Planning MF’s 6th birthday party in two days

Kids Birthday Party @ My Little Giant - Bumble Bee Mum

For MF’s 6th birthday, we celebrated with a Pokemon-themed party, where everything was planned in TWO DAYS.   I reckoned that’s what happens when you have a kid born in the holiday season? You see.. The week before his birthday, we were still in Thailand.  After we came back from Thailand, we went for a staycation at Ritz Carlton.  It was only after the staycation that I finally sat down and started thinking about how to celebrate MF’s birthday – which was two days later.

Pokemon Theme Party Ideas DIY 01

So how do you plan a super last-minute kids birthday party? Let’s check it out.

Party Venue & Food

My Little Giant indoor playground was the first place that came to my mind for a few reasons:

1) It was one the last indoor playgrounds we visited, and my (poor) memory doesn’t go very far back.

2) They bothered to entertain my message on a Wednesday asking about party slot availability on Friday without dismissing me as a prankster.

3) Location was perfect. And I’m not talking about location in terms of their accessibility to Jurong East MRT.  Okay, that too.  But I was thinking more in terms of accessibility to party food.

My Little Giant Birthday (Big Box) Party Package & Review 02

One of the reason you DO NOT plan last-minute birthday parties is because many caterers don’t take in last-minute bookings.  Especially not when your party is during the Christmas – New Year period.  Even if they do, they sometimes force you to order their overpriced Christmas – New Year special menu.

My Little Giant Birthday (Big Box) Party Package & Review 08

So the choice of picking My Little Giant solves my catering problems.  As we could just go to JEM or Westgate to buy takeaway food – no need to cater! Eventually we ended up buying all of the following from JEM:

> Pizza from Pezzo,
> Finger food from Old Chang Kee,
> Otah and chicken wings from Lee Wee & Brothers,
> Sandwiches and tarts from Paris Baguette

The only thing we had to pre-order were the sandwiches and tarts from Paris Baguette‘s catering menu – which had to be ordered two days in advance.  JUST NICE!

My Little Giant Birthday (Big Box) Party Package & Review 07

And how many times have you attended a party where they ran out of drinks? It happened to us too when we realised kids’ stomachs were bottomless pits when it came to Milo.  So I just hopped over to the supermarket (My Little Giant was located right beside a supermarket.  Or rather a hypermart.) to buy a few more packs of milo back when supply was running low. Awesome.  Btw, you can also get all your party ware (cups, plates, utensils) from there.

Party Favours

My Little Giant Birthday (Big Box) Party Package & Review 03

With the venue and food settled, my next concern was party favours.  With two days to prepare, I didn’t have time for anything as elaborate as the DIY party favours I did for MY’s Lego-themed party.   I decided to outsource.  But outsourcing with a two-days time frame to work with was easier said than done.

I recalled that during my last visit to Common Chefs Cafe & Bakery near our home, they had some Pokemon macaroons in their counter.

Pokemon Theme Party Ideas DIY 21

So I tried my luck to call and asked if I could order Pokemon macaroons to be picked up two days later.  And they said yes!! So I placed my order over the phone – they didn’t even require that I go down to make a deposit or anything and accepted my order based on good faith.  So I had Pikachu macaroons to give out as party favours!

My Little Giant Birthday (Big Box) Party Package & Review 01

Birthday Cake

My Little Giant Birthday (Big Box) Party Package & Review 04

Last but not least, cakes.  Try ordering a themed cake two days in advance.  You’ll probably get rejected by most of the bakers out there. I was all prepared to just buy a plain cake off the shelves from JEM or Westgate and stick on some Pokemon figurines on my own.

But luck was totally on my side.  The evening after I booked MF’s party, I was at Junction Nine for dinner when we passed by a bakery called e-Bake (by eCreative).  I decided to just go flip through their catalog and one of the first pictures in their catalog was a freaking Pokemon cake!!!  It was like the Pikachu was waving to me and calling out, “Choose me! Choose me!”

Pokemon Theme Party Ideas DIY 22

I asked the staff at the shop if I could order the cake for pick up two days later, but they said it was too late to order at the shop.  They suggested I call in to their ordering hotline (6363 3636) directly.  But the ordering hotline was closed for the day.  So the next morning (this was the day just before the party), I called them and asked if I could still order the Pokemon cake to be picked up the next day – and they said YES if I didn’t require delivery.  And I was like no problem, I can pick up the cake and they accepted my order!

Special Thanks

I was really amazed by how everything fell into place with just two days to work with.  I would like to think MF’s party was a huge success, considering it was planned in two days.

My Little Giant Birthday (Big Box) Party Package & Review 06

Right up to the sneaky-little-brother-blew-out-my-candles moment.

My Little Giant Birthday (Big Box) Party Package & Review 05

Thank you once again to My Little Giant, Common Chefs and eCreative for making it possible.  And of course a BIG THANK YOU to my guests who turned up with two days notice. :p

Holding a Birthday Party at My Little Giant

Let me share a bit more about holding a birthday party at My Little Giant.  As I mentioned earlier, the location of My Little Giant at Big Box in Jurong East was great because there were plenty of cafes and restaurants where I could get food from without calling in a caterer.  But if you wish to call in a caterer, it is also possible at My Little Giant as they do not restrict you to a list of caterers like some other indoor playgrounds do.

In the end, I was thankful that we held our party at My Little Giant for another reason:

There were supermarket trolleys at the carpark.

If you have tried to organise a DIY themed party at a place other than your home, you would know the amount of barang you need to transport to the party venue. And all the presents and leftover food etc you need to transport back from the party venue.

My Little Giant Birthday (Big Box) Party Package & Review 09

When we parked our car, I spotted supermarket trolleys at the carpark and was like, STEADY! Pushed the trolley to the car, loaded everything inside and pushed it allllll the way into the party space at My Little Giant.  Yes, I pushed it all the way into the party area, which had much more space than I needed, and parked it in a corner.  After the party, we loaded all the presents and leftover barang back onto the trolley and pushed it back to the car.   So convenient.

The party area at My Little Giant was not really a room, so this may be a concern for those who like privacy.  However, it was bigger than most party rooms at indoor playgrounds. The party area was located within their Kid Game Entertainment Centre and separated from the public area by a metal gate.

My Little Giant Birthday (Big Box) Party Package & Review 10

The advantage of the party area being within the Kid Game Entertainment Centre was that guests (both adults and kids) could play the games surrounding the party area – as if it was part of the party.  LOL… Note that the cost of the games at the Kid Game Entertainment Centre was not included in the party packages.  So I topped up a stored value card and passed it to my mum who happily went around to activate games for the kids to play.  She became the most sought-after person at the party, as everyone kept going, “外婆!! Where is 外婆? We need the card!” Wahaha…

My Little Giant Birthday (Big Box) Party Package & Review 11

While the games at the Kid Game Entertainment Centre were not included in the party package, unlimited play at the indoor playground area was included in all their party packages.

And depending on the party package you get, unlimited carousel rides and train rides could also be included.

Our party guests were given a different coloured wrist band from the other children at the playground so that staff knew they were from the party.  So anytime they wanted to take the carousel or train, they just had to tell the staff at the check-in counter who would go over to activate the rides for them.

My Little Giant Birthday (Big Box) Party Package & Review 12

Below is the catalog for their three party packages:

My Little Giant Birthday (Big Box) Party Package & Review 13

Information on My Little Giant:

 Address:  Big Box Level 1, 1 Venture Avenue, Singapore 608521

Map: Click here for Google Map location

Getting There: 5 min walk from Jurong East MRT (EW24 / NS1).   From Jurong East MRT, follow the signs to JEM, and walk through JEM to find the link bridge to cross over the Big Box.

Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm daily

Official Websites: Homepage | Facebook Page

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Kids Birthday Party @ My Little Giant - Bumble Bee Mum

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  • Mabel says:

    Still cannot believe how everything just fell in place in just 2 days! My Little Giant, Common Chefs and eCreative damn steady to assist with the last minute ordering. I’m surprised all of them didn’t have those last minute/express order surcharge or something!

  • Mummy Ed says:

    Wah you are even more champion than me! I just did a party in 4 days for yesterday. Luckily no need goodie bags and grandma can’t say no to baking her grandson a birthday cake HAHA! I am hoping next time I will be a bit more organized though 😀

  • June Song says:

    WOW, this must be the most fabulous party!
    MF’s 6th birthday must be a great success!
    There are so many interesting and attractive things in MF’s 6th birthday party!
    The trackless trains and carousel rides are the most interesting one and I love it very much!

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