Dreamworks Kou Kou Cafe Singapore (Bugis+) Review

I am a huge fan of themed cafes.  And my kids have been dragged by me in my hunt for themed cafes in Singapore and around the world.  There are times when my kids share my passion – this is usually when the theme of the cafe is something of their interest (e.g. Pokemon or DC Heroes).  Other times, they show slightly less enthusiasm, like when I brought them to Hello Kitty cafes, not just in Singapore, but also in JapanTaiwan and Thailand.

Last weekend, a Dreamworks themed cafe opened in Singapore at Bugis+.  DREAMWORKS! Think Kung Fu Panda, Trolls, Madagascar, Shrek and How to Train Your Dragon.  Now that’s something the boys could easily identify with.  With much excitement, I brought MY down to check out this latest themed cafe in town!

Decor wise, I shall be honest and say it was nothing to really shout about, compared to other themed cafes in Singapore.  But the food! I’ve been to many themed cafes where the so-called themed food was simply sticking a picture onto normal food with a toothpick.  But at Dreamworks KouKou Cafe, we saw Shrek-shaped fishcake and rice balls in the shape of Madagascar penguins.  And they didn’t just look good.  The Asian-inspired dishes on the menu were as tasty as they were cute!

Signature dishes at Dreamworks KouKou Cafe included:

  • Signature K.B.P $13 – Madagascar themed Kung Ba Pau (braised pork belly bun)
  • Night Fury Steak Rice $18.50 – How to Train Your Dragon themed rice with hamburger steak
  • “HAiRLARiOUS” Princess $18 – Trolls themed mixed berries mousse cake

Besides the food, kids would absolutely love the name sticker machine at the cafe too! For $2, you can purchase a sheet of Dreamworks KouKou themed name stickers for your kids for them to paste on their belongings.  The name stickers came in 3 different sizes, and the sticker sheet also included one large sticker meant for pasting over their EZ link card.

We had a great time at Dreamworks KouKou Cafe, where MY was so ticked by all the themed food and the sticker machine.  If your kids are fans of Trolls, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar and How to Train a Dragon, hop on down to Bugis+ to check this themed cafe out!


Address: 201 Victoria Street, Bugis +, #05-04/05/06

MapClick here for Google Map location

Telephone Number: 6634 2682

Operating Hours: 11:00am – 10:00pm (Monday – Sunday)

Official WebsitesFacebook Page | Instagram


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