Sandy Dandy Indoor Playground (Forum, Orchard Rd) Review

Whenever I visit a new indoor playground these days, I tend to look out for one thing: Novelty.   Something that I haven’t already seen in other indoor playgrounds in Singapore.

Sandy Dandy at Forum the Shopping Mall along Orchard Road is precisely that.   It was not just another indoor playground.  It was an indoor SAND playground.  Hence the name Sandy Dandy. It actually took me a long time to realise that.  LOL… Okay, go ahead and laugh at me.  I can be slow like that sometimes.

At Sandy Dandy, you would find a HUGE sand pit.  And what wasn’t obvious at first sight was that the sand pit was filled with two different types of sand:  The side nearer to the entrance was filled with kinetic sand while the further end was filled with natural sand.  Go take a walk inside and you’ll feel the difference!

There was quite a nice variety of toys provided for kids to help themselves to.  MY loved those little sand diggers and forklifts.

At Sandy Dandy, kids were provided with a jumpsuit to put on before heading into the sand pit. How thoughtful!! When they left the sand pit, they could just take off the jumpsuit and most part of their body would still be clean with minimum brushing.  Of course, if your kids are anything like MY who decided to go lie down in the sand and roll around, then you would still need to brush off the sand from their face and hair.

Within the sand pit was also a wooden slide.  Which was VERY fast – because of the smooth metallic material and also because of the fact that the kids were wearing the jumpsuits.

So parents, please supervise your kids at the slide if they are very young, as they may not know how to ‘land’ properly and may fall backwards and knock their head at the end of the slide if they come down too fast.


Besides the sand pit, there was also a pretend play area at Sandy Dandy.  The pretend play area was catered for babies and young toddlers, with a mini slide and mini see-saw.  I thought MY would be a bit too old for this, but he seemed rather happy to be playing there.

There were also two baskets of toys and a table for the kids to sit down to play with them.

And I loved the wooden caravan where kids could go inside and there were toys inside for them to play with as well.


At Sandy Dandy, there was also a trampoline.  Not a very big one, but I think it’s fine considering Sandy Dandy was generally catered for small children.

My kids love trampolines, regardless of how big or small they were.  So it was a good addition which helped keep MY occupied for at least 15 minutes of our 2-hours visit.


There was an in-house cafe within Sandy Dandy.  For a rough indication of the pricing, below were the prices for some of the items:

  • Canned drinks $4
  • Mineral Water $2
  • Packet milo $2.50
  • Cafe Latte $5
  • Chicken Nuggets $6
  • Chicken Lasagna $10.50
  • Cupcake $6


Within Sandy Dandy, there was a nursing room with diaper-changing table.  However, there were no toilets and we had to take a hike to the other end of the mall to use the toilets there.


Sandy Dandy doesn’t have a party room.  So all their party packages include the exclusive use of the playground.   If you’re interested in holding your parties at Sandy Dandy, drop them an email to find out about their party packages and they will be happy to work out a customised party plan for you.


Considering that I think Sandy Dandy is a great playground for very young children, I found the play rates for < 1 year old at $10 pretty reasonable.

For 1 – 3 year olds, $20 may seem expensive for a playground that is not very big, but I often mention on the blog that big doesn’t mean better.  There are pros and cons to have big / small playgrounds.  Small playgrounds allow you to sit back, relax at the cafe and still be able to see your child no matter where he or she is – and you can do this at Sandy Dandy.   And considering this was at Orchard Road, I think $20 is very reasonable.

But for children more than 3 years old, I personally wouldn’t pay $25 to bring them here.  Because in the first place, I think Sandy Dandy is really more catered for young children than older children.


I remembered when I first posted a photo of MF playing at a sand playground many many years ago when he was still a toddler, my friend (a more experienced mum than I was then) commented, “Did you step on cat poop??”  And I was like, “WHAT? Cat Poop?” and she was like yeah… Prior to that, I have never thought about what could be hiding inside the sand at these public sand playgrounds, but what she said made me pay a little more attention.  And over the years, whenever I brought my boys to sand playgrounds or beaches, I noticed that indeed, sometimes we found things like broken glass inside the sand at public playgrounds.

People who know me knows that I am FAR from being an over-protective parent.  If there’s such a term as under-protective parent, that’s me.  If my kids step on broken glass, then they step on broken glass.  I would make a bit of noise over why people are so inconsiderate to dump glass bottles on beaches and sand playgrounds, but that wouldn’t stop me from letting my children play there.   So personally, I wouldn’t pay a lot of money to bring my kids to an indoor sand playground.   But I’m just saying this now because my kids are not that young.  My long-time readers would know that I have spent A LOT of money bringing my kids to all kinds of playgrounds when they were much younger.  If my kid was one year old, would I spend the money to bring them to Sandy Dandy? Yes.

I can totally see why people would want to bring their kids to Sandy Dandy.  And judging from the crowd I saw on the weekday I was there, it was in fact a very popular concept.  Especially for kids who are still very young.  As under-protective as I was, I didn’t bring my kids to beaches until they were slightly older because I did have hygiene concerns.  But kids generally love sand play and we don’t want to deprive them of that.  If I was writing this when my kids were maybe less than 1 year old, I would be extremely thrilled that they had a safe and clean environment to indulge in sand play.

You may notice that MF was absent from this visit.  Because I think at Primary One, he can jolly well go to the beach and watch out for broken glass and cat poop on his own while playing with the sand there.  In short, I do recommend Sandy Dandy for young children, maybe up to 4 years old.   And I applaud the owners for coming up with a brand new idea for an indoor playground.  After writing about indoor playgrounds for 6 years, you have NO idea how happy I was to be seeing something new.   Like AT LAST! A BREAKTHROUGH! So if you have young children who love sand play, and the weather is too hot or rainy to be out at the beach, or you have concerns about cat poop and broken glass, hop on down to Sandy Dandy!


We are giving away 3 pairs of play passes to Sandy Dandy, one pair each to 3 lucky readers! To stand a chance to win, simply lock in your entry and complete the steps on the gleam app below:

Sandy Dandy

Terms & Conditions:

  • Contest ends on 6 August 2017 at 2359 hours
  • Winners will be notified via the email address associated with the Facebook account used to participate in the contest.  Failure to respond to the email within 1 week from the notification will result in prize being forfeited.
  • Play passes will be mailed to the winners.  Neither Bumble Bee Mum nor Sandy Dandy will be responsible for lost mail.

Address: Forum The Shopping Mall #02-33, 583 Orchard Road Singapore 238884

Opening Hours: 10am – 6.30pm daily

Tel: 6734 6806

Official Website: Facebook Page


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