MF Says the Darnest Things!

MF Says the Darnest Things – Episode #1

One day while playing with his younger brother’s teether, he held it up and asked…


Me: It’s a car.

MF:  No, it’s a frog.


MF Says the Darnest Things – Episode #2

While having lunch one day…

MF: I want to put soup in my rice.

Hubby: But the soup is very hot.  Why don’t you eat your rice first and drink the soup later?

MF: But I want to bath my rice.bathing rice

MF Says the Darnest Things – Episode #3

One day while out at East Coast Park, MF picked up something from the floor and asked me what it was.


Me: I’m not sure… I think it’s a casuarina.


Me: Then what is it?

MF: It’s a mini durian!



MF Says the Darnest Things – Episode #4

One day, MF’s cousin came over to play and hubby asked the two boys to practice writing.  They were tasked to write the number ‘8’.


MF’s cousin attempting to write an 8


MF: That’s not an 8, that’s a toilet seat cover!


toilet seat 8

MF Says the Darnest Things – Episode #5

And how could I forget the time we tried to make MF talk about school

Hubby: What if Decepticon went to your school and wanted to catch a GIRL? Who would he catch?

MF: There are no girl Decepticons.  You need girl Decepticon but there are no girl Decepticons.

female decepticon

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