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Fidgets Island at JEM is no longer in operation.

Fidgets Island JEM First Visit (28 Feb 2015)

I met my friend at Jurong East recently.  It was a rainy day so we couldn’t go Westgate Wonderland.  We had 4 kids with us combined, so we weren’t able to make up enough spending to enter Westgate Kids Club. Hence, I suggested we visited Fidgets Island JEM.

Fidgets Island JEM shop 2

Our kids have been going Fidgets World since they were like 6 months old.  This was our first venture to Fidgets Island.  Fidgets Island was an art-and-craft shop, set up like a little island, for children aged 4 and above.  Both our elder boys had just turned 4, so we finally qualified! I felt like we were entering a new milestone of parenthood!

Fidgets Island JEM was located on 4th floor of JEM  (#04-K03).

Fidgets Island JEM shop 1

Activities available at Fidgets Island JEM

There were 4 types of activities that the kids could choose from: Clay Art, Canvas Painting, Box craft and Coin Bank painting.

Fidgets Island JEM Activities

Activities available at Fidgets Island JEM


We brought the boys to the shelf displaying samples and asked them to choose what they wanted to do.

fidgets island JEM 1

Array of colourful craft for the kids to choose from!


The first thing that caught MF’s eyes was the Angry Birds clay art.  However, the staff said that it was not recommended for 4 year olds.

Fidgets island JEM 6

Clay art at Fidgets Island JEM


My friend’s kid spotted a sports car among the box crafts and decided he wanted to do that.  MF then chipped in that he also wanted to do the sports car – But they only had 1 piece left!  Like, super UH-OH! So the negotiation began…

Me: Oh look! Coin banks! Want to colour a coin bank? You can bring it back and put your ang pow money inside! It’s so useful!

Fidgets Island JEM 7

MF: NO! I want the car!

Me: Look! Pirate ship! And train! All your favourites! You can even assemble them after painting, so fun, like Lego! The car is boring, it’s just painting you know?

Fidgets island JEM 5

MF: NO! I want the car!

Me: Oh look at the dog and cat! SO CUTE! The head can wobble!  Wow, two of them in a set.  You get to paint TWO animals!

Fidgets Island JEM 4

MF: NO! I want the car!

In the end… it was my friend’s kid who decided to take the pirate ship.  *facepalm*

Fidgets Island JEM 8

Finally got the car he wanted.. -__-


Let the crafting begin!

Now that both kids had chosen their craft, they donned their apron and the crafting began.

Fidgets Island JEM 9

Staff explaining the activity to the kids.


The craft activity was fully supervised by the staff.  This was SO much better than those sand art and window art shops commonly found at shopping centres. I could actually sit back and relax!  And look how attentive MF was!  He would never give me that kind of attention.

Fidgets Island JEM 10

I am NOT used to seeing my son sit so still and being so attentive.


After running through the basic instructions, the kids were left to do the painting.

Fidgets Island JEM 11

Struggling to open the paint container. The staff helped to open it later.


There were pictures on the box for the kids to refer to.  But well… MF preferred to exercise his own creativity.

Fidgets Island JEM Review 12


From time to time, the staff would help MF remove the lumps of paint to make it nice and smooth.

Fidgets Island JEM Review 13


After he fininshed colouring the body of the car, MF decided he wanted multi-colour wheels to go along.

Fidgets Island JEM Review 14


Putting on some finishing touches, just to make sure he was absolutely pleased with his work of (abstract) art.

Fidgets Island JEM Review 15


And TADAH! The painting was done! Don’t you think it has a real Picasso feel to it?

Fidgets Island JEM Review 16


After the paint dried, it was time to add some decor to it.  But… The stickers wouldn’t stick!

Fidgets Island JEM Review 17

Staff trying to put the decor on but they wouldn’t stick.

Fidgets Island JEM

MF refusing to give up. Kept trying to put the stickers but they kept dropping off.


We tried to use glue, but it still wouldn’t stay.  The staff had no idea what the problem was.  She said she had done the exact same craft before and had no problem with the stickers the last time.  Guess I was just unlucky?? Eventually we gave up.

Over at the pirate ship side, my friend’s kid had finished colouring all the small parts.  However, it was too difficult for a 4 year old to assemble.  So the staff did the assembling.

Fidgets Island JEM Box Craft Pirate Ship

Staff helped to assemble the pirate ship.


The whole activity took close to an hour.  The kids were pretty pleased with their work, but it was one messy affair! (No wonder they needed aprons.)  The paint stuck to their hands and couldn’t be washed off.  Oh well, it came off on its own by the next day.


Pricing at Fidgets Island JEM

Price List for Fidgets Island JEM

Price List for Fidgets Island JEM


The activity cost $15 for each child.  They had prepaid pass which cost $50 for 4 sessions, working out to be $12.50 per child.  The prepaid pass was valid for one year.  I found the price pretty reasonable, considering that there was a staff to supervise the activity.

There is another branch of Fidgets Island at Paragon, but they have different pricing.  It is more expensive at the Paragon branch.  The prepaid pass for the JEM outlet cannot be used at Paragon.

Pricing for Fidgets Island Paragon (Image Source)

Pricing for Fidgets Island Paragon (Image Source)


Review of Fidgets Island JEM

The 4 year olds had a lot of fun!  I purchased the prepaid pass because I figured I would be back.  My friend could also use my pass while we were there together, so it would be pretty easy to finish up the 4 visits.

Although it was stated in the notice that ‘child-minding service was not available’, the staff said that we did not need to stay around.  I stayed around because I wanted to take photos, but my friend went to buy food for her little one.  I am already hatching an evil plan to leave MF there while I pop over to my favourite Paris Baguette!

paris baguette JEM

Oh Paris Baguette, how I love you so.


Figets Island JEM Second Visit (19 April 2015)

I was back at Fidgets Island JEM again! This time, I noticed a sign that said “Craft with us $8”.

fidgets island JEM 1

I enquired about the $8 craft and the staff told me it was for simple activities such as sand art and sun catchers.  The activity would take around 30 minutes.

fidgets island JEM 2

MF said he wanted to do the sun catcher, so we paid $8 and the crafting began!

fidgets island JEM 3

Poor MY wishing he could join in… I actually wish too! Two more years to go!


We left MF there to complete the craft under the supervision of the staff and went Coffee Bean for coffee.  Half an hour, I returned and MF had completed the activity.

fidgets island JEM 5

The activity actually took less than 30 minutes. The staff gave him some blank paper and crayons to doodle on while waiting for me to return.  MF said he wanted to do some more.  He chose a coin bank (which is one of their classic craft), which I paid for using the Prepaid pass I bought at the last visit.

fidgets island JEM 4

MF has super a lot of fun! For $20.50, we dropped him off for 1.5 hours and he completed 2 craft activities and came home with a photo frame and coin bank! 🙂


Information on Fidgets Island JEM

Address: JEM #04-K03, 50 Jurong Gateway Road, Singapore 608549

Tel: 63343955

Getting There: JEM is directly connected to Jurong East MRT (EW24/NS1)

Opening Hours:
Monday – Thursday 11am to 8pm (Last entry 7.30pm)
Friday – Sunday & Public Holiday 11am to 9pm (Last entry 8.30pm)

Official Websites: Fidgets Homepage | Fidgets Facebook Page


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