KidsStop @ Singapore Science Centre (Part 1)

KidsSTOP at Singapore Science Centre opened in June last year. It is a facility to allow children aged 18 months to 8 years old to learn Science through interactive play. Since the tickets were kind of pricey (I would come to that in part 2), I decided to wait until MY was a wee bit older before bringing the kids to check it out. (Update on 1 April 2015: KidsStop Singapore has reduced their admission charges for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents to an insanely low price of $5 on weekdays / $10 on weekends and public holidays! Click here to see the revised price list.)

On the day MY turned 2, we brought the boys who were 2 and 4 years old for a visit. They had two session each day. Since Jurong was a bit far from our place and we would never have made it in time for the first session on a lazy Sunday, we planned to reach there at 3pm for the second session.

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(Above image was taken from KidsSTOP official website.)

If you are coming from the main entrance of Singapore Science Centre, skip the main ticketing counter and follow the directions down the corridor that leads to KidsSTOP. There was another ticketing counter at the entrance of KidsSTOP that was less crowded.


There was even a little play area next to the ticketing counter to keep the kids entertained while the adults queued for tickets.


Although socks were not required to enter KidsStop, some of the attractions required socks, so do remember to pack your socks when you are visiting.


The first attraction featured the four seasons, with an activity board for each season.


The next attraction was ‘Built Environment’. The crane here, which the kids could operate to transport plastic balls, was a huge hit with the boys!


There were many other construction-related activities to teach kids various Physics concepts, but the boys paid little attention to them. They were pretty much stuck to the crane. I guess Physics ain’t gonna be their strong subject in future… Just like mummy.


Something nearby caught MY’s attention after a while. It was a section called Smaller World, which was a small play area for young toddlers. MY spent quite a bit of time here, the bright colours must have been very attractive to young toddlers.


Nearby, the older kids could check out the Nature section, where they would try to spot animals through binoculars.


Moving on, it was time to learn about Wind Power. Physics again? Yawnz…P1160564P1160645

Next, we came to the ‘Flight and Space’ section, which was one of my personal favourites. In the flight area, there was a mini cockpit where kids could dress up as pilots and pretend to fly an airplane. It looked so realistic that it was the only time the boys were willing to role-play with the uniform provided.


There was also an interactive wall mural that taught the kids about things that went on in an airport. MF was very intrigued by this, probably because we have been traveling and hanging out at airports quite a bit. P1160573

I super loved this little man where kids could move his hands around to learn the various signals used on the runway.


At the space section, there was a wall mural displaying the solar system, an activity for kids to form constellations using rubber bands and 3 rocket launchers.


Moving along, we came to one of MF’s favourite section: Dino Pit.


There was a sand pit for kids to be archaeologists discovering the skeletons of a T-Rex. MF spent quite a lot of time here, but he was more interested in covering the bones with sand than in uncovering them. (Well, you need someone like him so that other kids could uncover the bones right?) There was also a wall mural that taught kids about the different dinosaurs.Ω


And we came to the most popular section at KidsStop – The Supermarket!


MF immediately grabbed a shopping basket and filled it up with all kinds of food!


The supermarket was pretty well-stocked and well-maintained by staff who constantly went around to put the food items back onto the shelves.


After shopping, there were two cashier tills that the kids could bring their ‘purchases’ to. And when they placed the food items on the scanner, it made a realistic ‘beep’ sound, just like what we hear in real supermarkets! Cool!


It would have been a gazillion times more cool if the scanner was actually linked to the cashier till and it could display and add up the price of the items, but neh.. Not so high tech. The cashier till was essentially a large calculator – CASIO brand, no less.

It was not all play and no learning at the Supermarket of course. There was a spice corner where kids could smell various spices, and a TV screen showing kids where their food came from.


So what would the kids do with all the food they ‘bought’ from the supermarket? Put them back on the shelves? No… Not so boring… They would bring them to ‘The Cafe‘ to cook and serve them! Kids were encouraged to prepare a meal which included food from all the different food groups.


After all the fun and excitement at the Supermarket and Cafe, it was time for some serious stuff at the ‘Human Body‘ section. Ooo.. sounds so morbid…


Get your kids to dress up as doctors to perform surgery or study X-ray films.


Too morbid? Maybe being a dentist would be better.


On a lighter note, how about finding out your weight in terms of dollar coins and teddy bears (because kg is such a boring measurement unit).


Or have a jumping contest to see who could reach the highest.


Ever wondered what goes on inside your body? Check out my skeletal and digestive systems.


We decided we were done learning about our body and headed to the next attraction, Dream Climber.


MF disappeared into it immediately and climbed all the way up on his own at lightning speed, while MY slowly made his way up with hubby’s help.


At the top, there were many musical instruments waiting for the kids to explore.


My favourite instrument was this trampoline that made a ‘thump’ sound when the kids jumped on it!


Just beside the Dream Climber was a small play area callled ‘Small World‘. So if you have a younger toddler or baby in tow, they could play here while the elder kids went up the Dream Climber.


And just behind Dream Climber was the 7 metre high ‘J Slide‘.


After watching other older kids play it, daredevil MF also wanted to have a go. The staff asked if he was 5 years old, hubby replied, “He turns 5 this year.” LOL!! Despite the fact that he just celebrated his 4th birthday 2 weeks ago! But we weren’t lying…. He DOES turn 5 this year… So there he was, in the smallest jump suit they had (with the sleeves and pants rolled up a few times) and all excited to go!


And up he went! He looked so tiny on the slide!!


He went up to about 3 or 4 metres and didn’t dare to go up any higher, after which all he had to do was let go and slide down! He loved it and went a few more times since there was nobody else in the queue. They also had adult jumpsuits so parents could try it too!

When you reach the J Slide, you would be tempted to think that this was the end of KidsSTOP because you would see Omni Theatre at the corner with a little barricade.


But don’t U-turn back just yet, this is not the end!

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