“Got Kids, Go Where?” By Cheekiemonkie

This week on Family Fun Friday, I am not going to recommend you just 1, but 500 fun activities for the family!

Got Kids, Go Where? By Cheekimonkie

Got Kids Go Where Cheekiemonkie Book Review 01

Kelvin Ang, daddy blogger at Cheekiemonkie.net, is someone I have technically known for… What, 15 years?! Am I THAT old already???  But no, he wasn’t my friend back then.  He was like JCRC President when I was a freshman.  And JCRC Presidents and freshmen do not gel.  They make us run around, shouting out them full name, faculty and block every night (like for what??) and if we fail to do so (because who cares whether you are from ME or CE or EE??), they will tekan us.  And why am I telling you this? Just so you know that my review of his latest book is ABSOLUTELY BIASED.

So anyway… Fast forward 15 years.  Someone I know publishes a book, of course I have to support right? How often in your life would someone you know publish a book? It gives you a rare opportunity to get AUTOGRAPHS.

Got Kids Go Where Cheekiemonkie Book Review 02

Of course, it helps that the topic of the book is something I am very interested in.  If he had published a book on Mechanical Engineering or A Level Mathematics (insider joke), I wouldn’t have bothered.  His book, “Got Kids, Go Where?” features 50 CATEGORIES of things to do with kids, with 10 items in each category.

Got Kids Go Where Cheekiemonkie Book Review 03

Before I received the book, I was wondering, “Got so many places to visit in Singapore meh???” So when I received the book, I realized he cheated a bit *sneaky sneaky*.  Some of the categories are like “10 Things to Do at ….”, so that’s technically just 1 place.

Got Kids Go Where Cheekiemonkie Book Review 09

But no, I can’t say he cheated.  Because his book is on “500 THINGS TO DO”, not “500 Places to Go”.

Got Kids Go Where Cheekiemonkie Book Review 10

Oh wait, he did cheat.  The book included places OUTSIDE of Singapore.  There was a section on Day Trips from Singapore.

Got Kids Go Where Cheekiemonkie Book Review 07

And a section on Weekend Getaways.

Got Kids Go Where Cheekiemonkie Book Review 08

But still… 480 Things to do IN Singapore with kids is still an awful lot! Much more than we can complete before our kids are no longer kids.

What’s great about the book

For each activity, there is a 5-monkey rating.  Each category was organized according to the rating score, starting with an activity with the highest rating (called Cheekiemonkies RAVE!) and going down from there.

Got Kids Go Where Cheekiemonkie Book Review 04

Pictures.  Because we all love looking at the pictures.  Pictures are SO important, because for example, when I saw ‘Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park’, I was about to flip away.  But the picture caught my eye!

Got Kids Go Where Cheekiemonkie Book Review 05

I’ve been to the park a couple of times and never even realized there was a super cool playground there.  So thanks to the book, I am definitely revisiting this park.  So yeah, pictures are important and the book is full of pictures!

Next, minimum height / age requirements were stated.  As I was browsing through the book, the picture of the forest adventure at Bedok Reservoir caught my eye. But my kids are pretty young compared to the cheekie monkies and I was wondering if this place was suitable for them.

Got Kids Go Where Cheekiemonkie Book Review 06

Thankfully, the height requirement was stated clearly and I shelved this activity aside.

Last but not least, the index.

Got Kids Go Where Cheekiemonkie Book Review 11

I liked how information such as websites, address, opening hours, entrance fees etc were listed at the back of the book.

Why buy the book when you can read his blog?

That’s the obvious and valid question to ask right? Here’s why.  You cannot ask a 2 year old to surf the net, navigate his blog and choose where he wants to go.  BUT you can throw a 2 year old a book full of pictures to see what interests him! Tada…

Got Kids Go Where Cheekiemonkie Book Review 15Got Kids Go Where Cheekiemonkie Book Review 16

Can I preview the book before buying it?

The book can be loaned from National Library Board.

Location: Adult Lending Singapore Col.

Call Number: English 790.1922 ANG

I’m sold. Where can I buy it?



Still need more convincing?

Cheekiemonkie is running an exclusive GIVEAWAY for those holding a copy of his book! The prizes are totally AWESOME (like staycation, Legoland Malaysia tickets and shopping vouchers kind of awesome).  What you need to do is to bring along the book and head down to 1 of the 80 specified locations, snap a photo of yourself or your family there WITH THE BOOK and share it on Facebook / Instagram.   Each photo shared gives you one chance of winning.  The giveaway ends on 2 August 2015, 2359 hours so what are you waiting for?  (See details of the giveaway on Cheekiemonkie’s blog.)

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