JEM Playground – The Hidden JEM of Jurong East

When looking for a playground for kids in the Jurong East area, everyone thinks of Westgate Wonderland.  Yes, Westgate Wonderland is great! But I don’t frequent it because

  • It is very difficult for me to keep track of both kids there.
  • It is freaking HOT!!

So if I didn’t feel like paying for Fidgets Island @ JEM, or I didn’t meet the minimum purchase for Westgate Kids Club, where else could I go?


JEM Playground 1

The rooftop playground at JEM on Level 5, called JEM Play.

JEM Playground 6

The signed said it was meant for children aged 5 to 12, but I actually found this playground better for younger children.  The play structures were all pretty short, I didn’t think 12 year olds would find them particularly interesting?

JEM Playground 2

JEM Playground 10JEM Playground 8JEM Playground 9

My two-year old had no problems playing here.

JEM Playground 16

Now, there is something I need to warn you about this playground.  See this green structure?

JEM Playground 3

It has water running through it.  DO NOT LET YOU KIDS RUN OVER AND SIT ON IT UNKNOWINGLY.

The first time we were there, MY ran over, sat on it and got his shorts all wet!

JEM Playground 4

But of course, if you do not mind your kids getting wet, just remember to bring a change of clothes.

JEM Playground 13

This playground does not look like much compared to Westgate Wonderland.  So why do I like it here?

Reason #1:  It is sheltered.

JEM Playground 5

Look at those gigantic fans.  It was there at 12 noon on a mighty hot afternoon and I didn’t feel hot standing under the shelter!

Reason #2: It is just beside the food court.

JEM Playground 11

Which means you could be sitting in the air-conditioned food court sipping a kopi while watching your kids play outside.  I am adding this to my ‘Eateries with Play Areas List“.

JEM Playground 12

In a hidden corner, there was a rope structure which was suitable for older kids.  However, it was not fully sheltered.

JEM Playground 7

My 4 year old sure had fun at the rope structure!

JEM Playground 14JEM Playground 15

If this playground is not enough for your kids, check out these other activities for kids at Jurong East:

Fidgets Island at JEM
KidsSTOP Singapore
Westgate Kids Club
Westgate Wonderland

More Information about JEM Playground:

Address: JEM Level 5, 50 Jurong Gateway Road , 608549

Tel:  6225 5536

Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm

Getting there:  JEM is linked to Jurong East MRT station on the East-West line (EW24) and North-south line (NS1).

Official Websites: Homepage | Facebook Page


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