Kidzania Bangkok Review – Activities, Discounted Tickets & Tips!
August 17, 2017

Ever since Kidzania Singapore opened, I have been a big fan of the whole Kidzania concept.  If you have never heard of Kidzania before, I recommend you read our Beginner’s Guide to Kidzania Singapore to understand what it’s all about and how to maximise your outings to Kidzania.  Most of what we have said about Kidzania Singapore applies to Kidzania Bangkok as well, as they are ran pretty similarly.

Visit Kidzania like a pro!

A Beginner’s Guide to Kidzania Singapore

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Before we begin, note that if you want to visit Kidzania Bangkok, don’t pay full price at the door.  You can purchase discounted tickets from Klook!

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While most of what we blogged about Kidzania Singapore applied to Kidzania Bangkok, there were some small differences.  For example Kidzania Singapore issued an ATM card, where kids had to go to the bank to activate or withdraw cash from it if they wanted.  At Kidzania Bangkok, they issued cheques, which kids had to go to the bank to cash out.

Another difference was that Kidzania Bangkok was NOT part of the B.Kidzanian CitiZen program, so the kids could not use their PaZZports at Kidzania Bangkok to earn chops and extra Kidzos.

B.Kidzanian PaZZports

Kidzania’s Loyalty Program

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There were many overlap in activities in Kidzania Bangkok and Kidzania Singapore.   Just that the industry partners are different.  But the activities were ran more or less similarly.  Some of these activities included:

  • Firefighter
  • Burger chef
  • Supermarket shop assistant & cashier
  • Courier
  • Vault
  • Department Store
  • Petrol Kiosk Attendant

However, there were many MANY activities you can find at Kidzania Bangkok that you cannot find in Kidzania Singapore.  So no matter how many times you have been to Kidzania Singapore before, Kidzania Bangkok is definitely still worth a visit.


If you had read our post on stretching your dollar at Kidzania Singapore, we mentioned that one of the ways to stretch your visit to Kidzania would be getting the kids to participate in the food-making activities.  This would pretty much settle your meals during your time at Kidzania.   During our visit, the kids actually went to do the sushi-making activity twice.  Not just because we were hungry and wanted to eat sushi, but also because it was SUPER fun!

The kids had to make a maki, and they were guided through the steps and I was amazed by how easy it looked from the side.  I have tried making maki at home before, it didn’t turn out so well.  But my kids were totally capable of arranging a super nice maki under the guidance of the Zupervisor!


At the University, kids could learn about different subjects on different days.  While we were there, they were teaching Biology at the University.  After the lesson, the kids received a bottle of Brand’s chicken essence for kids.


I’m a big fan of Meiji products and our family loves drinking Meiji milk.  So the kids recognised the Meiji brand immediately when they saw it at Kidzania Bangkok and were like, “MEIJI! MEIJI!”  After the activity, they each received a small bottle of Meiji milk and they could even choose which flavour they wanted.  MY loved it so much that he went to do the activity twice to get different flavoured milk.. LOL!


At the green tea factory, the kids were particular amused by the tea leaves sorting activity, where they were introduced to the green tea plant, and they had to put their hands into these giant gloves to sort out the tea leaves inside the glass casing.  At the end of the activity, they got to choose one of the flavoured green tea packet drinks.


Koh Kae is a super popular peanut snack from Thailand.  I was quite happy to find a Koh Kae factory at Kidzania Bangkok! It was a bit like finding a Lim Chee Guan factory at Kidzania Singapore.  The kids sorted the peanuts in an activity very similar to sorting the tea leaves at the Green Tea Factory.  Then they went through the packing process and, of course, came out with a packet of Koh Kae peanut snack each!


I loved the Tomato Farm.  Because I thought the kids looked hilarious in the Tomato Farm uniform! Lol…. Okay, sorry, I’m evil like that.   At the Tomato Farm, the kids had to pick out tomatoes from the bushes, load them onto a trolley and deliver them to the Tomato Factory.


The tomato sauce factory was a separate activity from the tomato farm.  Over here, the kids just went through the machines to see how tomatoes were made into tomato sauce and packed.  The funniest part was that the kids each came out with a bottle of tomato sauce, packed in bubble wrap even, at the end of the activity.  And I was like, “What am I supposed to do with these tomato sauces?? I’m not bringing them back to Singapore!”

In case you’re wondering why I didn’t want to bring them back to Singapore, it was because we were flying low-cost carrier Jetstar with just one small bag and didn’t have check-in luggage.  So our small cabin-size bag simply didn’t have the space to fit those tomato sauces.  Yes, that’s how light we travel.  I mean it whenever I say we travel light on this blog.  Don’t doubt it.


At the Honda factory at Kidzania Bangkok, the boys had a hands-on experience learning how to change a car tyre and pump a tyre in a makeshift workshop.


This was MF’s absolutely favourite activity at Kidzania Bangkok! He got to design a car using one of the computers at the car design workshop, and they even printed out his design at the end of the activity.  Look how proud of his design he was! Plus the job paid really well (in terms of Kidzos).


There was a veterinarian clinic at Kidzania Bangkok, but the kids didn’t quite enjoy this activity.  There were so many children in each session, crowding around the fake dog and many kids were just bumming around eventually.  Quite a waste of time imo.


Another activity the kids super loved (and I was quite intrigued to watch) was the coke bottling plant.  The kids went through the process, from filling up the bottle with coke, to capping it, to pasting the label.  And finally coming out with a bottle of coke!


This was a pretty time-consuming activity, where kids had to build a wall from foam bricks with a system they had to follow to make the bricks fit properly.  A bit like building LEGO.  But the boys enjoyed it.  Since they loved playing with LEGO and bricks in general.


This was the job I least expected to find.  A spy agency! How cool is that??  The activity took place inside an enclosed area, so parents could only see what was happening via a CCTV.  It looked a bit like an escape room kind of activity, where the kids had to perform some tasks and maneuver through a laser maze.



As mentioned at the start of the post, don’t pay full price tickets at the door if you want to visit Kidzania Bangkok.  You can purchase discounted tickets from Klook!


One thing we learned from visiting Kidzania Singapore multiple times was that, contrary to popular belief, it is actually better to visit Kidzanias on weekends rather than weekdays.  This is because Kidzania, in general, plays host to many school trips.  And school trips typically happen on weekdays.  So you can usually avoid the big school trips when you go on weekends.

Of course, we would avoid public holidays and school holidays if possible.

Another incentive for visiting Kidzania Bangkok on weekends is that they have longer opening hours on weekends!  Kidzania Bangkok opens from 10am to 5pm on weekdays, and 10.30am to 8.30pm on weekends.  That’s a whopping 10 hours that you can spend at Kidzania on weekends! And yes, our kids spent 10 hours there. It was insane! Mad value-for-money.


Location: Siam Paragon Level 5

Opening Hours:

  • Weekdays 10am – 5pm
  • Weekends 10.30am – 8.30pm

Official Websites: Homepage | Facebook Page | Instagram | YouTube

Read more reviews: TripAdvisor


If you are in Bangkok with kids, we also recommend visiting Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World, which is in the same building as Kidzania Bangkok (Siam Paragon).

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