Happy Willow @ One KM Review

Update (Dec 2016): Happy Willow @ One KM is no longer in operation.

Detailed Review of Happy Willow One KM

So begins my first indoor playground visit for the year, traveling halfway across Singapore to One KM at Paya Lebar to check out Happy Willow‘s new branch there.

Getting to Happy Willow One KM

Arrived at Paya Lebar MRT, couldn’t find any direction signs to One KM.  Checked Google Map and figured I should take exit D since One KM was near Tanjong Katong Complex.


Came out of exit D and still no sign of One KM. So I decided to walk towards City Plaza and finally caught a glimpse of One KM behind the trees. After passing two traffic junctions, I finally arrived at One KM!

One KM

Okay, so this playground has failed my accessibility test (criteria for passing is to be directly connected to an MRT station, like Happy Willow’s outlet at Fusionopolis which was directly connected to One-North MRT). I headed straight up to the second floor and found the playground at the far end of the shopping centre, but…

happy willow one km entrance 1

Okay, it was only 10.20am and they opened at 10.30am. My bad for not checking the opening hours before going, I just assumed that they opened early because their Fusionopolis outlet opened at 9.30am.  So meantime, I went to check out the nursing room which was near the playground.  Went back at 10.30am sharp and they were open! Yay!

happy willow one km entrance 2

The staff asked me if it was my first visit and I said yes and filled in the registration form. Turned out I was already registered because I visited the Fusionopolis branch before, so there was actually no need to register here again. If you have visited either branch before, just let the staff know your contact number and they’ll whizz you in, no troublesome form-filling required! Below are their rules of play and entry fee. I visited 3 days before MY turned 2 years old and only paid $10 for unlimited play on a weekday. Awesome!  If I had gone a few days later, I would have had to pay $8 more! This year is totally my lucky year, I can feel it!

happy willow one km entrance 3


Toddler’s Turf at Happy Willow One KM

First, MY headed for the toddler’s area called ‘Toddlers’ Turf’. It was bigger than the one at the Fusionopolis outlet.. I loved it!

happy willow one km toddler 1

It was split into two halves – The first half for the see-saws, cars, ball pit and activity boards:

happy willow one km toddler 2happy willow one km toddler 3happy willow one km toddler 6happy willow one km toddler 4

MY had a lot of fun with the cars and see-saw:

happy willow one km toddler 5happy willow one km toddler 5_2

The activity boards seemed to be a tad challenging for him though:

happy willow one km toddler 5_3

The other half was for toys and pretend-play.  There were also some books for reading:

happy willow one km toddler 7happy willow one km toddler 8happy willow one km toddler 9

MY enjoyed the toys and pretend play:

happy willow one km toddler 10happy willow one km toddler 11

But reading?

happy willow one km toddler 13

The toddler’s area was pretty worth it for $10!

Kid’s Den at Happy Willow One KM

Next, we went to explore the active play area called ‘Kid’s Den’.

happy willow one km kids 1happy willow one km kids 2happy willow one km kids 3happy willow one km kids 4

MY was a lot less garang than his older brother.  At 2 years old, he needed me to follow him around the active play area.  I got a backache after following him for 2 rounds – I must be getting old.

happy willow one km kids 5happy willow one km kids 6

After that, we went to the ball pit which was much less strenuous for me. The ball pit at the Kid’s Den was quite big and deep.  It was up to MY’s knees and he struggled to walk through it (which was precisely the fun).

happy willow one km kids 9

There was a machine in the middle that I think was supposed to shoot the balls up, but it was not working when I was there.

happy willow one km kids 8

The Kid’s Den was not very impressive and a tad small. I felt that to pay $18 for older kids for this would not be very worth it.

Cafe at Happy Willow One KM

Parents could rest at the cafe area, where some tables had a view of the toddler’s area so you could sit back and relax while still keeping an eye on the little one. The Kid’s Den, however, was totally out of sight from the cafe area.

happy willow one km cafe 1happy willow one km cafe 2

The cafe menu was pretty reasonably priced. (Hmm.. I’m pretty sure I took a photo of the menu but can’t find it now.. Crap.  Anyway as a guide, a soft drink cost $2 and a latte cost about $3 from what I remember.) There were 3 high chairs available, I wonder if that would be sufficient on weekends?

happy willow one km cafe 3

There was also a diaper changing area, which I always think is an essential for any indoor playground. But it was placed a bit too close for comfort to some of the cafe tables.

happy willow one km cafe 4

Party Rooms at Happy Willow One KM

There were two party rooms with cute wall murals:

happy willow one km party

Admission Fee (Play Rate) for Happy Willow One KM

$18 (> 2 years old)
$10 (9 months – 23 months)
Unlimited playtime

$22 (> 2 years old)
$12 (9 months – 23 months)
for 3 hours playtime + $6 for subsequent block of 30 minutes

Babies under 9 months old enter free if they are tagging with an older kid.

Overall, I felt the $10 I paid for MY (who was below 2) was very worth it.   There was unlimited play time on weekday and they allowed re-entry.  They did not allow outside food to be consumed within the playground, but you could always go out for lunch and come back again.  For older kids, however, $18 seemed a bit steep considering the size of the active play area which was on the small side.  However, if you have 2 kids, 1 of whom is below 2 and the other above 2 and would like to be able to keep track of both of them, this small compact playground would meet your needs. But if all my kids were above 2 years old, I wouldn’t come here.  Maybe they should introduce Weekday Play Passes like what The Petite Park does, because currently their play passes (6 visits at $100 for kids above 2 / $55 for kids below 2) does not make it much cheaper for those of us who usually visit playgrounds on weekdays.  The whole 2 hours I was there on a weekday morning, I was the only customer.

In Summary…

The good:

  • Nice toddler’s play area with a reasonable fee for kids below 2 years old.
  • Reasonably priced cafe within the playground
  • Unlimited playtime on weekdays with re-entry allowed

The bad:

  • Small active play area and a tad expensive for kids above 2 years old.
  • Diaper-changing area too close to eating area


Information on Happy Willow One KM:

Address: 11 Tanjong Katong Road #02-01/02, One KM, Singapore 437157

Opening Hours: 10.30am to 9pm daily

Nearest MRT: Paya Lebar MRT

Websites: Official Homepage | Facebook page



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