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The last themed party I threw was in January 2014, where I pulled together an elaborate Lego themed party for MY’s first birthday.  After that, I suffered from a major party-planning burnout which took almost 3 years to recover from.

The memory of his brother’s 1derful party somehow stuck with MF, though he never quite mentioned it until nearing his 6th birthday.  It was his final year as a pre-schooler, so I thought we should at least celebrate his birthday that year to wrap up his awesome pre-school years before we (or maybe just me) get depressed over formal schooling and all and birthday parties become the last thing on our minds.

My Little Giant Birthday (Big Box) Party Package & Review 05

So when I asked MF how he wanted to celebrate his birthday, he said he wanted to “celebrate it at an indoor playground like didi (little brother)”.  And he wanted a Pokemon themed party.

Pokemon Theme Birthday Party at My Little Giant Singapore 01

Being the Queen of procrastination that I was, I only started planning for his birthday celebration two days before his birthday.  Nope, you didn’t read wrongly.  I had two days.  Not two weeks, not two months. Two days. Given the amount of time I had to work with, MF’s birthday was pretty scaled down compared to MY’s first birthday.

My Little Giant Birthday (Big Box) Party Package & Review 07

But I think I put in a decent 48-hours worth of efforts to come up with some Pokemon-themed celebrations for MF’s 6th birthday.  He got to celebrate his birthday TWICE. Yup, twice in 48 hours.

On the day before his birthday, we celebrated at Pokemon Cafe.

And on the day of his birthday, we had a small party at My Little Giant.

If you’re looking to throw a Pokemon-themed party, below are some of the Pokemon party ideas that I used for MF’s birthday party at My Litte Giant.  Hopefully it gives you some inspiration if your kids’ parties!

DIY Pokemon Party Cups

Pokemon Theme Party Ideas DIY 02

This was probably my proudest achievement for the party.  (Yeah, stay-home moms have strange definitions for ‘achievement’.) I was googling for Pokemon party ideas and I saw pictures of these DIY Pikachu cups.   They looked easy enough to replicate in a few hours, so I went to the SKP near my place to get paper cups and to my horror, they didn’t have stock for yellow cups!!

Pokemon Theme Party Ideas DIY 04

They only had green and pink cups, so I decided to just improvise.  Afterall, there were Pokemons of all colours.

Pokemon Theme Party Ideas DIY 05

With the green cups, we made Bulbasaur and Chikorita cups.  Starting with the Bulbasaur, we printed out the Bulbusaur eyes, cut them out and pasted them on the cup, before drawing in the rest of the details.  MF, who loves Art & Craft, was eager to help out.

Pokemon Theme Party Ideas DIY 06

If you want to save time, I suggest you print the eyes on those plain white sticker sheets (you can get them from Popular) so that you can just cut out the shape, peel off the backing and paste the eyes on.  Much faster than printing on plain paper and messing with glue.

Pokemon Theme Party Ideas DIY 03

We did the same thing for the Chikoritas, pasting the eyes and drawing in the rest of the details.

Pokemon Theme Party Ideas DIY 07

Moving on to the pink cups, I immediately thought of Jigglypuff, Clefairy and Chansey.  For Jigglypuff, we did the same thing as the Bulbasaur and Chikorita.  Everyone thought it was Igglybuff (happend that Gen 2 Pokemons were released in Pokemon Go a couple of weeks before the party).  So I just played along and said it was Igglybuff.  Haha!

Pokemon Theme Party Ideas DIY 08

For Clefairy, the eyes were easy enough to just draw in, so I skipped the cutting and pasting and drew in everything with a black marker.

Pokemon Theme Party Ideas DIY 09

Similarly for Chansey, I just drew in the eyes and the signature egg so that everyone knew it was Chansey.

Pokemon Theme Party Ideas DIY 10

I loved it that at the party, some of the kids went like “Chansey, I choose you!” or “Bulbasaur, I choose you!” when they picked up the character cup to pour themselves a drink.

DIY Pokemon Happy Birthday Banner

Pokemon Theme Party Ideas DIY 01

I was inspired by the Pokeball ‘Happy Birthday’ banner that I saw on Wants & Wishes.  But with time running short, I figured cutting straight lines would be much faster than cutting circles.  So I improvised and made triangular banners instead.

I downloaded the free Pokemon font from Dafont and spent some time on Photoshop to make the banner.  In the end I wasn’t that happy with how it turned out, because the letters didn’t really stand out.  I think I should have made the blue bordering for each letter thicker.  But nevertheless, if you want to re-use the above Happy Birthday banner, feel free to download the letters below and print them out, one letter on each A4 sheet of paper.

DIY Pokemon Cupcake Toppers

Pokemon Theme Party Ideas DIY 14

I had ordered some tarts and canapes from Paris Baguette.  So just to check off ‘Pokemon themed food’ from my party list, I made some simple cupcake toppers to stick on top of the tarts and canapes.

Pokemon Theme Party Ideas DIY 15

I thought they looked super cute above the colourful tarts.  But I got criticised by the 3 year old son who said I should have put Bulbasaur above the grape tarts, Pikachu above the mango tarts and Squirtle above the blueberry tarts to match the colours.  Tsk.  FINE.  At least (in his opinion), I got the Charmander right.

Pokemon Theme Party Ideas DIY 16

Pokemon Table Decorations

Pokemon Theme Party Ideas DIY 12

For table decorations, I simply made use of whatever Pokemon-themed stuff I had at home.  Recall that we were at Pokemon Cafe the previous day? I kept the souvenir placemats from our Pokemon Cafe visit and reused it at the party.

Pokemon Theme Party Ideas DIY 11

Then to decorate the tables where we served the food, I brought along the Pokemon canvas art that we drew during our art jamming / character art class at Achievers Arts.

My Little Giant Birthday (Big Box) Party Package & Review 08

And for utensils holder, I used the Pokeball and Great Ball souvenir mugs that we got from our first and second visits to Pokemon Cafe respectively.

Pokemon Theme Party Ideas DIY 13

Pokemon Macaroons from Common Chefs

Pokemon Theme Party Ideas DIY 21

For party favours, I got Pikachu macaroons from Common Chefs Cafe & Bakery.  They had other Pokemon macaroons at Common Chefs other than Pikachu.  But because I ordered 2 days before the party and only a small quantity, they could only do a simple Pikachu design for me.  And despite the rush job and small order, they only charged me a very reasonable price of $2.50 per macaroon.

My Little Giant Birthday (Big Box) Party Package & Review 01

After I picked up the macaroons on the day of the party, I printed out a simple Pokemon-themed thank you message and packed the macaroons into little packages with the thank you message for the guests.

My Little Giant Birthday (Big Box) Party Package & Review 03

Pokemon Birthday Cake from eCreative

My Little Giant Birthday (Big Box) Party Package & Review 04

We got this cake set from eCreative which cost $70 for a 0.5kg centre cake + 12 cupcakes.  Strangely, I couldn’t find Pokemon cakes on eCreative’s website.  But when I was browsing through the cake catalog at their bread shop, eBake, at Junction Nine, I saw two Pokemon designs. The code for the set above was B0270.

Pokemon Theme Party Ideas DIY 22

And in case you are thinking the cupcake designs are lousy designs, coz who would want Caterpie and Psyduck and Bellsprout right? They actually had takers.  We let the kids grab the design they wanted and, surprise surprise, nobody wanted Snorlax and Clefairy.

Pokemon Theme Party Ideas DIY 24

Besides the above design which we ordered, they also had a larger Pikachu design if you need a 2-3kg cake (code C0492).

Pokemon Theme Party Ideas DIY 23

Pokemon Party Games from Engineering Good

Pokemon Theme Party Ideas DIY 17

When I decided on having a party at an indoor playground, I didn’t plan on preparing any more party games.  But so happened the kids’ godmother was an active volunteer of Engineering Good.  If you have never heard of Engineering Good, they are a non-profit organisation that aims to help disadvantaged communities through sustainable engineering solutions.  Like their slogan says, “Engineering A Better World”.

Engineering Good

Just before MF’s birthday, Engineering Good held a Pokemon-themed Christmas party for children with autism.  After the event, the kids’ godmother decided to keep the games and brought them to MF’s party for the kids to play.

Pokemon Theme Party Ideas DIY 20

You can visit Engineering Good’s website to get more inspiration for Pokemon party games.  And while you’re at it, check out how you can help to support Engineering Good’s causes either by getting involved or making a donation!

Pokemon Theme Party Ideas DIY 19

Pin this up for later!

Pokemon Party Ideas - Bumble Bee Mum

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