Thank you for visiting Bumble Bee Mum and for your interest in working with us.   Bumble Bee Mum is a Family + Travel blog based in Singapore, owned and managed by Globe Buzzers Pte. Ltd.  Our past accolades include:


We work with travel and parenting-related brands, both from Singapore and overseas, that promote activities or products that we believe our readers will be interested in.

Our niche areas include:

  • Family Travel
  • Events in Singapore
  • Fun activities for families in Singapore
  • Family dining in Singapore

Topics that we do NOT write about include:

  • Beauty & aesthetics
  • Tuition centres
  1. All collaborations where we receive payment, be it in cash or in kind, will be labelled ‘Sponsored’ at the very top of the post.
  2. All sponsored posts will use no follow links.
  3. We would be happy to run giveaways for our readers upon request, but we do NOT make it compulsory for readers to “Like & Share” on Facebook as it is against Facebook’s policy to do so.

Please only contact us if you are agreeable to the above.  We reject all requests that go against the above policies.


Please feel free to contact us at the following email address if you would like to work with us or advertise on our site:


  • Good Day!Tried to send you e-mail, but failed.
    Please contact me pavlovadarya23@gmail.com
    I want ask you some question about futue cooperation

  • Shirley Wu says:

    Hi Bumblebeemum!

    We are a small newly setup indoor playground located at the north area.

    May I humbly check if we are able to share awareness of our newly setup playground through your web.

    Do kindly let us know what are the requirements and how are we able to advertise with you all.

    Thank you and have a great day ahead.

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