Marche Suntec City Mall – Free Kids Playground!

The Marche branch at Suntec City Mall is highly elusive.  I have been going Suntec City Mall A LOT because it houses two of Singapore’s best indoor playgrounds: Cool De Sac and Polliwogs.  But I never noticed there was a Marche there until very recently.

Marche Suntec City Play Area

Marche Suntec City is located at TOWER 3, Level 1.  When I arrived, the first thing I did was to let MY roam at the FREE kids playground within Marche!

Marche Suntec City Mall Playground 02

At the entrance of the playground, there was a Marche cow.  And it looked like it could actually be milked?? But MY was not interested in being a milk maid at all.

Marche Suntec City Mall Playground 13

Boys will be boys.  MY was attracted immediately to the train table like magnet.

Marche Suntec City Mall Playground 03 (2)

Disappointingly, as awesome as the train table looked, there were NO TRAINS!

Marche Suntec City Mall Playground 04

I know I complained like crazy when I went to Playful Elves and found a train table with no trains.  But I’m not going to complain here since this is playground was FREE.  (I paid $20 admission for Playful Elves so yes, I think I should complain.)   I know what I’ll do the next time I’m here.

BYO Train

Back to the play area! So what else was there besides the train table with no trains?

Marche Suntec City Mall Playground 01

The main active play area was a small wooden structure with a suspension bridge and a fireman pole at the end.

Marche Suntec City Mall Playground 05

There were also some trick mirrors, just to let the kids laugh at themselves.

Marche Suntec City Mall Playground 06

There was a tiny rock-climbing wall, which MY showed little interest in.  I should have brought my 4 year old along.  He would probably have inspired his little brother.  The elder brother instinctively climbs up any rock wall he sees.

Marche Suntec City Mall Playground 07

There was an activity board.

Marche Suntec City Mall Playground 08

And the 2 year old’s favourite was the pretend-play shop!

Marche Suntec City Mall Playground 09

There was a staircase to go upstairs.  Wow! Double-storey play house! Treehouse Cafe, you’ve been trumped.

Marche Suntec City Mall Playground 10

Actually, there was nothing much upstairs.  It looked like… a place for kids to hide from their parents?

Marche Suntec City Mall Playground 11

There was a web on the floor.  I’m guessing it’s for kids to dare each other to walk across.  It’s kind of scary, because you can look all the way down.  I challenged my 2 year old to crawl across but he passed.  Look at his freaked out face! Boooo. I need my garang 4 year old here.

Marche Suntec City Mall Playground 12

Marche Suntec City Weekday Lunch Special

Alright, let’s eat.  Being a SAHM, enjoying weekday lunch specials is my hobby.

Marche Suntec City Mall Weekday Lunch Set

Marche changes their Lunch Specials all the time.  So you may want to check their Facebook Page for the latest lunch special menu.  Or just hop down and be surprised.

I ordered the Baked Pasta ($10.90+).  The lunch special came with a homemade drink.  I found the visit pretty value for money! The portion was enough for MY and I to share (okay, we were not that big eaters) and more importantly, MY got to play for free!

Marche Suntec City Mall Weekday Lunch Set 2

They also had kids menu, but I found the lunch special a better deal and gave it a miss.  (Sheesh, now where did I throw my Kids Menu brochure to?  Shall get another copy during my next visit to scan it in!)

Other Kids-Friendly (or not) Features

Just like other branches of Marche, you will find the Marche high chair, which I have NEVER been a fan of.  Small babies may fall through the holes for the legs, older babies can easily climb out of it (there’s no buckle) and it’s pretty difficult to put in / take out older toddlers.

Marche Suntec City Mall Baby High Chair

There was also a Baby Station where you can find a microwave.

Marche Suntec City Mall Baby Station

While I liked the playground here more than the one at Marche 313 Somerset, one thing they had there that was missing here was a diaper-changing station.  So when MY decided to poop, it was time to leave.  Because you know, it’s a real hassle to go in and out of March with their card system.

The nearest baby care room from Marche is on Level 2, next to Toys R Us.  Go out of Marche, and take the escalator immediately on your left up to Level 2.  Look for the corridor beside Toys R Us and you will find the baby care room along the corridor.

Information on Marche Suntec City Mall

Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, #01-612 to 614, Singapore 038983
Suntec City Mall (Tower 3 East Wing)

Getting There: Suntec City Mall is linked to Esplanade MRT (CC3) and Promenade MRT (CC4 / DT15)

Tel: +65 6337 3134

Opening Hours: 11am – 11pm Daily

Official Websites: Homepage | Facebook Page

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