heART Studio Holiday Program – Canvas painting for kids as young as 3!

I have known Rena, the founder of heART Studio, since like… 2010?  I was a new mum then and MF was born in the same month as her third son E3.  Back then, heART Studio was not founded yet. But I had the opportunity to witness the art work her eldest child E1 was doing then. There was no doubt E1 had an artistic gift.

heart studio singapore

E1 with his art works. Super talented right??


I understood why Rena set up heART Studio.  Knowing her son had such a gift, one starts to wonder if more could be done to nurture that talent further. It was too great a gift to go wasted!

heart studio singapore

heART Studio: founded in 2012 by a Mother, driven by her child’s love and potential in Art – That is definitely from the heART!


When heART Studio was founded, MF was still too young for their classes.  But this holiday, with MF turning 4, I decided to ask Rena about the holiday class that heART Studio was offering.  I was super delighted when she offered to give MF a free class!

heart studio holiday program march 2015

March Holiday Class offered by heART Studio.


Review of heART Studio Holiday Program

Since MF was a huge fan of Angry Birds, I signed him up for the Angry Birds class.

heart studio holiday program 1

Pictures of Angry Birds waiting for us in the classroom when we arrived.


MF was going to create an art work starting from a blank canvas!

heart studio holiday program 2

Even a blank canvas can make MF so excited!


Since it was a blank canvas, MF had a lot of freedom in deciding what he wanted to paint.  He could choose which character he wanted (Red bird? Yellow bird? Black bird?).  He could also choose the car (The metallic sports car? The wooden car?).

After he decided he wanted the red Angry Bird in a wooden car, he was asked to choose a background colour. He was given advice by the teacher not to choose colours that would clash with this character / car.

heart studio holiday program 3

MF chose blue background and the painting began!


After he was done, the teacher helped to smooth out the clumps and paint the edges.

heart studio holiday program 4

After each layer of painting was done, the teacher would take a hair dryer to dry the paint.  No wonder the class needed 2.5 hours!

heart studio holiday program 5

Next, they proceeded to draw the outline of the bird with oil pastel.  When MF had difficulty getting the proportion right, the teacher dotted out the outline and all MF had to do was join the dots.

heart studio holiday program 6

After the outline was done, MF proceeded to colour the body of the bird.

heart studio holiday program 7

The teacher drew the outline and MF just had to colour inside the line.

heart studio holiday program 8

The teacher guided MF for the finer parts.


They slowly progressed to complete the rest of the body.

heart studio holiday program 9

Using oil pastel to draw the outline.

heart studio holiday program 10

Filling up with paint.


When they reached the eyes, MF had a choice to choose if he wanted eyes or goggles for the Angry Bird.  He decided on eyes.

heart studio holiday program 11

Drawing the eyes – MF was having so much FUN!


When drawing the beak, MF was asked to choose if he wanted a close beak or an open beak.  He decided on an open one.

heart studio holiday program 12

The teacher would come in to help for the more difficult parts.

heart studio holiday program 13

The Angry Bird taking form!


When they reached the finer details, the teacher took down the picture from the board and brought it to the table.

heart studio holiday program 14

Following the picture carefully to complete the beak.


MF was also asked to choose the expression of the bird: Angry? Or Happy?

heart studio holiday program 15

And the Angry Happy Bird was done!


Next, they proceeded to draw the wooden car that MF chose.

heart studio holiday program 16

The picture of the car was brought to the table.

heart studio holiday program 17

Different shades of brown were mixed for the car and the painting began.


When the teacher was mixing the paint, he took time to explain to MF what he was doing.  Like how red and yellow mixed together to give orange.

heart studio holiday program 18

MF was shown how colours were mixed to form new colours.


After the car was done, they went on to paint the fumes.

heart studio holiday program 19

First part of the lesson done!


After that, a short break was given.  Some cereal (like koko krunch and honey stars) were provided.

heart studio holiday program 20

The little one was also given a treat!


After the break, they went back to finish up the outlines.  I didn’t stay for the second part of the lesson because I brought the little one (who was starting to be quite disruptive) out to play.

When I returned, they were almost done.  The outline was done mostly with the teacher holding on to MF’s hand.  He explained that he did that to prevent the kids from pressing down too hard since a fine brush was used.  But the kids had to do the guiding, moving the brush along the lines as best as they could.

heart studio holiday program 21

The teacher adding a layer of protection to the completed art work to make it look nice and shiny!


And… They were done!!

heart studio holiday program 22

MF beaming proudly with his completed art work!


Can you believe my 4 year old did that from a blank piece of canvas? I found it quite incredible… Had I not witnessed it with my own eyes, I would be very doubtful it came from my boy’s hands! LOL.. It’s now hanging proudly in our living room!

heart studio holiday program 23

MF’s art work on our living room wall.


I loved how the class gave the kids liberty in choosing what they wanted to paint.  The teacher was also very energetic and patient.  The class was conducted during MF’s nap time, so he was quite restless after a while.  The teacher tried to keep him engaged, like telling him to ‘hop hop hop’ while dipping the paint brush into the paint.  And most importantly, you can see from MF’s smiles that he really enjoyed the class!


Information on heART Studio

heART Studio offers art classes for children aged 3 to 12.

Address:  1 Charlton Lane #01-04 , Singapore 539631

Tel: (65) 6554 7563

Email: info@heartstudiosg.com

Websites: Official Homepage | Facebook Page


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