Hokkaido Food Guide (Part 2): Hokkaido Best Food by region

A guide to the best foods in Hokkaido (by region) - Bumble Bee Mum

As tourists, chances are we only get to dine at one or two restaurants in each region we visit and off we go. So, we got to make each meal count! In this post, I am going to introduce my picks for the best places to dine at each region. (Okay, I will include more for Sapporo since most tourists spend more time at Sapporo.)

[disclaim]This post is part of my 3-part Hokkaido Food Guide:
> Part 1: Hokkaido Kids-Friendly Restaurants
> Part 2: Hokkaido Best Food by Region
> Part 3: Hokkaido Best Sweets Cafe[/disclaim]


Hokkaido Best Food (Sapporo)


#1 Tadumura Tonkatsu Restaurant たづむら

I was in Hokkaido taking an intensive Japanese course back in 2010.  We asked our Japanese teacher, “Can you name us your FAVOURITE restaurant in Sapporo?” She told us, “Tadumura, the tonkatsu restaurant at Daimaru.”


Immediately after the lesson, my classmates and I went there for lunch. We were presented with a bowl of sesame to grind.  Once we started grinding, the smell of sesame floated around the whole table! We poured in the tonkatsu sauce and, combined with the fragrance of the sesame, it was the nicest tonkatsu sauce I’ve ever had.


My favourite dish there was the black pig tonkatsu.  It was soft and juicy with the right amount of fats!


If you are not a fan of pork, they also have seafood tonkatsu.

hokkaido best food sapporo tadumura tonkatsu

This restaurant is also ultra kids-friendly.  You can read more about it on this post.


Location:  Daimaru Sapporo (8th Floor)
> See location on google map

Getting There: Daimaru is directly connected to Sapporo station.

Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Last order 9.30pm)

Tel: 011-828-1258

Map Code: 9 522 731

Websites: Daimaru Sapporo | Tabelog


#2 Kita No Gourmet Tei 海鮮食堂 北のグルメ亭

Sapporo Central Wholesale Market a.k.a. Curb Market a.k.a. Jyogai Ichiba.  Not sure why one market has so many names.  But that’s besides the point.  Over there, you will find Kita No Gourmet, home to the most generous Kaisen Don (Seafood rice bowl) I have ever eaten!

hokkaido best food sapporo central curb market jyogai ichiba kaisen don

Kaisen Don 海鮮丼 (2980 Yen)


That bowl was bigger than my face and it was absolutely overflowing with ingredients.  There were so many ingredients that I couldn’t even count exactly how many there were.

If you are too full to stomach such a huge bowl of rice, how about just ordering sashimi instead.  The sashimi platter was just as generous and super value for money!

hokkaido best food sapporo central curb market jyogai ichiba sashimi set

Sashimi platter [A] 北海グルメ刺し [A] – only 1380 Yen!!

And since we are in Japan, how can we not have tuna sashimi?  If you are thinking, “Tuna? That red mushy sashimi? Yucks!”, you have not been to Japan.  The red mushy stuff called maguro that is served in Singapore’s Japanese restaurants is not fit to be served in Japan. When visiting Japan, go for fatty tuna chutoro (中トロ) or super fatty tuna otoro (大トロ).  They are super sweet and melt in your mouth!

hokkaido best food sapporo central curb market jyogai ichiba sashimi chutoro

Chutoro sashimi 中トロ刺身 (2000 yen)

hokkaido best food sapporo central curb market jyogai ichiba sashimi otoro

Otoro Sashimi 大トロ刺身 (2500 yen)


There is free WIFI at Kita No Gourmet Tei. Great for those who love to post yummy food photos on your Facebook and Instagram. :p


Location:  〒060-0011 札幌市中央区北11条西22丁目4-1
> Show location on google map

Getting There: Kita No Gourmet provides FREE shuttle service to and fro hotels in Sapporo City Centre.  Ask your hotel concierge to call them to arrange for the shuttle service.


Opening Hours:  7am – 3pm (Last order 2.30pm)

Tel: 011-621-3545

Map Code: 9548 205

Websites: Official Homepage | Tabelog


#3 Go Tsubo 五坪

This hole-in-wall joint is a place I visit without fail whenever I’m in Sapporo.

Do not expect to sit comfortably at this cramp little eatery.  Almost everyone just eats standing at the window and leaves.  But what is everyone here for? This.

hokkaido best food sapporo suskino go tsubo oysters

Big fat succulent grilled oysters – for only 105 yen each! And so far every time I was there, the owner gave us more than we ordered!

They also serve grilled scallops (hotate) and hokki (surf clam). But you got to be there early to get them.  They open at 6pm and the shells get sold out by like 7pm.

hokkaido best food sapporo suskino go tsubo oysters 3

Hotate ホタテ (left) and Hokki ホッキ (right)



Location: 北海道札幌市中央区南6条西4
> Show location on google map

Getting There: Go Tsubo is a 5-minutes walk south from Susukino station.

Opening Hours:  6pm – 2am

Tel: 011-551-7220

Map Code: 9 492 205

Websites: Tabelog



 Hokkaido Best Food (Otaru)

Masazushi おたる政寿司 ぜん庵

Masazushi was introduced to me by a friend who lives in Otaru.  There is a famous sushi street in Otaru lined with numerous sushi restaurants, but my friend told me that is a tourist trap. He brought me to Masazushi, where we sat at the counter and he ordered seasonal sushi ala-carte for me.  It was one of the best sushi dining experiences I had!

hokkaido best food otaru masazushi sushi 1

Watching our sushi being prepared from the counter.

hokkaido best food otaru masazushi sushi 2

Sushi exquisitely prepared one by one.


Subsequently when I went back on my own, my Japanese was subpar so I just ordered the sets from their menu.

hokkaido best food otaru masazushi sushi set

hokkaido best food otaru masazushi sushi set 2

Their signature dish was ika somen.  The squid sashimi came with a bit of uni and a special egg sauce.  This dish is best enjoyed in summer when uni is freshly caught off the nearby Shakotan coast.

hokkaido best food otaru masazushi ika somen

Frankly, I found their standard dropping with each visit.  Maybe they keep the best ingredients for the locals seated at the counter? I don’t know.. I only know I intend to try a different restaurant the next time I’m back at Otaru.  But I’m gonna leave this restaurant on this list for now till I find a better one!


Location: 北海道小樽市色内1-2-1
> Show location on google map

Getting There: Masazushi is located directly opposite the famous Otaru canal.  It is approximately 15-minutes walk from Otaru station.

Opening Hours:
Mondays: 11am – 3pm, 5pm – 10pm
Tue, Wed, Fri: 11am – 4pm, 5pm – 10pm
Sat, Sun: 11am – 10pm
Closed on Thursdays

Tel: 0134-22-0011

Map Code: 493 690 502

Websites: Official Homepage | Tabelog



Hokkaido Best Food (Shakotan Peninsular)

Shokudou Misaki お食事処 みさき

Shakotan Peninsular is famous for its uni うに (sea urchin) during summer months.  If you have tried uni in Singapore and are thinking, “Uni? That yellow smelly disgusting thing? Ewww….”, like I mentioned above, you have not been to Japan. Freshly caught uni is very sweet! And you just can’t get that kind of freshness and sweetness even in the best Japanese restaurants in Singapore.

Shakotan Peninsular’s uni, together with those at Wakkanai, are famed due to the water quality and seaweed they feed on at the Northernmost coasts of Hokkaido.  And they are only caught during summer months.  Shokudou Misaki, located conveniently along the main road between Shakotan Peninsular and Otaru, is where tourists and locals flock to from June to August for the region’s famous uni.

At Shokudou Misaki, freshly caught live uni is served!  I recommend ordering their uni set meal (生うに丼セット)  which cost about 3150 Yen and is limited to 50 sets a day.  The set includes an uni rice bowl and 2 live uni still in their shells! One of the uni was a common black one while one was a rare red uni.  And you can tell their are live because the spikes are still moving when they are served!

While you are there, do also try the red uni don ( 赤ばふん生うに丼).  Price ranged from 3300 to 3800 yen.

Red uni’s flesh is a brighter shade of orange and it is sweeter and thicker than the common uni.  I loved it! (However, my hubby felt the taste was too strong and preferred the common uni.)

Now you know, the next time you visit a fish market in Japan, the orange-coloured uni is the rare one!


Location: 北海道 積丹郡積丹町日司町236番地
> Show location on google map

Getting There: You will need a rental car to get there.  Visitors typically visit Shakotan Peninsular as a side trip from Otaru.  It is a 1.5 hours drive from Otaru.

Opening Hours: 9am to 4pm.
Closed on 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month.
Only opens from end of April to end of October.
Uni is only served from June to August.

Tel: 0135-45-6547

Map Code: 932 686 485

Websites: Official Homepage | Tabelog


Hokkaido Best Food (Niseko)

Niseko Milk Kobo’s Prativo プラティーヴォ

Niseko is a world renowned ski destination.  Overpriced and lacking local flavour, I am not a big fan of Niseko in its winter months.  Prativo, located at Niseko Milk Kobo, is the local hideout, retaining its Japanese charm and offering good and affordable food.

During lunch time, Prativo operates semi-buffet style.  For just 1550 yen, you get one main dish and free flow of salad and dessert at the buffet bar! Mind you, it’s not just any dessert, but dessert by the famous Niseko Milk Kobo! What I liked most from the buffet was the award-winning yoghurt drink!  I have no idea how many cups I drank.  A lot.

The portion for the main dish is not very big, but I guess that’s the point because the highlight is the salad and dessert buffet bar.

hokkaido best food niseko milk kobo prativo main dish


Location: 北海道虻田郡ニセコ町曽我888-1
> Show location on google map

Getting There:  Niseko Milk Kobo is a stop along the route of the Niseko United Shuttle Bus.

Opening Hours:
Lunch 11.30am – 3.30pm (last order 2.30pm) daily
Dinner 5.30pm – 9.30pm (last order 8pm) – closed Tue and Wed

Tel: 0136-55-8852

Map Code: 398 321 134

Websites: Official Homepage | Tabelog


Hokkaido Best Food (Lake Toya)

Sendoan at Wakasaimo Main Store 仙堂庵 わかさいも本舗

Sendoan is located at the second floor of Wakasaimo main store along the Southern shore of Lake Toya.

Lake Toya region is known for its hotate ホタテ (scallops) and the hotate here is the BEST hotate I’ve ever eaten!

For those who don’t take raw food, they have fried hotate with curry.

Their meals are served with a big bowl of soup brewed with baby hotate.

Not just is the food amazing and reasonably priced, the view from the restaurant is very beautiful.  Look out for the castle boat while you are dining!

Sendoan is also very kids-friendly.  You can read more about it on this post.


Location: Wakasaimo Main Store 2F (わかさいも本舗 洞爺湖本店 2F)
> Show location on google map

Getting There: The best way to reach Lake Toya is by rental car.  (Approximately 2.5 hours drive from Central Sapporo.)  Alternatively, Donan Bus operates buses to Lake Toya Onsen Town from Toya station. Buses are not frequent, so please check the timetable.

Tel: 0142-75-4111

Map Code: 321 518 607

Opening Hours: 11am to 7pm (Last order 6.30pm)

Websites: Wakasaimo Homepage | Tabelog



Hokkaido Best Food (Lake Shikotsu)

Kanko Miyage 観光みやげ

Kanko Miyage is a souvenir shop located right next to Lake Shikotsu Visitor Centre.

Over here, you will find a food kiosk selling the most superb cheese imo mochi (チーズいももち).  Imo mochi is a bit like mochi, slightly sticky, but it is made of potato instead of flour.  It is coated with a syrup and grilled, making it sweet and crispy on the outside.  The cheese imo mochi here is oozing with piping hot cheese filling!

I have tried many imo mochi in Hokkaido, but the one here is absolutely the BEST.  Every time I’m in the region, I would specially detour to Lake Shikotsu just to buy the cheese imo mochi – that’s how crazy I am about this snack!


Location: Kanko Miyage is located beside Lake Shikotsu Visitor Centre.
> Show location on google map

Getting There:  There are direct buses from Sapporo (1.5 hours) and New Chitose Airport (1 hour) to Lake Shikotsu.  They are not very frequent, so do check the bus timetable. By rental car, Lake Shikotsu is a 1 hour drive from Sapporo / 30 minutes drive from New Chitose Airport.

Tel: 0123-25-2557 (for Kanko Miyage) / 0123-25-2201 (for Lake Shikotsu Visitor Centre)

Map Code: 867 063 387

Opening Hours: 9am – 5pm

Websites: Official Homepage | Shikotsu Onsen Association Homepage


Hokkaido Best Food (Onuma Koen)

Numa No Ya 沼の家

If you are heading to Hakodate with some time to spare, hop off the train at Onuma Koen.  Just beside the station, you will find a shop called Numa No Ya.


Here, you can buy a box of the region’s famous dango!  Other than the common mitarashi dango, the other half of the box contains yummy black sesame coated dango! Mmmm…


Location: 亀田郡七飯町字大沼町145
> Show location on google map

Getting There: Numa No Ya is just across the road from Onumakoen Station.

Tel: 0138-67-2104

Map Code: 86 786 643

Opening Hours: 8am – 6pm (or until sold out)

Websites: Homepage | Tabelog


Hokkaido Best Food (Hakodate)

#1 Hakodate Morning Market

Of all the markets in Hokkaido, my favourite is Hakodate morning market.  The most famous seafood in Hakodate is undoubtedly squid.  There are many stalls in the market where you can fish for your own squid.

After catching the squid, it will be sliced up immediately for the freshest squid sashimi.

The squid tries to stand up even after its head has been severed.  Eeeeks!

Before eating, pour some soy sauce on the tentacles and watch them MOVE on your plate!

hokkaido best food hakodate morning market squid fishing 4

I advise you to eat the body before eating the tentacles.  If you pop the tentacles into your mouth and swallow without biting properly, they will stick to your throat!

If the above experience is too mild for you, try the dancing squid bowl at one of the restaurants at Hakodate morning market instead!

Besides squid, I also recommend the crabs at this store facing Hakodate station.  I have had crabs at many different places throughout Hokkaido, and found the crab I ate here the best!  You can choose how you want the crabs done (grilled? steamed? raw?) and they would choose a suitable crab for you. You can mix-and-match, like how we decided we wanted half grilled and half sashimi.

The grilled portion was super nice! I thought grilling the crab would make it dry, but surprisingly it retained its juices pretty well.  The raw portion was disappointing though.  It was icy and tasteless.  Next time I shall try a different way of cooking.

Moving further into the market, you will find a small but crowded little stall.

We were there in summer and a huge bowl of super fresh and delicious uni only cost 1000 yen.  They also had other seafood such as abalone and botan ebi.

And just opposite them is a stall selling super juicy and sweet Hokkaido melons in slices.


Location: 〒040-0063 函館市若松町9-19
> Show location on google map

Getting There: Hakodate Morning Market is just across the road from Hakodate Station.

Tel: 0138-22-7981

Map Code: 860 410 63

Opening Hours:
Jan – April 6am – 12noon (Some stalls open until 2pm)
May – December 5am – 12noon (Some stalls opens until 3pm)

Websites: Official Homepage



#2 Lucky Pierrot ラッキーピエロ

My next favourite place to dine at in Hakodate is Lucky Pierrot.  It is a famous burger chain only found in Hakodate.

My favourite burger is the Hotate (scallop) burger.

hokkaido best food hakodate lucky pierrot

Complete the meal with a soda that comes in a beautiful can.


Location: Lucky Pierrot has 16 outlets around Hakodate.  Outlets commonly visited by tourists are the outlet near Hakodate station, near Red Brick Warehouse district, near Jujigai streetcar station and near Goryokaku Tower.

Getting There: The nearest outlet to Hakodate station is a 5 minutes walk from the station.
> See location on google map

Tel: 0138-26-8801 (For outlet near Hakodate station)

Map Code:
86 072 417 (For outlet near Hakodate station)
86 165 144 (For outlet near Goryokaku Tower)
86 041 635 (For outlet near Red Brick Warehouse District / Bay Area)
86 041 411 (For outlet near Jujigai)

Opening Hours: 10am – 12.30am (For outlet near Hakodate station)

Websites: Official Homepage



Hokkaido Best Food (Furano)

Kumagera くまげら

Kumagera is a famous restaurant located at Furano that has been featured on numerous variety shows around the world.


Their most famous dish is their hot pot, which is why the tables at this restaurant has a stove in the middle for laying the hot pot.  They have a meat (venision, chicken, duck) version and a seafood version.

hokkaido best food furano kumagera hot pot

The hot pot is covered and cooked right in front of you. Remove the cover when it’s done and itadakimasu!

hokkaido best food furano kumagera hot pot 2

Kumagera is also famous for its beef sashimi.

hokkaido best food furano kumagera hot pot 5

The beef sashimi is best enjoyed with a bowl of piping hot rice.  When served, the sashimi is slightly icy.  Lay it over the hot rice, drizzle the soy sauce mixed with wasabi and it is PERFECT.

hokkaido best food furano kumagera hot pot 4

Another dish I enjoyed here was the oysters steamed with Japanese sake. The sweet sake and the oysters went so well together!

hokkaido best food furano kumagera hot pot 3


Location: 北海道富良野市日の出町3-22
> See location on google map

Getting There: Kumagera is a short 3-minutes walk from Furano station.

Tel: 0167-39-2345

Map Code: 349 032 191

Opening Hours: 11.30am – 12 midnight

Websites: Official Homepage | Tabelog



Hokkaido Best Food (Biei)

Farm Restaurant Chiyoda ファームレストラン千代田

Dining options in Biei are quite limited, which explains why there is a long waiting time to get a table at Chiyoda Farm Restaurant in Summer.

hokkaido best food biei chiyoda farm restaurant

They serve one thing here: BEEF.  If you do not take beef, skip this place.

Of all the beef dishes they serve, the most famous is their beef stew.  It was SUPER good!  I couldn’t get enough of it!

hokkaido best food biei chiyoda farm restaurant beef stew

Beef stew at Chiyoda Farm Restaurant. Doesn’t look like much but tastes AMAZING!


Another popular dish was steak on hot plate.  It was okay, not the best steak I’ve had in Japan but definitely not the worst.  I preferred the beef stew.

hokkaido best food biei chiyoda farm restaurant beef steak

They sold their beef stew vacuumed packed, so you can buy some home if you think you are going to have craving for it when you get home.  (I sure am having craving for it as I write this post!)


Location: 北海道上川郡美瑛町春日台4221
> Show location on google map

Getting There: The best way to get to Farm Restaurant Chiyoda is by rental car.

Tel: 0166-92-1718

Map Code: 349 734 239

Opening Hours:
June to October 10am – 7.30pm
November – May 10am – 6pm

Websites: Official Homepage | Tabelog



Hokkaido Best Food (Obihiro)

#1 Panchou ぱんちょう

There is only one reason I visit Obihiro: Buta Don (Pork rice bowl).  Although buta don is pretty ubiquitous throughout Hokkaido, nothing beats having it at this pioneer shop in Obihiro.

They only have 1 thing on their menu: Buta Don.  They have different sizes, and the difference is in the number of pieces of meat given.  I always order the biggest size when I’m here.  It’s soooo good, you HAVE to order the biggest!

The meat is super juicy and fragrant and the sauce is also very savoury – goes perfectly with the rice!


Location: 北海道帯広市西一条南11-19
> See location on google map

Getting There: Panchou is just across the road from Obihiro station.

Tel: 0155-22-1974

Map Code: 124 624 147

Opening Hours:
11am – 7pm (or until sold out.  Go earlier, it does get sold out.)
Closed on Mondays and every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month.

Websites: Official Homepage | Tabelog



#2 Masuya Pan マスやパン

If you are looking for a place for breakfast in Obihiro, Masuya Pan is the place to go.  This bakery chain has 6 shops in Obihiro.  The most conveniently located is the takeway shop called Toran Toran within Obihiro station.

hokkaido best food obihiro masuya pan toran toran

If you have a rental car, a better place to enjoy their bread is at the bakery cafe, Mugioto (麦音).

Here, there is a seating area where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the bread.  In summer, you can even sit out on the lawn to enjoy your food.

They also serve drinks and there is even a toaster in the cafe for you to heat up the bread.  Everything we ordered was super yummy! Even the coffee!  If I had to pick a favourite, it would be the cheese and ham thick toast.

Mugioto is very kids-friendly.  You can read more about it on this post.

Information (for Mugioto):

Location: 北海道帯広市稲田町南8線西16-43
> Show location on google map

Getting There:  You will need a rental car to get to Mugioto.  If you are not driving, you can buy their bread from Toran Toran at Obihiro station.

Opening Hours: 6.55am – 8pm (Closed on Wednesdays except in July and August)

Tel: 0155-67-4659

Map Code: 124 503 613

Websites: Official Homepage | Tabelog


Hokkaido Best Food (Kushiro)

#1 Washo Market 釧路和商市場

Kushiro, located along the eastern shore of Hokkaido, has easy access to fresh seafood.  Hence, Washo Market a.k.a. Washo Ichiba draws numerous tourists in search of fresh Hokkaido seafood.  The market is most famous for katte don (勝手丼).  Katte Don is basically Do-It-Yourself Seafood Rice Bowl.

You start by purchasing a bowl of plain rice. Then you go around the many stalls in the market to choose your own ingredients.

After you have picked out the ingredients you want, ask the last stall for soy sauce and wasabi and you’re ready to eat!


Location: 北海道釧路市黒金町13-25
> Show location on google map

Getting There: Washo Market is 5 minutes walk from Kushiro Station.

Tel: 0154-22-3226

Map Code: 149 256 332

Opening Hours:
8am – 6pm (April – December)
8am – 5pm (Jan – March)

Websites: Official Homepage | Tabelog


#2 Fisherman’s Wharf MOO (Minato No Yatai)  釧路フィッシャーマンズワーフMOO

Located on the second floor of Fisherman’s Wharf MOO is a food court called Minato No Yatai (港の屋台).

Inside the food court, there is a stall selling Zangi (ザンギ), a popular fried chicken snack in Kushiro.  The zangi don (fried chicken rice bowl) was super generous. The chicken chunks were so huge and juicy!

Another dish I recommend is called sanmanma (さんまんま), from the yakitori stall called 鳥政.  It is something like a sushi roll – inverted. The grilled fish forms the outer layer and the rice is the filling.  Very unique and YUMMY!


Location: 北海道釧路市錦町2-4
> Show location on google map

Getting There: Fisherman’s Wharf MOO is a 15 minutes walk from Kushiro station.

Tel: 0154-23-0600

Map Code: 149 226 464

Opening Hours: 5pm – 12 midnight
(Closed on 31 Dec and 1 Jan)

Websites: Official Homepage


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A guide to the best foods in Hokkaido (by region) - Bumble Bee Mum


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  • Adrian says:

    Hi Bumblebeemum!

    your page is really amazing! just read and see the picture make me hungry more! lol

    i already visited japan two times, and will be the third in the end of feb 2017.
    i am planning to visit Hokkaido, maybe for 3 days in 26 Feb – 1 Mar 2017. Do you have any recommendation place for that date?
    Dont have any specific planning what to enjoy in Hokkaido but definitely ice and food!

    Thanks in advance!


  • TWK says:


    Very informative info here. Can share any recommendation with additional information whether the food is very salty for people who is on high-blood medication or may be too sweet and not suitable for people with diabetes?

    Some of the food I found is quite salty or extremely salty especially when I tried their local McDonald burger (can’t remember the name but it was black sauce).

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Yeah, their food tends to be rather, ummm, flavour-ful. I really wouldn’t recommend any of their desserts for people with diabetes, they tend to be quite rich. As for food, they tend to add quite a bit of salt to their grilled stuff. Even for ramen, their soup can be rather salty. How about sushi and chirashi don? The raw stuff are the ones that have the least flavourings.

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