Hokey Pokey is moving out of Suntec

If you follow my blog, you will know that Hokey Pokey is my favourite indoor playground.  I just saw on their facebook page that they are going to be moving from Suntec City to Millenia Walk.  Do note their closure dates and their moving out promotion.

(The pictures below are taken from Hokey Pokey‘s facebook page.)



Although I am looking forward to their NEW and BIGGER premise at Millenia Walk (especially with all the ongoing construction at Suntec City which is kind of annoying), I actually feel a tinge of sadness because I have spent so much time at the Suntec City premise and have so many good memories. And I will probably be visiting Suntec City a lot less after Hokey Pokey moves out.. No more cheap and good coffee at AJ Cafe, $2 tea time toast and coffee at Wang Cafe, lunch sets at Pho House, shopping for useless toys at Toys R Us, shopping for useless stuff at Groupon shop.. Oh well, I think I will save money.

Thank you Hokey Pokey for almost a year of good fun, and I shall look forward to more fun at Millenia Walk! (And thanks for extending the membership for 2 months, otherwise MF’s membership would have expired by the time the new premise opens. :p)

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