Singapore Children Hospitalization Cost – My Experience with KKH vs TMC
May 12, 2015

In March this year, both MF and MY were hospitalized one after another.  Now that the ordeal is over, I thought I would share my experience, so that you would know what to expect in the event *TOUCH WOOD!* your child is admitted.

singapore children hospitalization fee KKH vs TMC

MF’s Hospitalization at KKH

MF was having serious vomiting and stomach pain one night.  Since all the clinics were closed, I decided to bring him to KKH.  We reached there at about 10pm.

After a round of medication and observation at A&E, they eventually decided to admit him at around 1am.  In between 10pm to 1am, we were waiting around the corridors as the observation ward at KKH was only for very serious cases.

Room Type

I requested for a single room, but they were out of single rooms.  Hence, they were only able to give him a 4-bedder (Class B1).  If you are going to KKH, do note that they do not have 2-bedders.  So in the event one-bedders are filled, your next available option is 4-bedder.

Laboratory Test

During his stay, they did a stool culture and diagnosed him with Rotavirus.  (I know what you want to ask.  YES, he took Rotavirus vaccination before when he was a baby. But he still caught the virus anyway at 4 year old.)


He was given probiotics, stomach pain medication, glucose syrup and fever medication.

Doctor’s Consultation

Every morning, a group of doctors would come around to check on him once.

Total Bill

He was admitted at 1am on a Wednesday and discharged at 4pm on a Friday.  This was considered only 1 day stay.   His total bill was $746.20 after government subsidy.

singapore children hospitalization fee KKH B1

Since laboratory tests and medications would differ based on the illness, what you may want to note are the following:

  • Bed cost per night = $210 + GST (after government subsidy).
  • Daily treatment fee = $89 + GST (after government subsidy).
  • Doctor’s fee = $153.03 + GST (after government subsidy).
  • A&E fee = $103.

So the base price (excluding lab test and medication) for a 1 day stay at KKH (Class B1) was around $586.67 (inclusive of GST).


MY’s Hospitalization at Thomson Medical Centre TMC

MY started trembling in the middle of the night and was running a high fever above 40 degrees.  I immediately rushed him to TMC instead of KKH because it was nearer to our place and I reckoned waiting time was much shorter.  There was a 24-hour clinic at TMC, but it is important to note that it is NOT a pediatric clinic.  The resident doctor is a GP.

Laboratory Test

Upon arrival, after registration, I immediately got to see the doctor.  He inserted a suppository to bring down his fever.  They did an influenza test.  The result was out in like 5 minutes. (Okay, I don’t remember exactly how long, but it was pretty fast and felt like just 5 minutes.)  The test was negative, so they suggested I do a blood test.  Since the  blood test had a longer waiting time, they decided to admit him for the night. (Yay, no waiting in corridors!)

Room Type

I requested for a single room, but just like at KKH, they were out of single rooms.  However, they had an empty 2-bedder, which they let me use as a single room (i.e. we were the only occupants.)  The following night, they transferred me to a proper single room.


MY’s blood test showed that he had a mycoplasma infection.  Hence, he was put on antibiotics.  Other than that, he was given fever medication.

Doctor’s Consultation

He was attended to by Dr Ang Ai Tin.  She came by twice a day to check on MY, once in the morning and once in the evening.  90% of the children admitted at TMC were attended to by Dr Ang Ai Tin, so the doctor’s fees below should be pretty representative of a TMC stay.

Total Bill

MY was admitted at around 3 or 4am on a Friday night and discharged at 12noon on Sunday.  This was considered 1 day.  His total bill was $2239.95. (Woah, that’s 3 times of MF’s KKH bill!)

singapore children hospitalization fee thomson medical TMC single bed

Medication and laboratory fees will vary according to illness, but the following costs are what you should take note of:

  • Accommodation (single bed) = $530 per night
  • Daily Treatment Fee = $145
  • Doctor’s Fees (For Dr Ang Ai Tin) = $749
  • Resident Doctor Services (this is the charge for visiting TMC’s 24 hour clinic in the middle of the night, akin to A&E fee at KKH) = $95

So the base price (excluding lab test and medication) for a 1 day stay at single bedded at TMC was around $1519.


Summary of Singapore Children Hospitalization Cost

A table of comparison for the fees between KKH (Class B1) and TMC (Single-bed) for a 1 night stay:

singapore children hospitalization fee comparison KKH TMC

(Excludes medicine, laboratory and procedure fees.)


Procedure for Payment with Private Hospitalization Insurance

We have private hospitalization insurance coverage for both kids.  Below was the procedure for paying the hospital bill via private hospitalization insurance.


  • Upon arrival, I paid $103 for A&E Fee.  (I used CDA.)
  • Upon admission, I paid deposit of $610 (I used CDA.)
  • At discharge, we were not required to pay any balance since we had private hospitalization insurance.
  • The hospital submitted the bill to our insurance company, which paid KKH for the bill.  KKH was to refund us the A&E Fee and deposit I had paid earlier.
  • We filled in a form for the above payments to be refunded back to the CDA account.
  • $698.02*  was refunded to our CDA account.

* If your Math is good, you must be wondering why only $698.02 was refunded when I paid $713 earlier.  If you refer to my KKH bill, you will notice a “Miscellaneous – Non Treatment Related” charge of $14.  I have NO idea what that was for, since KKH did not give an itemised bill.  I definitely did not call for room service.  That $14 (or to be precise, $14.98 after GST) was NOT covered by our insurance.  So I was refunded $713 – $14.98 = $698.02.

Our hospitalization insurance had a clause stating that if we stayed in a restructured (government) hospital, we would receive a cash incentive of $175 (for class A) / $225 (for class B1).  So our insurance company sent us a cheque for $225.


  • From arrival to discharge, I did not have to pay a single cent, because the hospital had records that we were covered by private hospitalization insurance.
  • The hospital submitted the bill to the insurance company, the insurance company paid them. End of story. We did not have to do a single thing.


After discharge, we were required to return for two follow-ups with Dr Ang Ai Tin.  Our hospitalization insurance covered post-treatment.  So for the two visit, I paid for the visits first, then sent the receipts to my insurance agent to process.  The insurance company subsequently reimbursed us.


Importance of Hospitalization Insurance

This was not the first time my kids were hospitalized.  I always tell my friends, the first thing you need to buy when your baby is born is not new clothes or new whatever. It’s hospitalization insurance.

When can / should I buy hospitalization insurance for my child?

You can purchase it the moment you register your kid’s birth (i.e. your kid now has a name and BC number.. Yippee!) and you should.

Why the urgency?

Because *touch wood* you have no idea when your kids would fall sick and newborns are not known to have strong immunity.

singapore children hospitalization fee thomson medical TMC

And because insurance applications take time to process!

When MY was 6 weeks old, he was hospitalized at TMC for 1 whole week for RSV + MRSA.  You can imagine, this recent 1 night staycation cost $2000+. How much did our 1 week getaway, complete with massage services by physiotherapist and aromatherapy by nebulizers, then cost.

We had bought hospitalization insurance for MY immediately after he was born.  Even then, after 6 weeks, the plan was not in force yet! Can you imagine my horror???

Turned out, our plan was approved shortly after we bought it.  But it took a long time be in force (the insurance company blamed CPF timelines).  To cut the long story short, because we had bought it long ago and it was approved, the insurance company eventually paid out the full hospital bill.

So remember: Buy hospitalization insurance right after your kid is born!



  • joanna says:

    U have any insurance to recommend? Lol

    • bumblebeemum says:

      My whole family is covered by Great Eastern’s Supremehealth and Total Shield rider. But I have never done any comparison between the prices and coverage of the plans provided by the different insurance companies. Just went with Great Eastern because my hubby’s relative is an agent there. :p

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Joanna, I can advise you if you don’t mind.

    • Kate S says:

      Actually its almost the same for all companies. BUT it depends on what’s ur concerns, etc.

      Premium wise, when its young definitely cheaper but it’s 50 years old and above that’s the scary part.

    • qqplaces says:

      You can always check on medishield website, they had some brief comparison between the different shield plan. You can try for a independent financial advisor as they could do the comparison for you instead of you comparing yourself and getting confused. As there are indeed different special benefit with each company although the covered item would be similar.

  • Priya says:

    Thanks for sharing! Truly useful article, especially for new mommies. Must say, you have wonderfully summarized all the key points and takeaways. Am bookmarking this 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    What would be the Supremehealth and Total Shield rider premium for your boys?

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Let me check and get back to you. My hubby handles all these finances so I really have no idea. But it will depend on the age of the child and when it is bought I THINK.

    • Kate S says:

      For this, you may check the cost in their brochure at https://www.greateasternlife.com/sg/en/pdf/brochures/SupremeShield.pdf
      And also in brochure, you can see the coverage difference between govt & private admission.

      For other companies, you can also easily just google for them 🙂

      But for age 1 to 18, it is estimated around $200 plus minus (for the rider) for all the insurance companies.
      However certain company might covers certain area which other companies didnt, which I think most people are not aware.

  • Pearlyn Chan says:

    It was a good comparison. With the private hospital insurance, it really helps to lessen the burden for family. And allows the kid to rest and recuperate well. It gives me the assurance of what I am doing for client and their family covered for this hospital plan is right.

    • bumblebeemum says:

      It really does! During MY’s first hospitalization, I almost freaked out when I found out his hospitalization plan was not in force yet. Kept thinking if I should transfer him to KKH or continue staying at TMC. I hate having to make such choices when really all my attention should be focused on my sick child.

  • yosuke says:

    Hi, how long did u wait for yr A&E fee to be refunded to the CDA account for yr son admission at KKH. I have yet to receive mine since March.

  • nyra says:


    Thanks for the heads up..

    I do have insurance for my kids under prudential. Just wondering when you were in tmc, did they collect deposits from you or anything? Any cash output? Or all was under great eastern?

    Sorry.. Paranoid mummy!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      For me, I had the rider that covers FULL hospital bills. So at TMC, I didn’t have to pay any deposit. They did ask for credit card details as security though.

      • jacqueline says:

        Hi, if the child was not hospitalized, will the doctor charges at TMC be more expensive than KKH? Our insurance only cover hospitalization right?

        • bumblebeemum says:


          TMC 24-hour clinic charges depends on the time you visit. KKH’s A&E fee is a flat fee of $103. Most likely, if you go TMC in the middle of the night, it WILL be more expensive than KKH’s A&E. Because the $95 I was charged for the 24-hour clinic consultation fee did NOT include laboratory tests and medications. However, for KKH, the $103 INCLUDES tests like X-ray (if required) and standard medication (such as paracetamol).

          And yes, insurance will only cover if the child is hospitalized.

          • Jacqueline says:

            I always indecisive to go KKH or private hospital. On 1 hand I wanted to shorter the waiting time but I am afraid if my son don’t need to be hospitalized then private hospital bill will be more expensive than KKH that standard A&E $103.

            My son all along has bronchitics. Last Sunday he suddenly cough non stop. I was wondering should I send him to mount alvernia since it was nearer to my house.
            In the end I still choose to go KKH cos his medical records were all there.

            Although they attended to him first but after giving the inhaler, the following reviewing time, waiting time to see the doctor again, waiting time to collect medicine was sooooo long.
            (He don’t need to be admitted)

            So I was wondering should I choose mount alvernia the next time this kind of things happen

            • bumblebeemum says:

              Usually my first choice is to go KKH. It is afterall the most well-equipped hospital in terms of children health care. Private hospitals only have GPs on duty whereas KKH always has pediatricians. I will go private hospitals only if I feel the illness really cannot wait (like my kid’s 40+ degree fever and he looked like he may go into a fit coz he was trembling non-stop). Otherwise to save money and for a peace of mind, I would go KKH in spite of the long waiting time.

              • Anonymous says:

                I totally agreed. My three children had been to hospitals A&E countless time. Each time after visiting private hospitals, my wife and I still have to bring them to KKH, or else they will not recover.

                But based on our experience, KKH normally does not want to admit the child unless the condition really warrants it. While private hospital will admit the child readily. So I always insist to admit my child for at least one night in order to claim insurance and the cash allowance.

  • I am sorry to read on the hospitalization, but good that both were nothing too serious. Your comparison is good reference. KKH is supposed to be cheaper than TMC since it is a government hospital. But staying for one night to yield a 1.5k bill sounds really not so affordable. However, on scrutiny, the 4 bedder in KKH and 1 bedder in TMC does not differ too much though. You are right on the insurance part. You never know when you will need one, so better get it as early as possible.

  • Keith says:

    Hi everyone, my wife and I also had bad experiences on our kids hospitalisation stay since they were young.

    Do you know that you can go to MOH website to see the comparison of the five hospitalisation plans available, instead of spending time going through the five plans individually. Our whole family are fully covered under the hospitalisation plans, so each time we received cash from the insurance company for more than what we paid for the premium 🙂

  • Vandy says:

    Do you feel a different on the service between private and govt hospital? I decide to go Mount Alvernia instead of KKH after a bad bad experience. My boy 1 night charge is Mount A, 4 bedded was $2.7K!!! But their service was way better and thankfully we got insurance covered!

    • Keith says:

      Personally I feel that money is not an issue (since we are all fully covered by insurance). My wife and I will alway bring our kids to KKH (we tried Mt A and Mt E Novena before) as the doctors at KKH will request more detailed tests like blood test, x ray etc to confirm the diagnosis. Furthermore, KKH has senior pd doctors while private hospitals only have GP.

      • bumblebeemum says:

        Yes, that was something I wanted to emphasize on my post as well. Other hospitals usually only have GPs on duty in the middle of the night, whereas at KKH Children’s Emergency, the doctors there are pediatricians. I would usually opt to go KKH, but this time round I figured any GP could insert a suppository and I didn’t want to wait. The waiting time at KKH is quite a nightmare sometimes!

        • Keith says:

          Yes, each time we were at kkh, we have to spend about 3 hrs on average. The longest we waited was about 6 hrs! Last month, I brought my eldest girl to kkh at 12am but decided to go Mt E Novena after seeing a notice at kkh saying expected 4 hrs waiting time. I left Mt E Novena after 30mins over there. But two days later, I still have to bring my girl back to kkh as her condition didnt improve. Since young, my kids never recovered from their illness until they are treated at kkh.. could it be due to the sweets that doctors and nurses give at kkh.lol..

      • Vandy says:

        Hi Keith,

        Thanks for sharing but I am not emphasizing about the more expensive the more ‘high class’ service I will get. By the way at Mount A I was able to get my boy PD which I felt better as she knows my boy condition. She did all test as well and I believe all doctors will know what they are require to do regardless the amount we have to pay 🙂

        • Keith says:

          Hi Vandy, I agreed with you. I have complete faith in spore healthcare system and healthcare workers.

        • bumblebeemum says:

          Yes, that is a very important point you pointed out. For private hospitals, we can choose the specific pediatrician, especially if it’s one who knows our child well because our child has been seeing him or her since birth. I have realized that the bulk of the difference in hospitalization cost between government and private hospitals is in the Doctor’s fee!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Yes, there is a difference. But I expect there to be considering how much more they charge!

      I am actually quite happy with the service with KKH this time round and if you ask me, in terms of ‘value for money’, KKH was actually not bad. But I have found the standard of services by both doctors and nurses at KKH varies quite widely. I have heard of people with very bad experiences, but also good ones.

  • Wann Wah says:

    Hi mums! I am a mother too, totally understand how u’ll feel if ur little ones in hospital, worrying abt the results of the tests and the bills. This is the link to all the comparison of the health shield plans we have in SG.


    • bumblebeemum says:

      Thank you for sharing the link. I have edited your comment because I do not want agents to use my post to promote their services. I hope you understand, as it would open a floodgate of insurance agents coming to leave their contacts and I don’t want to get spammed. >_<

    • Hi u r frm AIA? I couldn’t claim anythin frm AIA when my son gt admitted into hospital 🙁 is thr anythin tat i can do to get claims? My agent asked me to wait bt didnt get bak to me n i gt nth bak… its been mre dan 6mths… i couldn’t get claim cos of e cpf timeline too bt e cpf deduction for 1st payment was only approved after my son was hospitalised e 3rd day bt i sign e contract 1mth+ b4 my son gt hospitalised n my agent told me cfm can claim so i took private ward ad kkh bt ended up i couldnt get a single cent back

  • Hi can i ask how did u manage to file the claim for ur 6weeks old when the insurance was not in force yet? As i hav the same case my lo wan admitted into kkh on 28july n was there for a week last year n the insurance company said my policy was only in force frm 02aug n the insurance company pushes the blames to cpf too.. thanks

    • bumblebeemum says:

      When I called the customer hotline, they said such cases need to be appealed case by case. I’m not a very assertive person, so I got my agent to fight for me. In the end they reimbursed us ‘out of goodwill’.

      • Oh so i nid to call them? i kept pushing my agent bt til nw nothing is done 🙁 thanks

        • bumblebeemum says:

          You can try to write in to appeal. This is why when I buy insurance, I do not choose the company, I choose the agent. It is easier for the agent to fight for you than to do it yourself because you can’t go storming into their office to demand something. But the agent can and the agent knows whose office to storm. If you can find a friend who works in that insurance company, get him or her to fight for you.

  • Janice says:

    Good comparison. My son is 4 years old and has been hospitalised twice, once at 1.5 years and once at 3 years. We immediately went to TMC as we know we have hospitalisation coverage. When a kid is sick, it’s important for him / her to be comfortable and also for yourself too as you need the rest. I had a screaming kid in the next bed when they could not get us a single room initially and there was no way that my boy or myself could have rested. I was so thankful to be transferred to a single room later on where we could both rest well and not have to worry about the bill since we were covered by insurance. So YES, get hospitalisation insurance ASAP once kid is born!!!

  • Alvin says:

    Just to add. My daughter was warded at kkh and u did not have to pay deposit. The insurance details r in all hospitals. The lady doing the registration may have forgotten to generate the letter of guarantee from the insurance for u.

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Haiz, what a blur queen. Anyway it didn’t make much difference to me since I needed to get my reimbursement for the A&E fee.

      • Alice Leong says:

        Hi there, just to clarify. The letter of guarantee will only be issued if the estimated bill size is more than your deductible. Usually $1500-$3500 depend on ward type. This might explain why in kkh you have to pay the deposit but not in tmc coz your estimated bill in tmc is bigger. Nothing to do with either is government hosp or private hosp.

        Also i have learned from friends that hosp charge “misc-non medical related” when u request for additional stuff eg. Additional milo beside the 3 meals and tea time and toiletry etc. Shocking i know…

        Anyway, good effort on raising awareness among parents to get insurance for our little one as early as possible. Good job.

        • bumblebeemum says:

          Hmm… I don’t remember requesting for additional milo. They did give me a bag of toiletries but I didn’t request for it. They just passed it to me and I thought it was complimentary. >_<

  • Loon Wai Yit says:

    if you have insurance, i would strongly recommend you NOT to go to KKH. your child will be a “subject” of guniea pig for lot of inexperience doctor and lot of doctor ask the same question again & again.

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Hmmm.. I think it depends. Because my kid was hospitalized twice. The first time, yes, they had those student doctors who came around to ask a lot of questions and ‘play’ with my kid (but I could tell they were using him to practice something they learned in class). But actually I didn’t mind.. I mean, the doctors need to start practicing somewhere right? The second time, I got none of this and the doctor who came by was clearly quite experienced.

  • BabyJo says:


    yes! i got that $14++ bill from KKH as well (recently it was $15++) and it states as miscellaneous – non treatment related and it was not covered by insurance.
    I called KKH and realised this charge was for: the processing of invoice.
    I was like huh, process invoice also nid to pay for this!? I requested for a waiver, still pending for approval.

    Is good to check bills!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Processing of invoice?? Haha… Can’t they file it under ‘Administration’? My TMC itemised bill had ‘Administration’ fees in it and everything was paid for by insurance. Anyway $14+ wasn’t a lot so we just let it go.

  • Anonymous says:

    For the premium in price, better service is expected in pte hospitals. But if the condition deteriorates and intensive care is needed, your pocket will bleed badly. To decide to transfer to restructured hospital at this critical time will entail risks, inherent in any transfers between wards and especially between hospitals. I will always bring my kids and family members to public hospital.

  • James Wong says:

    remember also you can claim the Pre and Post hospitalisation that typical 90-18days(consultation follow-up etc) after the inpatient, depending on which insurance company

  • Anonymous says:

    Do u need to pay co insurance n deductible?
    My son ever stayed in kkh, but less than a day, so insurance becomes useless… Medisave n cash, $300 plus.

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Yes. That’s the rider. You should consider getting it! For a few hundred bucks a year, you get full coverage. And mine even gave cash incentive (on top of covering the full hospital bill) for staying at KKH.

    • Keith says:

      Hi, I understand your situations. That’s why whenever my kids go A&E, I always try to get them warded if necessary. But kkh staff always rejected my request unless they feel justified. I paid almost $400 plus for 4 A&E visits in April and May this year. So insurance is useless if we cant claim.

      • bumblebeemum says:

        Indeed, I think there is high demand for hospital beds at KKH, so they will only admit if they really deem it necessary.

        • Keith says:

          I agreed. Nowadays parents fully maximise their insurance plan when hospitalised. I admit I am one of them..lol

          • bumblebeemum says:

            Oh, but I think it is important to highlight to parents NOT to be tempted to admit kids in just to be able to maximise their insurance plan. Because there is a very high chance of the kid catching OTHER illnesses at the hospital! Who knows what viruses are lurking in the walls, curtains and air vents of hospitals. Personally I try to avoid hospitalization, because my kids seem to recover better at home. I say this because during MY’s first hospitalization, he was in hospital for a week. He did get better, but he never fully recovered. After a week, I requested for discharge and to continue the treatment at home (nebulizing, antibiotics and physiotherapy). Immediately after we got home, he recovered within like a day.

  • Evelyn says:

    Thanks for sharing! My gal was also admitted to KKH for Rotavirus and spent 3 days there. Wards were full so we were placed straight to 6 bedder (class B2+) which I did not mind. I overheard that day alone 7 children were hospitalized for rotavirus.

    Children, parents and visitors in that ward were all very nice and we get to chat during the day to pass time. And my gal can interact with other kids when she was in better mood.

    Volunteers came to distribute balloons and coloring materials. The children were all well behaved surprisingly. Only the occasional screaming and crying esp during medication time 😮

    My gal was just a week shy of her 2 YO birthday when admitted. The staff and docs were all very professional & helpful esp my first child and first major illness so I had many questions.

    I recall When I was there I paid for the A&E attendance fee ($98 which was refunded eventually). The rest of the bill was paid through my medisave. So at discharge, the discharged papers were presented to us and final bill would be sent to our home when finalized. So we just left straight from ward to home. Got the final bill about 2 weeks later. I also scrutinized the bill and it was ok. There was misc charges but at $5 so I didn’t really make noise. Total bill after subsidy $734.46. This was Oct 2014.

  • Charmaine says:

    Parents most of you are fortune that you are able to buy hospital insurance for your children.

    Not everybody hv the chance to do so.

    Be very mindful of insurance agents who are your friends. You need to see if they hv yr interests at heart or looking at monetary terms. I’m a victim of such case. And now my daughter hv exclusion. I’m going to fight for my rights.

    • bumblebeemum says:

      I’m very sorry to hear that your friend took advantage of you. I have always felt that where insurance is concerned, the agent is more important than the company. Hope things will work out for you soon!

      • Keith says:

        I absolutely agreed. My agent managed to get the insurance company to remove the exclusion for my kid policy after multiple requests.

  • david says:

    While its good to have a piece of mind by having the proper hospitalisation insurance coverage, one should realise that this is a zero sum game, that the premiums paid should be equivalent to the total expected costs over the years + insurance company’s profit. Say, yearly premiums assumed to be $200, thus one would have paid $3000 over the course of 15yrs. One could argue that it breaks even after one stay in hospital, or 3-4 stays for a family of 3 kids. But intuitively, i probably say each family will probably encounter only 1-2 such incidents in a lifetime. And really, if one were to be such frequent visitor of hospital, quite sure the shrewd insurance company will be jamming up premiums after a while. So, as much as it feels good to have expenses paid for, remember that you have already pre paid for it in your yrly premiums. Few people actually get bang for the buck ( else insurance companies would have gone broke)

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Nice to see a balanced view. Personally, it is easier for me to pay $200 a year than to be caught with a nasty hospital bill one day. Frankly, if my kids never ever get hospitalized, I would be more than happy to let the insurance company have that $200 every year. After all, insurance companies need to stay in business. I just don’t like to be caught in the situation when someone in my family gets hospitalized and I can’t stop worrying about the bills. Because it did happen to me and I would gladly pay $200 a year not to go through it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Khaw Boon Wan said how cheap his bill was. Why are we not getting such price? Who will believe him?

  • Dennis says:

    Hi, thanks for the post.
    It was really helpful.
    Can I ask who did the blood test for your child in TMC?
    Was it the GP in the 24hr clinic or the nurses in the ward or the Paediatrian ?

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