Kidz Amaze @ SAFRA Jurong Review

Last Sunday, my husband suggested going to the West (an area of Singapore we seldom visit), then I recalled I have yet to visit Kidz Amaze so I suggested going to SAFRA Jurong to try out the playground. Along the way, I visited their website with my iPhone to find out more information about the place.. And discovered that Kidz Amaze was opening a new branch at SAFRA Toa Payoh that very day!! Toa Payoh is so much nearer to us… If I had known earlier, we would probably have gone to the Toa Payoh branch instead.

But anyway, we were already on the way so we ended up at the Jurong branch.

We visited together with my in-laws, my mother, and my sister’s family.  In total, there were 3 kids and 7 adults.  When we arrived, we saw their price list and discovered that they charge for adults.  For a moment, I thought we were going to have to spend a bomb because it was a Sunday and we had so many adults going in.

kidz amaze play rate(Play rate updated as of 30/3/2014 according to their official website)

However, I had a pass for 7 visits, which I received during the Smart Kids Asia promotion, so I showed that to the staff.  He chopped 3 stamps for the 3 kids, and all 10 of us went in without having to pay an extra cent! So I’m still not very sure whether or not they charge for adults, or it was just too crowded and confusing on that Sunday that we managed to just go in for free since the gate was wide open.

My first impression when I entered Kidz Amaze at SAFRA Jurong: DIZZYING.  Firstly, I am not used to visiting playgrounds on weekends and seeing so many kids running around made me dizzy.  Secondly, the playground was so big and TALL!! It took me a long time to take in the whole place.. Everywhere I looked, there were slides and tunnels and play areas. I attempted to take some photos, but my iPhone camera simply couldn’t fit in the whole place.

You would think that after visiting so many indoor playgrounds, nothing would amaze me anymore.. But I have to admit, I found Kidz Amaze @ Safra Jurong pretty amazing. It is the only playground I have visited that actually makes use of the corridors of the buildings as part of the play area! MF would disappear into the play area, and suddenly appear on the corridor on the 2nd floor (closely followed by my hubby of course).  I’m amazed by how the playscape intertwines with the corridors and spaces of the building.

The most eye-catching thing in the playground is this super high and curvy slide that goes from the third storey of the building down to the first.

Fearless 22-month old MF actually climbed up and slid down more than 10 times! He really got a good workout! But I think my hubby got a better workout.. Because on top of following MF up and down each time, he also brought my niece and nephew up a few times.  If you are lazy, you can actually take the lift up to the third floor to take the slide down, provided there’s someone inside the playground to open the gate for you on the third floor.

And so.. While waiting for my hubby to bring one kid around the playground, how did we, the immobile 6-month pregnant mummy and aged grandparents, do to keep the remaining two kids occupied?

There is a tiny ball pit that you can temporarily trap them in.  (Of course, MF didn’t last 1 minute inside, he got bored and climbed out in a jiffy.)

And there is the toddler’s play area.. Which is a great place for babies and young toddlers to roam around, with decent play equipment and one activity board. And it’s not that easy for them to escape out, because the gate is pretty heavy. There are some stools and a vending machine near the toddler area, so you can sit down and have a drink while watching your little one roam around. You can also buy food and drinks from the small food court (Ishi Mura) within SAFRA.

Overall, Kidz Amaze is a great place for older kids (I would say at least Primary School age to be able to play on their own here), not so great for the young ones (unless you are willing to climb and slide around with them).  I tried following MF into the play zone once and I didn’t get very far, because of the very narrow openings and steps.  No way I could squeeze past with my pregnant belly.  And the slides look a bit too dangerous for a pregnant woman to play with.  I will definitely not come here alone with MF at this age.. It’s just suicidal. But when he’s *much* older, I’m sure he will have a blast here.

According to the staff here, the newly opened Kidz Amaze at Toa Payoh will be much better for toddlers.  However, according to their website, their toddler zone will only be open on 17 November.  Can’t wait for it to open!



Information on Kidz Amaze Jurong SAFRA

Address: 333 Boon Lay Way Singapore 649848

Tel: +65 6686 4321

Opening Hours:
1pm to 7pm (weekdays) / 10am to 7pm (school holiday weekdays)
10am to 9pm (weekends)

Websites: official website | facebook page


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  • Mudita misra says:

    I need to book for birthday party on 3rs September. around 20 guests. please let me know.

    • bumblebeemum says:

      I’ve edited your comment to remove your contact number. Please contact Kidz Amaze directly to check for availability of their party rooms. The telephone number for Kids Amaze Jurong is 6686 4321.

  • Jae says:

    Hi there, am planning to bring my toddler to kids amaze at safra jurong and am wondering if there’s any nursing room in the playground or in safra jurong? Thanks!

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