Fanpekka @ AEON Tebrau City (Johor Bahru, Malaysia)
April 2, 2017

Oops I did it again.   What did I do, you ask?  Nope, I wasn’t referring to indulging my kids in indoor play during our travels again.  I mean, yes, we did that.  When we were in Johor Bahru during the March holidays, I brought the kids to Fanpekka, a new indoor playground that I was really excited to share with you about.  But oops, I lost my photos again.

There’s something very wrong with either

(1) My camera
(2) My SD card
(3) My external hard disk drives
(4) My computer
(5) My brain

I suspect it’s (5).  So what was meant to be a really exciting introduction to this awesome new indoor playground, or you could almost call it an indoor theme park, became my random ramblings over losing 99% of my photos at Fanpekka.  But lucky me, I still have 1%.  From the first 5 minutes of our visit.

And even luckier me, I’ve still got my videos! *jumps for joy*  So I can still insert some screen grabs.  And give you a video tour of Fanpekka!


What is Fanpekka?

In short, Fanpekka is a HUGE indoor playground, with kind of a Scandinavian theme surrounding it.  Maybe it was not meant to be Scandinavian but my brain thought it was because I have been spending so many hours lately planning our upcoming Scandinavia trip.

I found Fanpekka to be almost on par with Angry Birds Activity Park in terms of size.  So some say it is more like an indoor theme park rather than an indoor playground.  But then again, I may be wrong because I visited Angry Birds Activity Park many years back and my memory is horrible.

Fanpekka was definitely much bigger and more exciting than most indoor playgrounds, though neh, definitely not as big as Harbor Land, Asia’s Largest Indoor Playground.  Coz you know, that was ASIA’s  largest indoor playground and we’re still in Asia.

What’s there to play at Fanpekka?

Fanpekka was divided into 6 play zones, 5 of which were feautred in the video tour.   In order of appearance, they were:

Lasten Ocean

Essentially, this is what I usually call the active play area.   Set in a GIGANTIC ball pit that represented the ocean.

The active play took the form of a pirate ship, and kids could even have a cannon ball fight (that was my boy’s favourite part).  I loved the zip line thingy that you don’t typically find in indoor playgrounds.

Lasten Castle

Right next to Lasten Ocean was a two-storey castle.  Older kids enjoyed climbing into the castle via a rock-climbing wall. (Somehow when I watched my boys climbing up, it reminded me of Rapunzel).  While younger kids could use the stairs.  And at the top of the spiral staircase, I couldn’t help feeling impressed by the chandelier.

On the first floor of the castle, there was a dressing up section, were kids could dress up as knights and princesses.  On the second floor, there was a gear board and some foam building blocks.

What stood out for me at Lasten Castle was the touch-sensitive slide.  Where the projection on the slide would respond as the kids slid down it. (Watch this happening in the video at 1:28.)  It reminded me of the stuff we saw at MOSH! and Future World @ ArtScience Museum in Singapore.

Assembly Leikkimokki

This was the section that made us parents go WOW.  On the surface, it looked like a bunch of houses for kids to play inside.  Nice, but not mind-blowing.  Until we realised that we could take the houses apart and rebuild them!!  (Watch this happening in the video at 1:52)

Role-play Leikkimokki

The role-playing area was pretty big with many stores set up for kids to sell burgers, ice-cream, pizza etc.  There were even little uniforms for them to put on!  Argh, I’m so upset that my photos of the kids in their uniforms serving ice-cream and burger were gone.

Other than food stores, there were also marketplace, flowershop, fire station and post office.  It was basically like a little town.  The boys loved it! It was almost like Kidzania.  Almost.

Toy Corner

Last but not least, we went into the toy corner, which was separated into sections for different toys.  There were books, train table, construction puzzles etc.  Some of the toys were suitable for toddlers, some slightly more challenging for older kids.  I felt there was a pretty good range of toys available.


This section was not featured in the video and unfortunately my photos of it are gone.  It was basically a section where kids could purchase crafting activities and there were tables set up for them to sit down to do complete the craft work.

In Summary…

Fanpekka was huge and packed with enough activities to keep my boys entertained for the whole day.   However, the activities did feel slightly skewed towards pre-schoolers.  I may not recommend it for older children.

I thought they were very generous to allow kids up to 2 years old to enter for free.  I imagine if my kids were still toddlers, they would have loved the role-playing and assembly sections and I would have been thrilled that they could go in for free!

Tips for Visiting

  • Remember to bring SOCKS.  For both children and adults.
  • Lockers were available for you to lock up your bags and valuables.  The lockers were FREE and you could open and close them back as many time as you like throughout the day.  Dont’ forget to leave the key back in the locker before you leave.
  • A full bistro was available within Fanpekka, though tables were rather limited during meal times.  So try to eat a bit earlier or later than the usual meal times to get a table.
  • Toilets and diaper-changing facility were available within Fanpekka.
  • Since re-entry was allowed, you can choose not to dine within Fanpekka and have your lunch and dinner at one of the many other restaurants within AEON Tebrau City.
  • Get a re-entry stamp when you are exiting if you plan on returning.
  • AEON Tebrau City is located near Taman Mount Austin.  Check out our blog post for more activities for families at Taman Mount Austin!

Admission Fee

Individual admission fee was RM55 per child (age 2 – 11) and RM11 per adult.   Children below 2 years old could enter FREE.

Admission was for unlimited play for the day.  And re-entry was allowed.

If you are planning to visit more than once, or you have friends to share with, they have packages that can bring down the admission fee to:

RM220 for 5 entries
RM400 for 10 entries

Information on Fanpekka:

Address: 2nd Floor AEON MALL Tebrau City (New Wing), No.1, Jalan Desa Tebrau, Taman Desa Tebrau, 81100, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Map: Click here for Google Map location

Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm daily

Tel: +60 7 351 7593 | +60 7 351 5792

Official Websites: Homepage

Read more on Johor Bahru:

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  • Wooooo I’ve wanted to bring my kids when they opened but it was too late by the time we stumbled pass it (cheapo mah, want to make the most of the unlimited time. 1-2 hours only boh hua haha). Definitely making plans to bring them on our next JB trip! =)

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Hahaha.. I know what you mean! We were actually at AEON the evening before, but decided to go in the next day so that the kids can fully utilize the unlimited play time. Lol… There was a bouncy castle shop just below Fanpekka, quite cheap. RM10 per child, also unlimited bouncing time, but how long can the kids bounce right. So we let the boys bounce at the bouncy castles on the first evening instead.

  • This place looks amazing – my toddler would love it. I can easily imagine her spending a whole day here! #citytripping

  • Wherejogoes says:

    My children would love this! It looks fantastic with a real variety of things to do. They’d enjoy collecting the stamps in their passport as they went round. On a practical note I do love a place with free lockers – I always seem to be carrying bags of stuff around. Bumble Bee Mum you know the most awesome places for kids! #CityTripping

  • Oh man, my son would LOVE it there! Looks like such a fun place and love the fact that it’s indoors as well. Your kids look like they are having so much fun!

  • Such a shame about your camera -again! Great video though. It looks amazing. Would this be your top kids attraction to visit in Johor Bahru? Thanks for linking #citytripping

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Hmmm.. I wouldn’t say it’s the top attraction in JB for tourists who have come from afar. Legoland Malaysia would probably be the top attraction for kids in JB. Unless you are someone who prefers a taste of local life rather than touristy attractions. This attraction is great for Singaporeans who are going to AEON (a large department store chain) to stock up on diapers and milk powder (which are cheaper in JB than in Singapore :p), do some shopping (the shopping complex in which this is located, AEON Tebrau City, is HUGE), while ensuring that the kids are well-entertained. For our family, we will alternate – sometimes we go to Nusajaya region (where Legoland, Thomas Town and Hello Kitty Town are), sometimes we come to this area.

  • Ruth says:

    Well, I have nothing to say about your extraordinary abilities to find places like this. You were able to “save” some cool photos. I would advice to check the SD card. Those can fail easily. #citytripping

  • Jo Addison says:

    This looks amazing! What a fantastic place for the children to play, and it’s great that under 2s are free.

  • Esther Tee says:

    So interesting! Am bringing my boys there soon…but, probably just half a day or so. How much time at minimum should we buffer to spend at Fanpekka?

    By the way, best wishes for your new career path.

    • Queen Bee says:


      I would just spend the entire day at AEON Tebrau. When we were there, Fanpekka allowed re-entry. So we could play a bit, go out for lunch, play a bit, go out and shop a bit, play a bit, go out for dinner etc. My boys can spend the entire day in Fanpekka. LOL…

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