Harbor Pattaya – Mega Fun Mall for Families
February 15, 2017

Harbor Pattaya - 8 Floors of Family Fun in Pattaya - Bumble Bee Mum

Before we visited Pattaya, I didn’t even know Harbor Pattaya existed.   But as we were driving through Pattaya, I couldn’t help noticing banners hanging along the roads advertising this new ‘Mega-Fun Mall’ and ‘Family Paradise’.

Harbor Pattaya Blog Review 16

So we asked our driver to bring us there to check it out on our third day in Pattaya.  And gosh, it was indeed a Family Paradise as their website claimed it to be!

The first thing that caught my attention in the poster that greeted us was Harbor Land, which according to the poster was ‘The Largest Indoor Playground in Asia’.  But along with it were many other exciting attractions such as Jump XL (a trampoline park), Deep Climbing Gym (a rock-climbing park) and Kidzoona (ANOTHER indoor playground).  There was even supposed to be a Snow Land opening Sept 2016, but somehow I didn’t notice it when I was there.

Harbor Pattaya Blog Review 01

We decided to go from floor to floor to let the kids see what was available before settling down for one of the attractions (which was all the time we had).  But the moment we entered the mall, the kids spotted this huge slide in the middle of the mall, which reminded me a bit of The Slide at T3 in Changi Airport.

The slide was free to play, and the escalator to go upstairs was nearby.  So they just went up the escalator, slid down, went up, slide down again and again.  After they played with the slide numerous times, I finally managed to persuade them to move on to check out other stuff available at the mall.

Level 2 Public Playground

Harbor Pattaya Blog Review 02

And so, we managed to go one floor higher, only to get stuck at this little playground which was also free of charge.  It was meant for toddlers, but MF was quite happy playing there (despite promises of much bigger playgrounds on higher floors).

Harbor Pattaya Blog Review 33

Level 3 Public Playground

Harbor Pattaya Blog Review 03

Going up one floor higher, we were stuck at ANOTHER free playground.  This was bigger and more suitable for older children.  And it convinced MF that I wasn’t lying when I told him there were still bigger playgrounds waiting for us.  It seemed like the higher we went, the bigger the playgrounds got.

Harbor Pattaya Blog Review 04

Mario Land (Level 5)

Harbor Pattaya Blog Review 05 - Mario Land

When we reached level 5, the kids were drawn in by the huge Mario calling out to them.  Mario Land was essentially an arcade with lots of UFO catcher / sweet catcher machines.  We have plenty of such machines in Singapore, so…. let’s move on!

Molly Fantasy (Level 5)

Harbor Pattaya Blog Review 25

This part of Harbor Pattaya made me feel like I was in Johor Bahru (Malaysia).

If you have been to AEON malls in Malaysia with kids, you probably would be familiar with Molly Fantasy.  Which is essentially a chain of arcade.  So here at Harbor Pattaya, kids can entertain themselves with arcade games at Molly Fantasy too!

Harbor Pattaya Blog Review 17 - Molly Fantasy

Kidzoona (Level 5)

Harbor Pattaya Blog Review 24 - Kidzoona

What I found more interesting was the indoor playground called Kidzoona inside Molly Fantasy.  I have seen Kidzoona at Johor Bahru before as well, but the Kidzoona here was much bigger than the ones I saw in Malaysia!

Harbor Pattaya Blog Review 19 - Kidzoona

Right at the entrance, there was an ‘imagination playground’.  If you are not sure what this does, check out our post on Kaboodle Kids at East Coast Park (Singapore).

Harbor Pattaya Blog Review 22 - Kidzoona

The pretend play was really cool too, with little sections for different themed pretend play, such as Pizza kitchen, Sushi kitchen, Post Office, Fire Station etc.

Harbor Pattaya Blog Review 23 - Kidzoona

And at the far end of the playground, there were areas for active play with a playground and bouncy castles.

Harbor Pattaya Blog Review 21 - Kidzoona

Kidzoona looked like a great playground for toddlers.  But for older children, I think Harbor Land on level 7 would be more challenging.  In comparison, Kidzoona would be safer and more suitable for younger children.

Harbor Pattaya Blog Review 20 - Kidzoona

Just like any indoor playground, there was an admission fee to play at Kidzoona.

Harbor Pattaya Blog Review 18 - Kidzoona

Jump XL Trampoline Park (Level 6)

Harbor Pattaya Blog Review 28 - Jump XL Trampoline Park

Moving up to Level 6, we found Jump XL, which has a chain of trampoline parks in Europe.

Harbor Pattaya Blog Review 29 - Jump XL Trampoline Park

Calling it a trampoline park may be a bit misleading, because the trampoline park was only part of Jump XL.  Inside, there were also ‘Ninja Warrior’ courses for both kids and adults!

Harbor Pattaya Blog Review 27 - Jump XL Trampoline Park

After going around all the attractions in Harbor Pattaya, MF chose to stay at Jump XL and he super loved the Ninja courses! If you had followed us on Instagram, you may have seen our Instagram story of him completing the Kids Ninja Course.  If you missed it, well, too bad.  It’s gone.  Blame it on Instagram.  Bwahaha…

Below is the admission fee for Jump XL.

Harbor Pattaya Blog Review 26 - Jump XL Trampoline Park

For more information on Jump XL Pattaya, visit Jump XL Trampoline Park Pattaya’s Facebook Page.

Harbor Land (Level 7)

Harbor Pattaya Blog Review 30 - Harbor Land Asia's Largest Indoor Playground

And we come to my favourite part of Harbor Pattaya – Harbor Land, Asia’s Largest Indoor Playground!

Harbor Land was so awesome that I have dedicated a full post to it.  Check out our full review on Harbor Land Pattaya!

Harbor Land - Asia's Largest Indoor Playground - Bumble Bee Mum

Deep Rock Climbing Gym (Level 8)

Harbor Pattaya Blog Review 32 - Deep Climbing Gym

Moving up to the highest floor, MF initially wanted to do rock-climbing rather than trampolines at Jump XL.   Because if you saw our posts on Clip ‘n Climb in Singapore, MF absolutely LOVES rock-climbing.

However, Deep Climbing Gym was a bit intimidating compared to Clip ‘n Climb, so we passed for now.  Maybe next time when MF is older.

For more information on Deep Climbing Gym, visit their website or connect with them via Facebook.

Information on Harbor Pattaya:

Address: 190/25 Moo9, Phatthaya Klang Rd.,  Na Kluea, Bang La Mung,  Chonburi, Thailand 20150

Address (in Thai): 190/25 ม.9, ถ.พัทยากลาง ,  ต.หนองปรือ ,อ.บางละมุง  ชลบุรี 20150

Map: Click here for Google Map location

Tel: +66 81 377 0101

Official website: Homepage | Facebook Page

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Harbor Pattaya - 8 Floors of Family Fun in Pattaya - Bumble Bee Mum

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