Guide to buying Travel Insurance – Have a peace of mind when travelling with kids!
March 3, 2015

I love travelling! And after I had kids, I have been travelling with them frequently.  I have always known the importance of buying travel insurance, but with kids, it is EXTRA IMPORTANT.  I have made claims for more than half of my family trips.  Why??

kids will fall sick

It may be the change in temperature. Or air pollution.  Or dust from hotel beds. Or different pH level in the water.  Or poor hygiene standards in general.  SOMETHING out there was making my kids sick every time we travelled.

travel insurance for families kids fall sick

I’m not the expert in the field of insurance.  I only know how to buy from my friend and throw him the receipts to claim.  So my friend Cheng Huann, who serviced all my travel insurance policies, is here to guest blog.  He will share with us some points to note when buying our travel insurance policy!

PS:  Although it’s CH’s guest blog post, I have added my own sugar and spices (in red) and images because… well, it’s my blog and CH is boring.


11 things to take note for your travel insurance (by CH)

1) Purchase your travel insurance as EARLY as you can. As soon as you confirm your air tickets. (I mentioned this before!) This will cover your trip immediately. In the event of unexpected circumstances where travel advisory is issued, you will likely be covered. It cost the same anyway as travel insurance policies are based on the length of your trip and NOT when you purchase it.

travel insurance for family early bird

2) Travel insurance in general DO NOT cover pre-existing conditions. Do check your exclusion clauses for this.

travel insurance for family pre existing conditions

3) Check your terms and conditions for reimbursement of outpatient treatment, during and after the trip. Some insurers require medical treatment during the trip before any claims is admissible. Look for those that allows you to seek medical treatment post trip, typically 3-5days after the trip, especially if you are travelling with young children. (I SWEAR BY THIS.  I usually wait until after coming back to Singapore before bringing my kids to our familiar PD / GP.  So I ensure that the insurance I buy covers doctor’s visits the first few days AFTER coming back to Singapore.)

travel insurance for family doctors visit

Visits to the doctor AFTER coming back to Singapore covered too!


4) If you are a frequent flyer, explore getting an annual plan. In general if you travel 4 or more times a year, to the same region, it may be worth it to consider an annual plan.

travel insurance for families family plan

3 visits in a year to the same country. Still not frequent enough apparently?

5) Travelling with family. Up to 2 children usually gets cover for free, when ONE of the parents is in the travelling party. This will have some cost savings on your part. But do check if the terms of cover for children (or elderly) differs from the standard plan.

travel insurance for family kids free

Always check for family plans when travelling with kids!


6) Check for SOS cover, in the event if medical emergency evacuation is needed. Some insurers have this item as optional which reduce the premiums by a fair bit. Consider having this cover for that small increment. Each approved evacuation can cost upwards of USD250,000, so it is worth to pay for it. Do take note of exclusion of pre-existing conditions. (See Note 2) (Want to know why this is important? Watch the 2012 movie ‘The Impossible’. The last part when the family was evacuated by a medical plane after the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami.)


Was this movie secretly a travel insurance advertisement? Perfect product placement. (Image Credit)


7) For adventure activities like skiing, horse-riding, motor racing, sky diving, mountaineering and scuba diving, check that your insurer covers them if you intend to partake in them. Some insurers do not provide cover at all while some has conditional cover (ie activity must be operated by a licensed provider in that country).

travel insurance for family limits to adventurous activity

Horse-riding? Like that also considered ADVENTUROUS?

8) Check limits of activities like mountaineering and scuba diving. There may be a height restriction until cover is void for mountaineering and maximum depth for scuba diving. And it is always important to only participate in activities that are organised by licensed vendors. (See Note 7)

Scaling a mountain =/= mountaineering. So no worries, I'm covered.

I consider this activity highly risky.  But scaling a mountain =/= mountaineering. So no worries, I’m covered.

9) If there is a flight delay, flight misconnection or baggage delay, do get the official letter of confirmation from the airlines. This will make the claims process easier and more efficient.

scoot airlines with kids

Especially important if you like to take budget airlines like me. But better check if budget airlines are covered by your insurance!


10) In the event of theft, loss or damage of your belongings, a police report is needed. The original receipt of the said items is also required for the assessment of loss. Do note that depreciation value will be applied for approved claims.

11) Last but not least, always have the emergency number of the insurer at hand. They are manned 24 hours and will provide you with essential information and instructions.


Have a fun trip!

Disclaimer:  The above article is provided as information only and should not be deemed as professional advice. It is derived from the author’s personal experience and knowledge and does not represent the opinion of the Companies that the author is licensed to conduct his trade.

Bumble Bee Mum was not sponsored in any way for this post.  She is a paying customer, though to date she has probably claimed more than she has paid and hence highly recommends this service.

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