Scrumptious At The Turf – Where Kids Play and Dine for FREE!

Update: Please note that Scrumptious at the Turf is no longer in operation.

Yesterday, after the kids’ morning workout at Fidgets World at The Grandstand, we went to Scrumptious At The Turf for lunch.

Scrumptious at the turf the grandstand 1

Where dining with kids is concerned, I often blog about two things: Eateries that have play areas, and eateries that have kids dine free promotions.  Guess what? Scrumptious At The Turf has BOTH.

Scrumptious at the turf the grandstand 14

But with Latte E Miele, Treehouse Cafe and Slappy Cakes within the same complex, does Scrumptious At The Turf have what it takes to win over the family dining business here? I think so!


Food at Scrumptious At The Turf

To get the free kids meal, you have to order an adult main dish.  I chose the ‘Sloppiest Sloppy Joes’, which is their fancy name for bolognese sauce with lots of fries and a hidden bun under all that sauce.

Scrumptious at the turf the grandstand 4

Sloppiest Sloppy Joes ($15+)


MF loved the nachos cheese at the top and kept dipping his fries into it!

Scrumptious at the turf the grandstand 3

The beef was very tender, which makes this a great dish for kids! The boys, after eating the fries, took their spoon and ate up all the meaty sauce.

With the main dish, I could choose a free kids meal.  Okay, it was not much of a meal.  I could choose either spaghetti or fish and chips.  MF said he wanted spaghetti.

Scrumptious at the turf the grandstand 2

Free kids spaghetti


I didn’t get to taste the spaghetti since the kids finished everything.  But the fact that they finished everything tells me it was probably very good.  My kids are SUPER picky eaters, I seldom see them devouring food up like this unless it’s really very nice!

Scrumptious at the turf the grandstand 7

Someone clearly enjoyed his food.


And so, the kids ate up ALL their spaghetti and most of the Sloppiest Sloppy Joes.   Hence, I decided to add on one more Weekday Lunch Set for myself.

Scrumptious at the tuf the grandstand 01

Their Weekday Lunch Set was SUPER value for money!! Only $12.90+ for a main dish + soup + drink!

Scrumptious at the turf the grandstand 5

Soup for the Weekday set meal – such a huge portion!

Scrumptious at the turf the grandstand 6

The main dish I chose was cajun chicken – which came with a generous portion of fries and spaghetti!

Scrumptious at the turf the grandstand 15

And a drink! I had a choice between Oolong or Green tea.


The service at Scrumptious At The Turf was also excellent! They were quick to dish out children’s utensils and warm water when we arrived.  They asked if I wanted to make the aglio olio non-spicy since I had kids with me.  They kept my table for me when I had to go and change didi’s diapers.  They were just overall very friendly and welcoming!


Play Area at Scrumptious at the Turf

After the kids finished their meal, they headed to the play area.

There was a rack of little toys and puzzles.  (It looks empty in the photo because my kids had poured everything onto the floor!)

Scrumptious at the turf the grandstand 8

A TV screening cartoon with bean bags for the kids to lounge on.

Scrumptious at the turf the grandstand 11

And a gigantic chalk board to doodle.   On which my 4 year old drew… a pregnant woman?! What’s up with that?? He even squealed to his brother, “Baby! Didi come and see, baby!”

Scrumptious at the turf the grandstand 9

Zoom up of my 4 year old's masterpiece. He even drew the baby!

Zoom up of my 4 year old’s masterpiece. He even tried to draw the baby!


Surprisingly, the small play area kept my boys entertained for a pretty long time!

Scrumptious at the turf the grandstand 12Scrumptious at the turf the grandstand 13

I was very happy with my visit to Scrumptious At The Turf.  Great food, great fun, great service.  Reminds me of the wonderful Quentin’s The Eurasian Restaurant! This is definitely one place that I would visit again!


Scrumptious At The Turf (Second Visit) 20 May 2015

I was back at Scrumptious At The Turf again! The service was still amazingly flawless as before. Once we were seated, they served water and asked if my kid wanted a ribena.  I was like, “How much is it?” And they said, “Oh, no no, it’s free.”


I didn’t get that the last time, so it was an IMPROVEMENT!  MY finished the ribena before I could even whip my phone out to take a photo… And they gave him a SECOND CUP!

Scrumptious at the tuf the grandstand 02

The service was so awesome! When they saw MY finished his first *free* cup of ribena, they gave him a second one!


I ordered a main dish so that MY could receive his free kids meal.  The main dish I tried this time round was their Pork Rack.  I loved it!

Scrumptious at the tuf the grandstand 05

Pork Rack ($22+)


For the free kids meal, I decided to try the Fish and Chips this time round.  Just like the spaghetti, the portion was not very big, but definitely enough for a kid (especially with the heap of fries).

Scrumptious at the tuf the grandstand 03

Free Kids Meal (Fish and Chips) with any main dish ordered.


MY SUPER enjoyed his meal!  Free food, free ribena and free play, of course he was happy!

Scrumptious at the tuf the grandstand 04

In Summary….

The Good:

  • Free kids meal
  • Free play area
  • Value for money weekday lunch set
  • Excellent service

The Bad:

  • The chalkboard is going to make your kids’ hands very dirty, so be ready that they may bring back chalk dust to the dining table.

Information on Scrumptious At The Turf

Address:  The Grandstand #01-08 (200 Turf Club Road Singapore 287994)

Tel: 6464 6900

Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm daily

Websites: Official Homepage | Facebook Page


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  • Eunice says:

    Scrumptious has been replaced by a ban mian and bao place! Ohh and I think Treehouse Cafe is closed too (though Treehouse was quite pricey and not worthwhile at all!)

    • bumblebeemum says:

      I was at The Grandstand today and saw Treehouse closed!! I was wondering whether it closed down permanently or what. Though yah, I agree the food is pricey and not nice. I didn’t walk till where Scrumptious was because we were going up to Ah Yat. Didn’t know Scrumptious is gone too! SO SAD!! Thanks for alerting me.

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Hmm.. So weird.. I went to Scrumptious’ facebook page and they say they are closed for renovation and will reopen in March / April 2016?

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