The Soup Spoon x Cartoon Network Cafe Review (Punggol Waterway Point)

My boys are big fans of The Soup Spoon, all thanks to Kidzania Singapore.  While I acknowledge the roping in of industry partners to provide role-play activities at Kidzania Singapore is one huge marketing gimmick, I got to admit that it is extremely effective.  Because my boys now love Pizza Hut, KFC, Paddle Pop and, yes, The Soup Spoon.

My blogging journey has evolved to a stage where now I need to seek approval from the sons to see if they are interested to go for any media invitations.  They have strong interests (and disinterests) of their own by now.  When I asked them whether they wanted to go to a Cartoon Network themed cafe by The Soup Spoon, they were mad enthusiastic about it! Because it combined two things they love: Cartoon Network AND The Soup Spoon.

Last December, we visited Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark in Pattaya and the boys become familiar with Cartoon Network characters such as *ahem* Powerpuff Girls.  Okay, I confess.  My boys never knew Powerpuff Girls existed before our Pattaya trip.  I was the one who was super excited to meet Powerpuff Girls at Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark. And maybe it was due to their crazy mother’s excitement that the memory of Powerpuff Girls became stuck in their minds.

Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark (Pattaya, Thailand)

When we arrived at The Soup Spoon Union x Cartoon Network cafe at Waterway Point, the boys were like “Mama, your favourite Powerpuff Girls!” We snapped photos, did some colouring, ate loads of themed food and desserts, and because of our shared love for Cartoon Network characters, the boys’ love for The Soup Spoon’s mushroom soup and my love for themed cafes in general, we had a super enjoyable dinner!


The Soup Spoon Union x Cartoon Network cafe is a pop-up themed cafe.  Similar to Pokemon Cafe 1 and Pokemon Cafe 2, where the themed concept is only a temporary set-up at The Soup Spoon Union branch at Waterway Point.  Because Cartoon Network has many shows and characters, they have plans to change the theme every 3 – 6 months to feature different characters.  To start off, the cafe now features Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, We Bear Bears and Adventure Time.

Each table at the cafe was decorated with place mats, toys and cushions from one of the four shows currently being featured.


During the media preview, the outdoor section of the cafe was not ready yet.  But I was told that eventually, there will be an activity station for kids to do colouring there, with colouring sheets of the featured Cartoon Network shows provided.  Inside the cafe, there was also a TV showing Cartoon Network.


I can be quite particular about the design of food at themed cafes.  And while the design of the food here did not blow me away like at Pokemon cafe or Pompompurin Cafe because some of the dishes like the Powerpuff Girls Potpie ($10.90) was just sticking a picture of Powerpuff Girls onto the bread, there were others that were more creative.

For example the Blossoms Grilled Chicken Steak ($14.80) had a piece of ham with Blossom’s face, and they used cherry tomatoes to make her signature red bow.

And for the Grizzly Beef Burger ($18.80), they used sausages to create big brother Grizz’s ears!  The Grizzly Beef Burger was my favourite dish, as I loved the onion rings and sunny side up egg with oozing eye yolk inside the burger.  *droolz*

There were many other dishes on the menu, including:

  • Finn & Jake’s Chicken with Red Velvet Waffle ($15.90)
  • Finn Chicken Burger ($17.80)
  • Ben 10 Bakes Fries and Meatballs ($8.90)
  • Ben 10’s Meatball Spaghetti ($15.90)
  • We Bare Bears Angus Beef Ribeye Steak ($23.80)
  • Pan Pan Calzone ($10.90)
  • Pan Pan’s Baked Rice with Teriyaki Chicken ($14.90)
  • Pan Pan’s  Brownie with Ice-cream ($12.90)

The stars in the menu, imo, were the MILKSHAKES!  OMG.  Be prepared for a mad sugar rush!  The Powerpuff Vanilla Milkshare ($14.90) was topped with a themed macaron, lollipop, marshmallow and candy floss.   And the Finn & Jake Peanut Butter & Banana Milkshare ($14.90) was topped with a themed macaron, popcorn, waffles and roasted marshmallow.

If the milkshake is too much for you to take, you can try their drinks instead.  The Ben 10 Root Beer Float ($8.90) not only comes topped with vanilla ice-cream, but contains some green jello inside.  And the Blossom Strawberry Soda ($10.90) was served with cotton candy, and the kids were super amused when the cotton candy melted away when we poured the strawberry soda over it.  (And by the time they finally realised what was happening, they were somewhat upset that the cotton candy was gone and they didn’t get to eat it.. LOL!!!)


Note that the Cartoon Network theme is a pop-up concept at The Soup Spoon Union, Waterway Point.

Address: 83 Punggol Central, B1-12 Waterway Point Mall, Singapore 828761

Opening Hours:  Mon – Fri 11.00am to 10.00pm | Sat, Sun & PH 9.30am to 10.00pm

Tel: 6385 9254

Official Website: Homepage | Facebook Page | Instagram


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