Singapore Budget 2015: Even SAHMs have things to cheer (and boo) about!
February 24, 2015

Generally, I do not pay attention to stuff like Annual Budgets.  All the yada yada about income tax changes and CPF changes… Like who has the time to go and figure out the details when you have no income to begin with? I have real shit (in the brown literal sense) to deal with!  But hubby insisted we tune in to Singapore Budget 2015 (instead of OKTO – the kid was NOT pleased) yesterday afternoon and through the snippets I heard, it seems there are things for us SAHMs to cheer (and boo) over in this year’s budget!

SAHMs CHEERS to Singapore Budget 2015

#1 Foreign Domestic Worker Levy Cut

Okay, doesn’t concern me since I do not have a domestic helper, but definitely something for those SAHMs who have one to cheer about!

singapore budget 2015 - domestic foreign worker levy

#2 $50 more in GST Vouchers

Who wouldn’t cheer to that??

singapore budget 2015 - extra GST credit 2 (1)

#3 Waiver of exam fees

My kids are not old enough to benefit from this YET, but SAHMs with older kids are definitely cheering over this.

singapore budget 2015 - waived exam fees

#4 One-off top up to CDA accounts

Alright!! A few more doctor’s visits or one more month of childcare fees covered!

singapore budget 2015 - CDA top up

SAHMs BOOS to Singapore Budget 2015

#1 Higher petrol duty charges

That means bringing our kids out and ferrying them around will get more expensive! *SOBS*

singapore budget 2015 - higher petrol duty 2

Wait… Will higher petrol duty lead to increase in public transport fees? NoooOOOoooo…

For more *serious* information regarding Singapore Budget 2015, visit the official Budget 2015 website!




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