MY is two months old! When 2 kids are better than 1.
March 12, 2013

MY is now 2 months old! Over the past month, he has developed from a baby who does nothing but sleep, drink milk, cry and poo, to one who is able to appreciate finer things in life (and in a baby’s life, I am referring to toys).

Yes! I am so glad that MY is now able to appreciate toys! What it means is, when he is cranky, I can actually put him down on a mattress and jingle some toys around and it will actually keep him occupied for a few minutes! Not very long, but sure beats having to carry him around non-stop like in the first month.

Well.. I am not one who invests in baby rockers, gyms and cot mobiles because they cost a lot and get outgrown real quick. All I have are some hand-me-down rattles and Lamaze toys that we received as gifts during MY’s first month celebration. All these require someone to jingle them around in front of MY’s face. And this is where having 2 kids is actually better than 1. When MY is bored, MF would go to the toy cupboard and take out tons of toys to try to entertain MY – This keeps both kids entertained.. Can’t get better than that!

MF empties the toy cupboard:

MF reads to MY:

Rattle rattle rattle:

Spin Spin Spin:

I must say, MF has been really useful, I mean helpful, since MY was born. During the first month, he learnt to help me fetch diaper-changing stuff every time I said, “Didi poop” and throw the dirty diaper into the bin. He also learnt to put MY’s dirty clothing into the laundry basket when I’m bathing MY and transfer clothes from the laundry basket into the washing machine. He is also my baby-monitor, shouting for me when MY cries. And now, he is able to entertain MY with toys! I guess juggling 2 kids is not as difficult as I thought it would be. 🙂

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