Budget for Hokkaido Trip
Budget for Hokkaido Trip

Hi Bumble Bee Mum

Your blog is fantastic.

I would like to follow your plan in HOkkaido in Summer..How much do we need to spend in JY for the entire trip for about 10 days. Just need to work out our budget. We are planning a self drive to Hokkaido.

Self driving in Hokkaido will be so much more enjoyable and relaxing.

By Munly Lee on November 20, 2015

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  • CHR says:

    Hi Bumblebee mum,

    Plan to visit Hokkaido from 13-Dec 2016 till 20-Dec 2016 x 7 nights.

    We approached a local tour company who estimated the cost of S$26,000 for 4 adults (73, 69, 38, 38) + 3 kids (10, 7, 5).

    Tentative plan:

    Day 1: CTS –> Noboribetsu (private tour)
    Day 2: –> Hakodate (private tour)
    Day 3: (private tour) –> transfer to Rusutsu resort
    Day 4: Rusutsu resort
    Day 5: Rusutsu resort
    Day 6: –> Sapporo with transfer, then free & easy
    Day 7: Sapporo, free & easy, maybe to Otaru day trip
    Day 8: CTS –> Singapore

    As you can see a big family comes with huge cost. Do you find the itinerary sound and how would you advise we cut cost? Go free and easy with this plan? Is it easy to move around with some transport for initial 3 days? Thanks!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Hmmmm… Do you have anyone in the group who is game to drive in winter? If you rent an 8 seater and drive yourselves and book all the hotels yourselves, you can probably do the trip at half price. $26K for a 7 days trip is totally OMG to me. I just came back from Hokkaido for 16days with my in laws (4 adults + 2 kids) and our total expenses was about $14k inclusive of food. We drove one car and stayed in budget accommodation but we ate good food almost every meal. So I estimate even if you stay in ryokan and resorts for 7 nights, it should still be max max $15k?

  • Le Marque says:

    Hi there

    I was looking around on tripadvisor, and based on your advice above, seem to be unable to find hotels <$100/room/night in the city!

    Was looking at Richmond hotel and it's about S$120+ and ANA is S$150+.
    Is there something that I'm missing out here? Thanks in advance!

  • yanni says:

    Hi, thanks for the post! 🙂 can i check on the hotel rates – are you referring per pax per night? or just per night? thanks in advance

    • bumblebeemum says:

      It’s per room per night.

      • Chun Han says:

        Hi Bumblebeemum thanks for the reply! Yanni is my girlfriend and we are both planning a self-drive trip in Hokkaido for our family (total 6 travellers) some time during the first 2 weeks in Hokkaido. Your blog has been of immense help so far!

        We are both just generally surprised at the prices for your accom and car rental – because we have booked accom and car rental for our period of travel, at rates that are quite significantly higher than yours! And we feel quite bummed about it hahaha

        e.g. our car rental for 8/9 days, from Tocoo, an 8-seater, cost ¥90900 before tax and all the other insurance add-ons; our Furano Prince is $131 per pax per night; our sapporo hotel is $70 per pax per night!

        Haha is it really because we are going during the peak season that is early August? Admittedly, we also booked all these things just very recently over the past week or so (roughly 1 month in advance). Is that why our prices are so high too?

        Just curious too – how far in advance are your hotel and car rental bookings usually?

        Thanks for in advance, as always! Your blog is a joy to read and a dream to work towards 🙂 we probably love Japan as much as you do and we never get bored of it 🙂

        • bumblebeemum says:

          Ummm… Unfortunately because you are travelling during the peak season and booking pretty last minute, it is going to be very expensive. I booked my hotels about 6 months before my travel and car rental about 3 months before. But don’t think too much about it. If I had the opportunity to visit Hokkaido in early August, I would gladly pay for it. It’s going to be beautiful!

          And we’re not alone.. Most people who have gone to Japan love it! 🙂

  • Queen Bee says:

    As a very rough gauge:

    Accommodation = JPY20,000 per night (spending more at the onsen resorts but less at the city hotel)
    Food = JPY10,000 for food per day
    Car rental = JPY 10,000yen per day
    Petrol / tolls / Parking = 20,000yen total

    For attractions, you can go and check the websites on how much they cost. A lot of attractions are free in Hokkaido. Those that need to pay are like the ropeways and zoo.

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