Mums & Babies Movie Event @ Golden Village

I remember when MF was about 3 month old, I brought him to Plaza Singapura for the first time.. As usual, I went to the customer service counter to rent a stroller.. When I was there, I spotted a brochure for the Mums & Babies Movie:

I was pretty tickled by the warning that said, “Babies crying and running toddlers are to be expeted”.  However, at that time, I simply didn’t have the energy to wake up early and get my lazy bum to Plaza Singapura by 11am to catch a movie.. Slowly, I forgot about this.

Yesterday, a fellow mummy friend suddenly suggested that we catch the Mums & Babies movie together.  Since MF is now older and easier to pacify (with food), I decided to give it a try.  My friend decided to book tickets with the GV iPhone app beforehand (not that it was necessary, but we are kiasu).  The ticket booking page said that diaper-changing table will be available in the cinema.. How nice!

So we arrived, armed with lots of baby biscuits to snack throughout the movie.. And we realized that we didn’t have to bring our own: With 2 tickets, we could get a goodie bag which contained one big bottle of Gerber puffs and Gerber apple juice! So if there are 2 or more of you heading to the movies, you can save the trouble of packing your own baby snacks!

A piece of advice: You may not want to bring a stroller with you.  You need to climb a flight of stairs to get to the cinema, and after the movie, you will need to climb the stairs down to the exit.  The staff will help you with the stroller, but still, it’s a bit troublesome.

The movie experience was more pleasant than I expected.  I thought there would be lots of baby crying, but the mummies there were pretty considerate and brought their babies out when they started to cry.

Advice: You may want to choose seats next to the corridor instead of at the center, so that it is easier to get out.  Anyway, we did not stick to the seats we bought.. The cinema was only 1/4 filled, so we ended up occupying several seats at the side.

MF was asleep during the first half of the movie.  After he woke up, he watched the movie for a little while (15 min?) before he got bored and decided to climb around the seats and peep over the seat to look for his playdate.


After the movie ended, we hung around the cinema to take photos to commemorate our babies’ first movie!

Well, you can see from MF’s face that mummy enjoyed the movie more than him! 🙂


Mum And Babies Movie Event is an ongoing promotion by Golden Village Cinemas.  Check Golden Village’s website for the venue and movie for the upcoming Mums and Babes movie event!


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