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Kidz Amaze Toa Payoh SAFRA Review
(Aug 2017)

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Today I went for my prenatal check-up with hubby and MF at Thomson Medical in the morning. Since we had the rest of the day free, we decided to pop by Kidz Amaze at SAFRA Toa Payoh which was nearby.  SAFRA Toa Payoh is not very near the MRT station, the best way to reach is by car.  We parked near Lift Lobby B, took the lift up to level 1 and spotted Kidz Amaze immediately.

Kidz Amaze at Toa Payoh has been open for almost a month now. I have been waiting for their toddler zone to open before visiting. Last I checked it was scheduled to open on 17 Nov, so I thought I would try my luck today. But seems they are waaaayyyyy behind schedule, it is nowhere near opening yet. The staff showed me the room where it will be, it is still totally empty. Bummer.


I spotted a poster on their notice board that said it’s opening 1 Dec, but the staff told me it’s expected to open some time mid to end Dec. Either ways, the picture in the poster doesn’t look very impressive.


The first thing you’ll be greeted with when you arrive is the very spacious and cosy resting area for parents. There is a TV, magazines and even a hot / cold water dispenser here. So if you do not wish to pay $2.15 to enter the play zone (yes, they charge for adults to enter here), you can lounge here while your kids play on their own.


Of course, 23 month old MF is still too young to play on his own, plus it’s his first visit here, so hubby and I paid $2.15 each to enter with him.

First impression: Kidz Amaze at Toa Payoh is a lot more compact, colourful, brighter and less confusing than the Jurong branch, although not as tall.


Being 7 months pregnant, I just went around trying to take some photos of the play area from the outside. It’s school holidays now and with so many kids running around, no way I am going to try climbing in! From what I see, the play zone is divided into 3 sections, which are connected via bridges on the second level.


The first section is called ‘The Cave’. It is essentially a ball zone filled with foam balls.




They have a few of these tables that blow the foam balls around, exactly like the ones at Hello Kitty Town in Johor Bahru which I visited recently.. Gave me a sense of Deja Vu.


The most interesting thing is the pit of balls hanging on top that would tip over once in a while. It’s like those water play where you have a gigantic bucket of water that would tip over when it’s filled.. The one here is filled with foam balls and kids would gather below it and wait for it to tip over, raining balls on their head.


The next section is called Tree Tops. It is essentially a maze.. I saw MF running and climbing around inside and finding himself trapped in a dead end once in a while.




The third section is called The City. This is where you find the slides. There are three slides: two that are curvy (and very steep and fast according to my hubby) and one that is wavy.




On top of these, I feel like we are entering a technology age for indoor playgrounds as you can find these screens with games like photo hunt, jigsaw puzzles and tic tac toe. But seriously, I bring MF to playgrounds precisely to get him away from the TV, iPhone and iPad, so I’m not sure I really appreciate having these games in playgrounds.


Overall, this playground is a bit difficult for MF to play on his own. The steps are very high and my hubby had to follow him around to help boost him up, otherwise he would be trapped halfway. So if you are visiting with a young toddler, be prepared to crawl and climb around with them.

If you are visiting with a baby, you’ll be glad to find that there is a decent baby care room within Kidz Amaze at Toa Payoh with a private nursing cubicle.


There is no cafe within Kidz Amaze, but at SAFRA, there are many eateries which include restaurants for meals and McDonald’s and Toast Box for quick fixes. You can pack food and eat at the lounge area, which is adjacent to the future infant/toddler zone.

MF had lots of fun at Kidz Amaze today, spending 3 hours here in total with a tea break at Toast Box in between. It would be a great place to visit in future, when MF is a bit taller and able to climb around the play zone on his own, and I have a younger one in tow. 🙂



Kidz Amaze @ Toa Payoh SAFRA Admission Fee / Play Rate

kidz amaze play ratekidz amaze tpy
(Play rate updated as of 30/3/2014 according to their official website)


Information on Kidz Amaze @ Toa Payoh SAFRA

Address: 293 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, Singapore 319387

Operating Hours:
Monday to Friday, 1pm to 7pm
Weekends and PHs, 10am to 9pm
School Holidays: Monday to Friday, 10am to 7pm

Websites: Official Homepage | Facebook Page


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