G.A.M.E. – Great Art Made Easy
April 5, 2013

Recently, MF received this thing called G.A.M.E. – Great Art Made Easy as a present.

IMG_2734 copy

Basically how it works is, it comes with a canvas with the picture and numbers on it. All you have to do is take the matching-numbered paint and paint within the line.


It’s really easy peasy – but not so easy peasy for 2 year old MF as he didn’t quite get the ‘colouring within the line’ concept. However, it was great for teaching him numbers and he was able to match the number of the paint to the number on the canvas correctly. He had lots of fun doodling around.


After the picture was finished, we didn’t want to waste the paint and let him continue doodling in his notebook.

IMG_2727 copy

It is a great activity to keep kids entertained for a while, although somewhat messy for the young ones. MF had paint all over his hands, arms and even legs. However, the paint washes off easily with water.

I have seen them being sold on push carts at shopping centres. There is currently one at Junction 8 (Bishan), but I think they move around. Price starts from $15.90 for the smallest design, but look out for promotions (the cart at Junction 8 is currently have 30% discount).


They have a facebook page so you can check out where their push carts are. Enjoy!

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