Mummy the evil hairdresser – What to do when your kid refuses a haircut!
March 4, 2015

One of the problems of having sons is the need to bring them for haircuts pretty frequently.  I have no idea why my kids’ hair grow out so quickly.  Maybe it’s just a matter of proportion – coz their head is small so a little hair growth seems like a lot. So unless you want your sons to look like J-Pop and K-pop stars (I didn’t mind really, but my hubby minded), they need to go to the barber quite often.

What's wrong with looking like a K-pop star?

What’s wrong with looking like a K-pop star?


So the time was due to bring the boys to the neighbourhood barber.  The 4 year old had *thankfully* grown up and sat through his haircut obediently.

boys haircut at home 1

But the 2 year old? He was crying murder and clinging on to us for his dear life! I doubted any hairdresser would dare to go near him. So he didn’t want his hair cut by a professional? Fine.  He would get a haircut at home.  (Son, you are SO going to regret your choice.)

Evil Mummy Hairdresser Part 1

So back at my MIL’s place, my MIL and I took turns to distract him while he was showering while the other took a scissors and went snip snip snip.  The result?


boys haircut at home 2

Hubby couldn’t tolerate his son going out with that hair (frankly I didn’t mind – he asked for it.  Plus it would make fun conversations with the aunties in the market.)

So we called SOS (SIL who Owns Shaver) and managed to borrow a shaver.

Evil Mummy Hairdresser Part 2

The next day, I waited.. and waited… untill MY fell asleep on the sofa.  I quickly grabbed the largest piece of paper I could find at home and placed it under his head.  And the shaver.


Kid had no idea what was coming.

boys haircut at home 3

Swiftly, I did a few strokes on the side of his head that was facing up.  He didn’t even stir!

boys haircut at home 4

Whatever you do, DO NOT WAKE UP NOW.


That was easier than I thought! So happily, I went on to shave all the parts of his head that I could reach.

Looking good!

Looking good!


Next, I gently turned his head so that I could shave the other side.

boys haircut at home 6

You can see now how bad the previous haircut with the scissors was.. LOL!


ZzzzZzzzzZzzzzz…. Not the sound of snoring, but the sound of my shaver going around his head. It was sadistically satisfying.

Almost done.  But hmmm… How do I get to the patch at the back of his head?

boys haircut at home 7

Still a patch at the back that I couldn’t reach!


I shifted him to the bed so that *hopefully* he would flip over and I could shave the back of his head.

He finally stirred a bit so I could reach the back of his head.

He finally stirred a bit so I could reach the back of his head.


I tried to put the paper below his head before shaving, but it woke him up! So after patting him back to sleep, I decided to just heck it and start shaving.  The last few strokes, I didn’t even care if he woke up anymore… I just lifted his head and shaved the hair at the back at lightning speed. And I WAS DONE!

boys haircut at home 9

Surprisingly he went right back to sleep – on top of the pile of hair.


Evil Mummy Hairdresser – Achievement Unlocked!

Fun with Braun Kids Shaver

After he woke up, the son was pretty pleased with his new look.


First time I shaved my kid’s hair on my own! It was much easier than I expected.  The difficult part now is how to clear up all the hair on the sofa and bed… Hmmmmm….

[disclaim]This is a humour piece, and not meant to be an advisory of any kind.  Neither is it a shaver advertisement.  I am not responsible for any botak heads that may result from the publication of this post.[/disclaim]

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