SingKids PlaySystem @ Changi Airport Terminal 3

SingKids PlaySystem at Changi Airport is located at Terminal 3, Basement 2, along the corridor leading towards the bus terminal where you catch public buses to the city.  As you can see from the above photo, it is very open and you can see the whole playground from the corridor.  It is seperated into two sections, the main section for older kids, and the toddlers section which is on the other side of the corridor.

At the main section, unlike most other indoor playgrounds where there are large maze-like structures, this place has many smaller apparatus for kids to swing and climb.

The one below allows the kids to climb up while it is constantly being swayed side to side.. Great for training their balance:

This one turns round and round while the kid clings on to the hoops.. Look at MF eager to try! But nope, he’s too young..

You know those wheels they put into hamster cages? This one reminds me of one.. It keeps spinning round and round.. You can let your kid go in for a spin, to feel what it’s like to be laundry in a washing machine?

This one, I think, is supposed to be like a trampoline.. Except it is much smaller and filled with water, so it’s not that bouncy..

Other stuff in the main play area includes SingKids’s signature carousels, balloon vortex, bouncing castle and the must-have ball pit:


There is also a track for kids to ride this cart thingy around.. When I saw the carts, it’s like a blast from the past! I used to play with those when I was a kid!

Next, heading over to the toddler’s area… Many of the stuff, such as the small slide with water running inside, the spinning thing, the merry-go-round and another balloon vortex, look very familiar, they are exactly the same as those available at the Vivocity outlet


This see-saw thing is also available at Vivocity.. Except they had 3 bears instead of 3 dogs on top.. It’s kinda cool, you sit at the end and it’ll go up and down, up and down..

Although the stuff in the toddler’s area here is the same as Vivocity‘s, it is a lot more spacious here, and we adults do not have to bend down and crawl with our babies.

There is no toilet or nursing room within Singkids, but you can find a nice Baby Care Room just down the corridor. 

In general, I find SingKids at Changi Airport and Vivocity very different… At Changi Airport, it is a lot more open and spacious and filled with small individual play stuff… Whereas at Vivocity, there are several large play stuff with slides and all cramped into a smaller area.. However, both are not really suitable for babies.  When I first visited the Vivocity outlet, the staff did tell us that their playsystem is not meant for babies.. And they don’t charge babies, provided you are bringing the baby there with an elder (paying) kid.  If you just bring your baby there without an older kid, you will be asked to pay normal rate.. Which is NOT worth at all.

Well, if you have an older kid, and want to find somewhere to pass time while waiting for your flight or something, you can always pop in.. But I wouldn’t specially travel to Changi Airport just to play there… If you have a baby around 1 year old, you may want to check out the free play area at Terminal 3 instead.

For more information regarding SingKids’ locations, opening hours and play rates, please visit their official website.


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