KidsStop @ Singapore Science Centre (Part 2)

Continued from: KidsStop @ Singapore Science Centre (Part 1)

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This misleading barricade made it look like you have reached the end of KidsStop.


But don’t let that barricade stop you, there are more attractions behind! Just squeeze past that barricade and continue down the corridor where more attractions await.


The first room was the Critters room, where there were a few tanks displaying live critters.


There was a tank displaying live chicks and hubby asked MF, “Look! What do you see inside?” And his reply?


Next, we went to Kiddie Theatre, where kids could experience how movies were made. It was super cool!

For example, the kids sat in this car and choose a scene as the background. There were a few scenes to choose from, such as F1 race or night street.


But MF’s favourite was the dinosaur scene!


There was a TV screen where we could see what it would look like on film. They looked like they were inside a Jurassic Park movie!


The kids also had a chance to appear on stage, complete with cameras at the side filming them.


They could also appear in hilarious scenarios using the blue green screen, but it didn’t seem to be working while we were there.


We could also create animations by taking continuous shots of still objects and putting them together into a video. There were Duplo bricks provided, so you could make an animation of how a Duplo model is built by taking a picture each time you add a brick.


The animation factory was too high level for the young kids, and they ended up just sitting at the table playing with the bricks.


The next room was the Math room. The name says it all.


MF was old enough to understand the concepts of volume and tessellation when we explained them to him and went on to explore on his own.


Meanwhile, MY was just…. Messing up the place.



Ultimately, the boys were just a lot more interested in the giant Hot Wheels toy.



The next room was the Lego Workshop, but there were no workshops going on at the time we were there. Check for ongoing workshops at KidsStop on their offical website.


Right at the end of the corridor was ‘Kitchen Lab‘ but it was under maintenance when we were there.



From here, we backtracked all the way back to the exit (which was beside the entrance), and letting the boys roam to whichever sections they fancied.

Overall, KidsSTOP was pretty big and offered many activities for the kids to explore. It would take the full 3 hours (the duration of one session on weekdays) to go through all the exhibits with ample time for kids to explore the hands-on activities. As we were there on a weekend, the duration was 4 hours and we had an extra hour for the boys to go back and play freely. Hence, do plan to reach at the time your session begins (12noon / 4pm on weekdays; 10am / 3pm on weekends) because you will need the full duration of the session to fully enjoy the facility.

KidsSTOP also offers party packages, so you can hold your kid’s birthday party in the party room within the facility.


There was also a nursing room within KidsSTOP (just beside the J Slide) and a diaper-changing room (beside the Critters room).



There was also a souvenir shop (or more like a toy shop) at the exit, and there was a mini merry-go-round inside the shop (but it was closed for maintenance when I was there).



Admission Fees

kidsstop singapore revised admission fees

(Above price list was screen captured from KidsSTOP official website)



We were there on a Sunday, and as local residents, the total price for a single visit for 2 adults ($13 each) was $72. If we signed our kids up as a member, the one-year membership per child cost $30 and included 1 free visit for 1 child + 1 adult. So we signed up the membership for both kids (total $60) and it covered our visit for that day. i.e. If your child is between 18 months – 8 years, just sign up for membership on your first visit. Even on a weekday, it would have been the same price as buying a single entry ticket.

Update (1 April 2015):  KidsStop Singapore has updated their admission charges, slashing the entry fee for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents to just $5 on weekdays / $10 on weekends and school holidays! Refer to the table above for the updated price list.

In Summary…

The Good:

  • Large facility with many hands-on activities
  • Great learn-through-play experience especially for kids aged 4 – 8
  • Play areas for both young toddlers and older kids
  • Not too crowded even on a weekend

The Bad:

  • A tad expensive considering that adults need to pay for admission as well
  • Young toddlers may not really benefit from the educational aspect of the exhibits, hence not really worth the price for kids below 3 years old. It would be cheaper to bring them to indoor playgrounds.
  • Not a place I would visit again and again (yes, I would highly recommend visiting once, but would I visit again? I doubt it… I mean, would you attend the same Science lesson over and over again? Maybe once a year max.)


Address: 21 Jurong Town Hall Road, Singapore 609433

Opening Hours: Screenshot 2015-01-12 20.17.22


Website: Official Homepage | Facebook page

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