Taiwan is a really convenient destination for our family to visit.  It’s not too far from Singapore, and we don’t have to worry about language barrier.  Many Singaporeans visit Taiwan rather frequently, but we have only been there once ourselves as a family.

During that one visit, to be honest, we didn’t even plan to visit Taiwan.  We wanted to visit Okinawa in Japan. And with the lack of (reasonably priced) direct flights from Singapore to Okinawa, Taipei was the best spot to make a transit.  We decided that since we were going to be in Taipei for transit, we should just stay a few days before and after our Okinawa trip to do some sightseeing.  And of course to hit the night markets for FOOD.

During the few days we were there, we decided to just grab a THSR (Taiwan High Speed Rail) pass and speed from Taipei (in the North) to Kaohsiung (in the South) just to get a feel of the country.   And I was pleasantly surprised by how family- friendly the country was, regardless of which part of Taiwan we found ourselves in.

In all our travels, Taiwan was the country that we found it EASIEST to find family rooms in hotels.  Almost every hotel we looked into had triple or quad rooms to offer.  And at extremely reasonable prices.

In Taiwan, the kids were also very well-entertained, as there seemed to be an amusement park, indoor playground or family cafe everywhere we went.  Even when we didn’t intend to find one, we would come across one in our face.

If you are looking for a destination in Asia to bring kids to, you really can’t go wrong with Taiwan.   And on this page, we share our itinerary, travel tips and write-ups of some of the places we visited.

June 2015
Areas visited: Taipei, Hsinchu, Taichung, Cingjing, Kaohsiung
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Taiwan Visitor Association of Singapore

Why turn away free tickets or transport cards? Visit Taiwan Visitor Association of Singapore to get freebies for your Taiwan trip before you fly!

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Taoyuan Airport
Amenities for Families

You know you are entering a family-friendly country when you see playgrounds and nursing rooms in the airport.

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Taiwan Kids-Friendly Accommodation

And you know when you are entering a family-friendly country when there are SO many accommodation catered specially for the little guests!

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Find out which room to choose to get the best view of the safari from your window!
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An insanely value-for-money budget hotel with overdose of cuteness.
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Zhongli, Taoyuan
HUGE indoor playground cum role-playing facility for kids
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Relatively new amusement park with insanely cheap entrance and ride fees
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Scenic area approximately 1.5 hours drive from Taichung
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Family Cafes in Taipei

What did I say about Taiwan being kids-friendly? We did a quick google search for 亲子餐厅 (Chinese for ‘parent-child cafe’ literally) before our trip and found so many cafes that look great for the kids in Taipei!

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Hugely popular themed cafe in the heart of Taipei
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Cosy off-the-beaten-track bakery cafe in the mountainous region of Cingjing
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