10 reasons why your kids will love KidsSTOP @ Singapore Science Centre

Still pondering whether to visit KidsStop at Singapore Science Centre? Here are 10 reason why your kids will love it!

#1 They can operate a crane


Being indoor playground junkies, the kids were not new to these coloured plastic balls.  BUT this was the first time they could use a crane to scoop up and transfer the plastic balls around!

#2 They can build their own city


OMG, those blue building blocks are all the rage recently! I have spotted them at Angry Birds Park Johor Bahru, as well as Kaboodle Kids at East Coast Park.  Get creative with them and see what kind of city you can come up with!

#3 They can excavate a T-Rex


Not sure about you, but my kids love sand play.  ESPECIALLY when they are part of clean environments like this, where the sand is super fine and free of sharp broken sea shells.  Yeah yeah, pampered kids, I know.  They should be roughing it out by the beach. But once in a while, it’s nice to be able to experience all the joys of sand play while still enjoying the air-con.. No?

#4 They can fly an aeroplane


Tell me which kid doesn’t love a flight simulator.  Complete with pilot uniforms.

#5 They can realize their dream of being a singer


If your kid driving you crazy with their incessant singing of ‘Wheels on the bus’? If they are, bring them here to sing to their hearts content.

#6 They can climb up to the clouds


This unique web structure that allows the kids to climb up through the ‘clouds’ beats most playgrounds out there.

#7 They can appear in a Jurassic Park movie


This is just too cool.  The kids can see themselves appearing in movie scenes, being chased by dinosaurs and helicopters! The only thing is… how do I get them to stop laughing and actually look scared?

#8 They can ride a square-wheeled tricycle


Because there’s no novelty in riding bicycle with circular wheels.

#9 They can remove things from a supermarket shelf without getting scolded


Ever brought your kids to the supermarket and had to keep telling them to stop taking things off the shelves? Here they can do that all they want!

#10 They can fall from a 7 metre height without getting hurt


For the daredevil kids who have no fear.

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