First phone conversation with MF
March 7, 2013

I have officially spent 48 hours away from MF! When MY was born, that was the first time I spent 2 nights away from MF.. Even then, he visited me at the hospital everyday, so we weren’t really separated for very long. This time round, MY has been hospitalized since Sunday and I have been staying here with him. Nobody has the time or energy to bring MF here to visit for the past 2 days, so I haven’t seen him for more than 2 whole days!

But just because I haven’t seen him, doesn’t mean I haven’t heard him. My extremely iPhone-savvy son has figured out how to call me with my MIL’s phone! Yes, the same boy who can’t read and can’t say A-Z, is able to use the iPhone. Took me 2 years to teach him to count 1 to 20, and he figured out how to use the iPhone to make a call on his own within 2 days. This boy has got his priorities all wrong.

And so, he somehow managed to unlock the phone, find the call button and press the correct contact to reach me. I picked up the phone when I saw my MIL’s number on caller id, but there was no sound on the other end. After I went ‘hello hello’ many times, my MIL finally took over the phone and told me it was MF who called me. She switched on the speaker and asked me to talk to him.

Okay, MF can’t talk. (Remember his priorities are wrong? At 2 years and 1 month, he still can’t really talk.) So the conversation went like this:

Me: Hello Minfeng!
MF: *giggle giggle*
Me: Are you a good boy?
MF: *giggle giggle*
MIL (in the background): naughty boy lah
Me: Who is the naughty boy?
MF: Minfeng! (Oh yes, he can say his name although he can’t talk. Something he just learnt very recently.)
*MY starts crying*
Me: didi is crying! *puts the phone near to MY so that MF can hear the crying*
MF: Uh oh
Me: okay Minfeng, say bye bye!
MF: *giggle giggle*
Me: bye bye Minfeng! Say bye bye!
MF: *giggle giggle*
Me: okay Minfeng, press the red button. Red button.
— call ends —

See? What did I say? He can’t talk, but anything to do with the iPhone, he figures it out in a jiffy. Ask him to say bye bye, cannot say. Tell him press the red button and he gets it immediately.

Now, I am just waiting for him to figure out how to FaceTime.

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