MY’s first visit to Orchard
February 11, 2013

Okay, I am not one to follow confinement rules, but I still TRIED to stay at home as much as possible during the first month after MY was born.

Last Friday, on the day MY turned 4 weeks old, I couldn’t take it anymore and packed the two kids out and headed to Orchard by MRT on my own! I strapped MF into the stroller, MY into the baby carrier and off we went!

Singaporeans are still a pretty gracious bunch of people. When i was boarding the train, the wheel of the stroller got caught in the gap between the train and platform and people rushed forward to help me before we got clamped down by the train doors. The MRT was more crowded than usual because it was the eve of Chinese New Year eve and many people were heading to town, but I was offered a seat immediately when I boarded the train. The ride was pretty smooth and enjoyable, thanks to all the nice fellow commuters.

Here is MY on his first MRT ride:


Met up with hubby after he knocked off, and headed to Itacho sushi for dinner. There was a long queue as usual, but I didn’t mind queueing because I was desperate for sashimi after being deprived of it for so many months!


MY woke up just as I was finishing dinner and I headed to the nursing room at ION. It has been so long since I needed to use the nursing room for a long duration to nurse a small baby, and like before, the lights still kept going off once in a while despite me pressing ‘lock’ for the door. Oh well.. At least nobody tried to walk in the whole time I was there.

After dinner, it was time for dessert. We walked to Wisma to satisfy my craving for Paris Baguette. However, MY usually fusses around quite a bit in the evening time, so I decided to buy home to eat. I picked out the strawberry tiramisu which they put into a pretty box, and some buns for the next day’s



With all my cravings satisfied, we headed home.. But not before asking hubby to take a photo of me and the kids at Orchard MRT to commemorate MY’s first visit to Orchard! (Hubby says I look like a tourist.. Well, I LOVE being touristy!)


And my reward to myself after the kids went to sleep that night:


Losing weight would have to wait for another day. Once again, carpe diem!

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