Red Bean Park Indoor Playground #FailMoment

Not that I want to brag, but I have reached a point in my blogging career where news of new indoor playgrounds in Singapore will just arrive in my email inbox.  So it’s been a while since I have had the thrill of DISCOVERING a new playground.

My husband likes to scroll through Groupon occasionally to see if there are good deals (usually for dining).  One fine evening, he asked me, “You heard of Red Bean playground?” At first I only registered ‘red beans’ because, you know, we usually only look at dining deals on Groupon? And I was thinking why on earth would he bring up a red bean restaurant – we don’t exactly eat red beans unless you are talking about matcha with azuki beans. Then the word ‘playground’ registered and I quickly whipped out my phone to go onto Groupon to take a look.

red bean indoor playground singapore tras street 01

Image Source: Groupon


It looked like a pretty typical indoor playground until I scrolled further and saw that they had an Angry Bird themed play area!

red bean indoor playground singapore tras street 02

Image Source: Groupon


The Groupon deal was offering half priced admission, so I decided mai tu liao! Let’s go! Grabbed the kids and took the loooong train ride from the North to Tanjong Pagar, got a bit lost due to all the construction work around the area, but finally found the building that is “100 Tras Street”.  Hello, why didn’t you just say Amara Hotel??


We finally found our way into the shopping mall.  The playground was on the fourth floor and we headed for the first lift lobby we saw, only to discover that that lift lobby served the offices.  So we were redirected to an inconspicuous lift lobby behind MOS Burger instead.  Took the correct lift, went up to the fourth floor, and TADAH!!!


What The …. ?!!! COMING SOON???? Just to be absolutely sure, we walked to the front door of the playground and…



I didn’t know to laugh or to cry, seriously.   I went to my Groupon app to double check if there was anything that mentioned that the playground was not open yet.  DON’T HAVE LEY!  In fact, the Groupon deal was only valid for 3 months from date of purchase.  Is that even fair?? To sell a Groupon deal with 3 month validity when the playground is not even open yet? I even went to Red Bean Park website to see if I missed anything out.  Nothing! The website doesn’t say they are still under construction either!

So anyway… The point of this post is not to condemn them lah.  In fact, after writing so many *serious* playground reviews, this was quite a good comic relief for me.  I already bought the Groupon deal, so you can be sure I will be back again when they open – no hard feelings.  Just warning those of you who bought the Groupon deal like me that


If you would like to purchase the Groupon deal so that you can get half-priced admission for your kids when it opens, the link is >HERE<.

Update: Okay! I FINALLY saw the fine print in the Groupon deal that says redemption from 1 May 2016 onwards.  Fine prints fine prints.. always read the fine prints… 

Update again (12 May 2016):  Red Bean Park is open for soft launch now, but their Angry Bird theme play area is still not ready yet.  You can follow their Facebook Page for updates on the opening of the Angry Bird theme play area which should be ready later this month. 

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