forget its very convenient and centralized location, PLUS UNLIMITED PLAYTIME, $20 is a steal compared to what other playgrounds are charging these days. However, for babies below 1, I do not think it is worth paying $10 $10.70 for them to enter as there isn’t really much for small babies to do there.  Hence, I recommend this playground for children aged 1 and above.


Information on Cool De Sac:

Address: Suntec City Mall #02-379/80 (3 Temasek Boulevard, Singapore 038983)

Tel: 6332 1259

Opening Hours:
Sundays – Thursdays: 10am – 8pm
Fridays – Saturdays: 10am – 10pm

Offical Websites: Homepage | Facebook Page


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