Goodie Bags for MF’s second birthday party!
January 8, 2013

Long time no blog! Less than a month to my EDD now, and all I want to do is sleep all day.. But I guess that’s a lousy excuse for my laziness to blog. It’s been more than a week since MF’s birthday party, I thought I better blog about it before my poor memory (made worse by pregnancy) fails me.

Personalized Goodie Bags from Oriental Trading!

MF turned two on 30 Dec! We made a super last minute decision (about 3 weeks before the day) to hold a birthday party for him at eXplorer Kid at AMK Hub.  I will blog more about the party in another post.  Let me blog about the awesome goodie bag that I’m quite proud of first. *hohoho*

Being a lazy mummy, I decided to do shop online and order some personalised items from Oriental Trading for MF’s goodie bag.  I was lucky to have a friend visiting her in-laws in USA who could bring the stuff back for me and save on shipping. 🙂


When the stuff arrived, I had to paste the personalised stickers on the candies / bottles myself.  Here are the stuff I ordered:

Personalised Hersheys Kisses and Candy Bars


Personalized Safari Boy Swirl Pops


Personalized Kaleidoscope Hexagon Bubble Bottles


At two years old, MF was able to help paste the stickers on the Hersheys Kisses and swirl pops (the candy bars and bubble bottles required more skill though). But I think he had more fun unwrapping and eating the chocolates along the way.


And here are the contents after we were done pasting all the stickers:


We had many leftover stickers for the Hersheys Kisses (they gave more stickers than chocolates), so I went to the supermarket to buy some mini mentos to use up the stickers.


And we were done! For packing, I ordered the Personalized Bright Neon Colour Drawstring Bags.  They were so pretty!


I had lots of fun packing these goodie bags and all the guests loved them.  And Oriental Trading was really great! I was in a rush to place my order (as I mentioned, the whole party thing was a super last-minute idea and I had to ensure the items reached my friend’s in-laws place while she was in USA) and accidentally chose the wrong shipping address (I clicked on my SIL’s Borderlinx address instead of my friend’s in-laws’ address!).  I panicked for a while, because if it was shipped to Borderlinx, I wouldn’t be able to get it in time for the party! Thankfully, I found a live chat on Oriental Trading’s website and was able to chat with a customer service officer who changed the shipping address immediately.  Despite having to print the personalised stickers and it being busy Christmas season, my order was shipped out the day after I ordered and arrived safely and timely at my friend’s in-laws.  🙂

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