Daiso in Japan
October 15, 2015

Today is my turn on the Daiso blog train, hosted by Mum in the Making! I’m not a DIY queen nor crafting queen nor shopping queen like some of the other bloggers on the blog train.  I’m a travel avid.  Hence, for this Daiso blog train, I am going to bring you to the land of origin of Daiso – JAPAN!

Daiso 100-Yen Shops in Japan - Bumble Bee Mum

Daiso is the largest chain of 100-yen shops (shop where everything costs 100 yen) in Japan, with more than 2000 stores around the country alone.  They have also opened stores in many other countries, from Singapore to North United States.   The price varies according to the countries’ currencies.  So in Singapore, Daiso items go for SGD2 each; in Malaysia they go for RM5 etc.  Given the very favourable exchange rate right now, 100 yen is about SGD1.20.  So the same items cost way less in Japan’s Daiso compared to Singapore’s!

Daiso Japan Hokkaido Sapporo Central 10

Logo for Daiso stores in Japan


Please recognize that logo.  That is Daiso’s logo in Japan.  Many times when I am in Japan, I will just be wandering around or driving around when I spot that sign and decided to hop in to buy some useless stuff. C’mon! Admit it! Daiso makes you buy stuff you don’t really need.

Daiso Japan Hokkaido Sapporo Central 09

You may not need these, but Daiso has this uncanny ability to make you find a need for them.


Other than the fact that it is cheaper to shop at Daiso in Japan, some of the Daiso stores there are HUGE! Of all the Daiso stores I have visited, my favourite is the one in Sapporo (Hokkaido) Susukino district.

Daiso Japan Hokkaido Sapporo Central 01

The Daiso store at Susukino is like a department store – with 5 storeys of 100 yen goodness!

Daiso Japan Hokkaido Sapporo Central 07

Just like in a department store, items are sorted by types into the various floors.  On the first floor, you can find food items; kitchen ware on the second; stationery on the third; hygiene items on the fourth; gardening tools on the fifth etc.

Daiso Japan Hokkaido Sapporo Central 08

If you need toys to entertain the kids, how about grabbing some from Daiso? They only cost 100 yen each!

Daiso Japan Hokkaido Sapporo Central 04

I spot a sign that says toys!

Daiso Japan Hokkaido Sapporo Central 03

Grab some 100 yen toys to keep the kids entertained throughout the trip.


How about grabbing some notebooks to keep a travel journal? Or for collecting souvenir chops? (See, what did I say about finding excuses to buy Daiso stuff? Bet you never thought you might need to buy a notebook while on vacation!)

Daiso Japan Hokkaido Sapporo Central 06

So the next time you are in Japan and looking to do some shopping, skip the pricey department stores (unless you are looking for some Burberry Blue Label or Agnis B  that Singaporeans love to grab when visiting Japan) and head to a nearby Daiso store!

Information on Daiso (Sapporo central store 札幌中央店)

Address: 〒060-0062 北海道札幌市中央区南二条西2丁目富樫ビル1F

Map: See location on google maps

Getting there: Daiso Sapporo Central Store is a 5 min walk from Odori station or Susukino station.

Tel: +81-11-221-5273 (key in 0112215273 for GPS)

Map code (what is this?): 9 493 753

Opening Hours: 1000 – 2100 Daily

Official Websites: Daiso (Japan)

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Daiso 100-Yen Shops in Japan - Bumble Bee Mum

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  • May says:

    Hi Bumble Bee Mum,

    Love your post!! I will sure go there in Dec!!

    Thanks a lot!!

  • pc says:

    5 storey of 100 yen goodness! My jaw dropped.

  • I LOVE the 100 yen stores here in Okinawa, they are amazing and I will definitely miss them when we leave. I try not to visit too often as I just can’t help but by all the kawaii (cute!) stuff!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      I KNOW RIGHT.. you cannot go into a 100 yen shop and not buy anything.. And you realise that most of the things you buy are not things you really need. Evil… Like my brother says, “The best business ideas are those that make you buy things you don’t need.” Like Groupon. -_-

      • Jude says:

        Hi. My wives a big fan of daiso even back home. We are in the middle of our self drive trip and we went to a Daiso in a town called Kutchan. We are heading to Sapporo for a few nights and is she in for great 5 level surprise. Thanks for the self drive advices. It came in very handy. We will be heading of to furano and biei then after. That’s another excitement altogether.

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