On this page, you will find topics that will hopefully make your life a bit more painless when bringing your kids out in Singapore.  From playgrounds to dining to useful amenities, we have checked out what’s good (and what’s not).


Before you go anywhere else, why not check out our events calendar? Don’t miss out these events for families that aren’t going to be here forever!

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Who says you need to be a tourist to visit some of Singapore’s amazing attractions!  After having kids, I’ve come to appreciate just how kids-friendly some of our tourist attractions are.  Hop over to our Singapore Travel page to check out our reviews of attractions and staycation ideas!

Let's play local tourist!

Whether you’re looking for an indoor playground or a playground in a shopping centre or just a public playground near you, check out our Singapore Playgrounds page for playgrounds we love!

Read about Singapore's playgrounds!

For older children who have outgrown playgrounds, they may more interested in sports facilities.  Rock-climbing, trampoline parks… It’s time to get active!

Let's Get Sporty!

Some people eat to live.  Some people live to eat.  We belong to the latter.  Considering that I am always out with the kids, you can infer that I dine out with them quite a lot too.  Check out our dining reviews on our Singapore Dining page!

Let's eat!

Nursing Rooms

Not all men are created equal.  And not all nursing rooms are created equal.  We checked out nursing rooms around Singapore to find out which ones make you feel like a Queen, and which ones you’re better off not using.  So you know where you should (or should not) take your babies.

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Stroller Rental

Maybe you don’t own a stroller, or you happen to be out with the kid without a stroller. Then the kid decides to fall asleep.  Stroller rental can make your life so much easier! Find out where you can rent one.

I need a stroller!

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