Baan Suan Noi (Hobbit House) @ Khao Yai, Thailand
August 28, 2017

When I first read about Baan Suan Noi on TripCanvas, I knew I had to visit it.  Baan Suan Noi was a Hobbit-themed resorts near Khao Yai in Thailand.  And I love Lord of the Rings.  During the hype of the LOTR craze, I went to New Zealand and did a LOTR locations tour.  That’s how crazy I was.

But I have travelled enough to know that reading about a place and looking at photos online was one thing.  What I find after I arrive may be a totally different story.   The higher your hopes and expectations, the more likely you may end up being disappointed.

In this instance, however, Baan Suan Noi was everything it was said to be.   Everyone in the family loved it: Me, the LOTR fan; the boys who knew nothing about LOTR but was super amused by everything they found there; and the husband who paid for the room.  It was really one of the highlights of our 11-Days Thailand trip with kids.


Getting to Baan Suan Noi Hobbit House requires a car.  If you are not driving, you will need to get a private driver to take you there.

Baan Suan Noi was not exactly at Khao Yai.   It required about 30 minutes drive from Farm Chokchai or 1 hour drive from PB Valley.   So it was not really the most ideal base to explore Khao Yai.  It was more of a destination in itself, where you would have to drive there specially to visit it.   It was possible to visit Baan Suan Noi during the day to have a look and take photos without staying there.

If you look at the above map, it may look obvious that you have to turn in using that road just before the gas station right? But in reality, that road was SUPER INCONSPICUOUS.  And once you miss it, you’ll end up driving who-knows-how-many-kms to make a double U-turn to try to come back to the same spot again! Thanon Mittraphap is a pain to drive on – it is essentially like an expressway and you can’t just make a U-turns anywhere you like if you miss your exit.  You have to keep driving until the next U-turn appears, and after coming back, you have to go past your destination to find another U-turn to come back again.  So my advise is to get off Thanon Mittraphap along the slip road where there are some shophouses (refer to the map below).  Don’t wait until the turning just before the gas station.


If you would like to stay at Baan Suan Noi, you can make your reservation via the following website:


On the website, you can choose the exact room you would like to stay in, it’s really easy.   Every house can stay a different number of pax.  They have small houses that can only fit 2 pax, and a large house that can fit 6 – 10 pax.  Do book early as there are very limited Hobbit Houses and they get booked out super fast.

Note that at Baan Suan Noi, besides the Hobbit houses, there are also other accommodation types like their Dale House and Santorini rooms.

After you select your room and number of pax, the price will be displayed.  This price is nett – no hidden cost.  And you’ll have to pay using your credit card upon check out.


We stayed at Room No. 1 – White Cave for a night during our Khao Yai visit.  The room with 4 pax cost only ฿2,000 per night – which was a steal imo!

While the exterior of the room was a Hobbit House, the interior was like a cave that wasn’t very Shire-like.  We were super amused to find Frozen stuffed toys inside, rather than LOTR related toys.  But it was okay, the boys loved it.  There was a Queen bed and since we booked for 4 pax, they provided two futons.  The room had a sitting area and even a working desk.  There were even complimentary cup noodles.

The cup noodles wasn’t enough for dinner of course.  So for dinner, we went out to the row of shophouses along the main road to pack some food back to the room to eat.  Cheap and good.


While our room lacked LOTR-themed displays, we found them all inside another house in the resort.  Fans can spend some time checking out all the collectibles that the owner had accumulated and put up on display here.  It wasn’t just LOTR collectibles though.  There were quite a bit of Game of Thrones stuff mixed inside.  Lol…


Breakfast was included in our stay and served at the Lake House.  It was a very homely breakfast, pretty good really.  And what I was most impressed by was that there was a kids play areas inside the Lake House! Woohoo!! Everyone knows how much I love eateries with play areas.  Baan Suan Noi was turning out to be much better than expected.


And to make the whole Middle-earth experience more realistic, Baan Suan Noi has a whole room stashed with costumes for guests to dress up to take photo! There were also plenty of accessories like head gear, weapons and shoes to go along.

Around the resort, there were a couple of photo spots like chibi dragons and hobbit houses for you to pose with.  We spent the whole morning after breakfast going around taking hilarious photos!


When we told MY it was time to check out and leave the resort, he started crying.   And I only managed to get him to leave with promises that we would be back.  He even said that the next time we were coming back, he wanted to ask him cousins along because it would be so fun.  After staying at Baan Suan Noi, I conclude: Cheap AND good things do exist.



  • Min Li says:

    Hi Bumble Bee Mum

    Noted you have stayed at No 1 White Cave. In the website, only this and Room 234 Bag end come with Free minibar. The rest does not. So I wonder what does the free minibar comes with? Is it only the Cup noodles mentioned in your blog? Thanks

  • wawa says:

    hi.. for hobbit house reservation, i will pay it when i check in or i need pay during the reservation?

  • anna says:

    Hi bumble bee mum,
    does the white cave room enough for accommodating 4 people? Seems there is only 1 queen bed available at the room from what i see from your blog.
    Im plan to stay 1 night there, and we are 3 adults and 1 kids. dunno which room should I book.
    Thanks for your info in advance.

  • Jennifer Ng says:

    Is the dress up of costume free of charge?

  • Pes W says:

    Hi! Bumblebee mum,

    Have you wrote about PB Valley and Farm chok chai in your blog?

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