First attempt to withdraw new bank notes from Pop-up ATM -> FAIL <-
February 3, 2015

When it was announced in the news that DBS / POSB was launching pop-up ATMs at Community Clubs, many parents applauded the news.  “No more queueing up at banks to withdraw new notes!” we cheered. So today, after reading the news of how easy breezy it was to get new bank notes from the pop-up ATMs, hubby and I headed to the Community Club nearest to our home to get our hands on some crisp new notes.

When we arrived via the main entrance of the Community Club, there was no sign of the pop-up ATMs.  So we went to the office and asked the two harried-looking staff where they were and they gave us the direction.  Pity them, I’m sure they had been answering the same question all day!  Someone should just put up direction signs.

Following their directions, we found the pop-up ATMS… and THE QUEUE.

Super auntie me joining the queue at Pop-up ATM.

Super Auntie me joining the queue.

The queue was longer than this when I just arrived, this photo was only taken about.. 5 to 10 minutes after we started queueing?

There were 3 ATMs there, but only 1 of them had $10 notes left (which was the one everyone was queueing up for).   There was a staff there that informed everyone who joined the queue that if they wanted to withdraw $2 or $50 notes, they could go to the other two ATMs with much shorter queues. (Okay, the ATM which only had $50 notes left had ZERO queue. Tsk tsk.. Sorry kids, looks like all your ang pows ain’t gonna contain any $50 notes.)  She also warned us that she did not know how many $10 notes were left in the machine and when people would be coming to replenish the bank notes.

While we were queueing, the staff went around handing out empty envelopes for us to keep the money, POSB ang pow packets and chocolates to keep us the kids happy while waiting. Thumbs up for the thoughtful service!

Shortly after that photo was taken, the staff announced that there was no more $10 notes.  There was a collective groan and the crowd dispersed.  No angry outburst, nobody scolded the staff. I personally was more amused than angry by the whole experience. Maybe it was the endorphins from the chocolates.  Or because we have already been warned by the staff that the notes were running out. Or the fact that I did not go home empty-handed!

Free red packets and chocolates distributed at the pop-up ATMs.

Free red packets and chocolate distributed at the pop-up ATMs.

Although my attempt to withdraw bank notes from the pop-up ATMs failed, I still applaud this new initiative by DBS / POSB.  I’m sure it would help to ease the queues at banks and make it easier for working adults who are unable to visit the banks during working hours to get their hands on the bank notes!

As for me, the auntie SAHM who is idling at home on weekday mornings and afternoons, maybe I should just go queue at the bank and leave the bank notes at the pop-up ATMs for those who really need it.  Hopefully with these ATMs, the queue at the banks would be much shorter compared to previous years? (I WISH!)

So everyone, if you are hoping to use these pop-up ATMs to get your bank notes for Chinese New Year, please note:

  • Be prepared to queue
  • Be prepared to go home empty-handed
  • Don’t wait until the last minute!

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