DIY Party Pack for MY’s 1derful Lego Birthday Party!
January 14, 2014

For MY’s lego-themed birthday party, there were loads of ready-made Lego products that I could have bought to make up a party pack.. But I decided to try putting one together myself, partly because official Lego products are kind of overpriced.  Seriously.. a few dollars for a Lego pencil or eraser?? I could do better with that money!

Since it was MY’s 1 year old party, there were going to be babies as well as their older siblings.  So I prepared two gifts: an activity pack for the older kids, and a personalised polaroid photo frame for the babies.

The Activity Pack

First, I put together an activity book. Lego website has tons of downloads available for download and printing. I downloaded a few colouring pages, dot-to-dot activities and a maze.  The difficult part was arranging them properly so that they printed out in the correct order when put together.  Done wrongly and there would be a page upside down here and there. It took a bit of trial and error but I worked it out.  Then I designed a cover and printed it on cardboard paper.  Put everything together, staple through.. Voila!


The kids would need something to colour, so I made many Lego minifigure crayons (see this post on how to make them) and packed 5 pieces for each kid.


Then they would need some pencils for the dot-to-dot and maze activities, so I bought pencils from Popular bookshop, printed tiny pictures of Lego minifigures and stuck them to the top of the pencils.


I also included a sheet of stickers, coz well, kids love stickers. I downloaded the sticker sheets on Lego website and printed them on A4 label stickers which can be bought from Popular bookstore.


Last step: Packing! I put the items into a plastic bag, designed and printed a header that said “MY’s 1derful Activity Pack” and stapled it up. All done!


Polaroid Photo Frame

I wanted to take polaroid pictures for the guests (don’t waste the Lego backdrop that I spent so much effort making!), and thought about how to add a Lego element to it.  So I decided to make a photo frame for the polaroid.

First, I used photoshop to come up with the design.  Then I sent it to the photo developing shop to be developed as 4R prints which were nice and glossy, not crappy in resolution like what my home printer would have churned out. When I got the prints back, I cut them to size, and cut a hole in the middle for the photo.


Then I had to make a pocket to slot in the polaroid.  For this, I cut out a page from a namecard holder and pasted it behind the hole for the photo.


For the backing, I used art foam and soft magnetic sheets which can be bought from Popular bookshop.  I cut the art foam to the correct size and the magnetic sheets into strips, and used double-sided tape to paste the magnetic strips onto the foam.


Then I used double-sided tape to stick the frame onto the foam.. Done!


I tested it out on my fridge, just to make sure the magnetic strips could hold the weight of the frame.. No problemo!


The Gift Bag

For gift bags, I bought some bright green paper bags. I wanted to get Lego-ish red and yellow, but the SKP near my home didn’t have them.. Bummer.  Since the polaroid photo frame was personalized, I had to personalize the bags too, so that they don’t get mixed up.  So I made Lego-themed tags for the bags and tied them to the bags using ribbons. Then I printed a picture of Lego minifigures and pasted it to the bottom of each paper bag, just to make it all Legoish and attractive.

And this was what the guests received for MY’s 1derful Lego Birthday Party!



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