MY’s 1derful LEGO Birthday Party @ Kidz Amaze, Toa Payoh Safra

MY celebrated his first birthday at Kidz Amaze, Toa Payoh Safra.  The theme for the party was LEGO (chosen by MF clearly.. What does a 1 year old know about Lego?? Besides trying to put them in his mouth that is.)

Minyao's 1derful Birthday

It was awesome fun planning for the party! Our family spent hours playing Lego bricks, thinking up decorations we could build with Lego bricks.

The main highlight for the party was the candy buffet, inspired by what my sister-in-law did.  Since the slogan for the party was ‘MY’s 1derful Birthday’, I named the candy buffet, “Sweet 1derland”. I made the Sweet 1derland Banner using Legothick font and following the instructions on this video tutorial on using Lego font.


The centrepiece was a snack tray made of Lego bricks.  To make this, we required many basic Lego bricks, so we got the Lego Basic Bricks Set (6166). I was responsible for making the words, and my creative hubby added the candles at the top. 3yo MF was able to contribute to the building of this one.  Once I constructed the frame, MF helped to fill up the spaces. The frame was made to fit 6 tupperwares, which I bought from Daiso.


Since it was a 1 year old party, we were expecting quite a number of babies, so the snack tray was filled up with baby snacks which I stocked up from iherb. I tried to include different flavoured snacks of different colours to suit the colourful Lego theme.


I also prepared some cups to hold the snacks and we built a cup holder made of Lego bricks for them.


For the older kids, I prepared an array of snacks such as Kit Kats, Mentos and fruit jellies. I   improvised on the goody bag idea from MF’s party last year by designing Lego-themed labels for the snacks.  I printed onto A4 sticker labels that I bought from Popular bookshop, cut them into the correct sizes and got MF’s help to stick them.


I also made Lego-figurine shaped chocolates, using the mold which can be bought from Bricks World.


I bought mini cupcakes from House of Mini, and made Lego marshmallow toppers. To make the marshmallow toppers, I snipped of the corners of the marshmallow to create the Lego-head shape.  Then I coloured it with yellow gel colouring and used a toothpick to draw the face using brown gel colouring.

016cupcake topper

And here are the cupcakes, with the Lego-themed signage for the candy buffet which I designed using Photoshop.


For the backdrop, I googled for a black and white picture of a Lego man and blew it up to a height of 70cm.  Then I printed it out in parts on 9 sheets of A4 paper and joined them together.


Next, I made a colourful border by simply pasting together several sheets of colourful A4 construction paper.  To make it more Lego-ish, I cut out some rectangles and added them to the top to make them look like Lego bricks.


I also designed Lego-themed place cards for the snacks.  To design this, I googled for images of ‘Lego frame’, saw this design I liked and edited from there using Photoshop.

place card - Chocolate

With all that snacking, the kids are bound to be thirsty.  So I bought a carton of mini Vitasoy and designed Lego stickers for it.  When surfing the Lego website for Lego minifigures, MF and I couldn’t agree on which minifigure was better.  I thought the clown designs were more party-ish, but MF insisted he wanted a zombie (which I thought was scary).  I decided fine, every kid will have his or her own preference, so I just made an array of stickers and we have Choose-Your-Own-Legoman Vitasoy!


Next, we don’t want the adults to feel left out of the whole Lego atmosphere, so I did a Lego-themed signage and a fork and spoon holder made of Lego bricks.


We also decorated the cakes from the buffet with Lego chocolates from the candy buffet.

P1100877 copysetup06

I also created a backdrop for photo-taking.  I used the same black and white Lego man outline from the candy buffet backdrop and blew it up to 1m tall and printed it over 25 sheets of A4 paper.


Then I designed a similar border and banner.


The backdrop also double-uped as a colouring activity for the kids.  I made a simple pencil holder for the crayons and placed it next to the backdrop.


Last but not least.. The cake!! I made a big Lego minifigure cake topper using white chocolate and a mold I bought from Legoland Malaysia, and coloured it using icing colours I bought from Phoon Huat.


We ordered a simple 2-tier cake from Pine Garden and requested it to be red and yellow (Lego colours). It came with the stars and wordings.  Then we put the cake topper on top, added some of the Lego chocolates from the candy buffet and some real Lego bricks and minifigures.  VOILA!setup08

Happy Birthday MY!!!



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