Hokey Pokey @ Millenia Walk

This branch of Hokey Pokey is no longer in operation.  Please visit their branch at Seletar Mall.


Detailed Review of Hokey Pokey @ Millenia Walk

I finally made it to the new Hokey Pokey at Millenia Walk! I was super excited about their re-opening on 28 March and made plans to go that day, but came down with mastitis. What bad luck! But on that day, I received an email from Hokey Pokey inviting me to a free visit, so I guess my luck wasn’t that bad after all!

Yesterday, I finally found the time to pack the 2 kids and head down. To get to the new Hokey Pokey by MRT, the nearest station is Promenade on Circle Line. Take Exit A (Millenia Walk), go through Parco and into the main building, find Lift Lobby A near the entrance of Parco and take it up to 2nd floor. Hokey Pokey is located in between Lift Lobby A and Parco’s 2nd floor entrance. You will find no problem maneuvering your stroller there all the way from the MRT. If you are driving, park at Basement 1 near Lift Lobby A and take the lift up to 2nd floor.


You know it’s the same Hokey Pokey when you see the same handsome chap at the counter who has been there since Suntec days. He signed me in while MF ran right in, needing no warming up. Most of the toys were moved over from Suntec, so you would find everything very familiar looking.


The new premise is bigger, so definitely we were expecting some new toys. Some of the new toys I spotted included the parking garage toy, some costumes for dress-up and a new swing-cum-slide:


The toddler play area looks a bit neater now:


The ball pit is a lot larger now. It is a bit shallow currently, but I’ve been told they have ordered new balls to fill it up.


They also have a party room now. They were doing some drilling when I was there and I was carrying MY around in the baby carrier, so I didn’t go nearer to take photo. You can find photos of the party room on Hokey Pokey’s facebook page.


Did MF enjoy himself? You bet! He spent a good whole 4 hours there (with a short lunch break in between) and had a roaring good time!

IMG_3371 copyIMG_3402

Even MY had a little bit of fun! Come to think of it, I didn’t check from what age babies need to start paying.. I just assumed it was free for 3 month old MY and brought him in. Oh well, nobody stopped me. :p


And as before, at 2+pm, they switched on the bubble machines!


Okay.. Forgive the blurry photos. It’s not easy to take photos of fast-moving MF with my iPhone while carrying MY around in a baby carrier.

Outside the play area, there is noticeboard for parents to sell their pre-loved items.


As for me, I didn’t realize how deprived I was of a proper place to let MF play while I have a peaceful meal until I returned to Hokey Pokey. While Hokey Pokey was under renovation, Marche at 313 Somerset was my temporary favourite hangout, but MF got pretty bored of the small play area there very quickly. Oops, I digressed. Back to Hokey Pokey. The table for parents to sit is slightly longer now, and the diaper changing table is no longer right in front of it but moved to a corner behind it. No more having to watch (and smell) parents changing diapers while eating / drinking!


But I guess if I want to nit pick, the one thing that I don’t really like about the layout is that the eating area is very cramp, with people trying to open the lockers behind and the passage being pretty narrow. Also, the stroller parking space is now inside which cramps up the whole area. I was here on a weekday and it already felt so cramp, I cannot imagine weekends.


During lunch time, I got my friend to watch MF while I went down to MOS Burger to pack my lunch. I came back and happily ate my burger in peace while MF continued playing and MY rested in the stroller.


After I finished eating, I took MF out and fed him porridge that I brought from home using the high chairs available. Once he was done eating, I dumped him back at the playground and took out my nursing shawl to nurse MY in peace. (Note that there is a nice nursing room at Millenia Walk, but it is not very near the playground.) This, in comparison to my usual meal time nightmare:

  • Drag two kids around looking for a place that was not too crowded, not too expensive, provided high chair and could accommodate a stroller.
  • Order my food and feed MF as quickly as possible before my own food came.
  • Struggle to keep MF entertained and keep MY from crying while I gobble down my own food.
  • Drag two kids around looking for nursing room.
  • Struggle to nurse MY with MF jumping around the nursing room and onto us.

So you understand why Hokey Pokey remains my favourite hangout. Anything I needed, they provided. When it was time to leave, I asked the handsome chap for a cup of water and prepared milk for MF. Then I took MF out, gave him his milk, which he drank while eating the cookies that Hokey Pokey gives each kid at the end of their visit. After that he napped in his stroller and I began my peaceful MRT ride home. End of another great day out!



Hokey Pokey Millenia Walk Admission Fee / Play Rate

(Price lists updated on 22 Jan 2015)



Information on Hokey Pokey Millenia Walk

Address: 9 Raffles Boulevard, Millenia Walk, #02-42/43/44/45, Singapore 039596

Map: Click here for Google Map location

Tel: 6884 5385

Opening Hours:
10am to 7pm on Sun to Thur
10am to 9pm on Fri to Sat

Website: Official Homepage | Facebook Page


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