Lazarus Island Family Fun & Fishing Day Out!
April 13, 2017

Procrastination, procrastination.  It took me 30+ years to finally step foot on Lazarus Island – one of Singapore’s Southern Islands.  It’s been on my mind for a long time – visiting Lazarus Island.  But I always had excuses for not visiting.  Excuses like, well, laziness.

It wasn’t until our friend decided to invite us on his private yacht to visit Lazarus Island that I was finally motivated enough to move my lazy bum.  Hey look, if someone offered me a private yacht ride to the island and I could still find excuses for not going, then most likely I would end up not going my entire life.  I can’t do that.  Carpe Diem is supposed to be my life motto!

So off we went, aboard our friend’s private yacht, in search of Okinawa-like waters and beach (yes, singular). And nope, the yacht in the photo below is not my friend’s yacht.  I’m teasing you.  I like to tease people who don’t read and just look at photos to paint a deceptively rosy picture of my travels for them.  Now you know.  You may want to go back to read my 1000 other posts for the realities of my travels if you have just been looking at photos.

While waiting to set off, the kids made themselves comfy inside the yacht, marking the sleeping zone as their territory.  These kids sure know how to enjoy life!

When the yacht started moving off, MF decided to climb to the front of the yacht to enjoy the sun and breeze.  Yes kid, that’s how you do private yacht trips.  Enjoy the sea! Not hide inside to binge on kinder buenos.

The waves behind the yacht created rainbows, which amused the kids for like, 30 seconds.

We passed by Singapore’s shipyards and scenes from Captain Philips started playing in my head whenever I saw a MAERSK container.   While I associated the container ships with pirates and movies, the kids associated them with Sentosa.  Like EVERYTIME we see a shipyard, they would assume we are going to Sentosa.

Good news for them, they were almost right this time.  Because we really did pass by Sentosa!

And shortly after passing Sentosa, we found ourselves arriving at Lazarus Island!

We were anchored at a little jetty facing St John Island, and the kids dashed off in excitement!

After we got off the yacht, our friend decided to give us a crash course on fishing.  He unloaded his fishing equipment and we helped ourselves to a fishing rod each.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention.  Our friend (who owns the yacht) runs a fishing academy called My Fishing Frenzy Academy.   Which explains the yacht.  Actually I don’t know which came first – the yacht or the fishing.  Chicken or egg.  Whatever.  ANYWAY… If you ever want to learn fishing or go on a private fishing trip, you can try contacting him!

And so, the kids were mad excited to start fishing.  The last time they tried fishing was at EcoVillage as part of our visit to Bintan Resorts (Indonesia) – a trip that MF remembered vividly.  And he kept saying he wanted to catch a bigger fish this time!

Oh, I love the cats at Lazarus Island.  It’s like the moment they saw us with our fishing equipment, they decided to hang out around us! This cat watched us warily as we learned our fishing basics.  It’s got this look like “You sure you guys know what you’re doing??” the whole time.  It was probably doubting our ability to catch its lunch.

After learning the basics, we hung out around the jetty to see if we could catch some fishes.

And it didn’t take long before MF really caught a fish!!

He decided to feed the fish to the cats.

And really, you got to love these cats.  They were tagging along with us like they knew lunch was coming.   I think the cats amused me much more than the fishing per se.

After we were done fishing, we went back to the yacht to rest, where the kids decided to play some UNO.

Initially, we planned to have a picnic on the beach.  But it was too scorching hot that day.  We looked down the path to the beach, thought about it, and neh…. Decided to eat on the yacht where there was air-con.

After lunch, our friend decided to drive the yacht around the island to where the beach was.  Because yeah, we were all just so lazy like that.

While driving around the island, we spotted Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay across the water!

And ooooo…. The beach!! We finally saw the beach!!

Look at the colour of the foliage! It was like autumn has arrived in Singapore!

The yacht had to be anchored a distance from the beach where the water was deeper.  So to get to the beach, our friend activated his paddle board.

We took turns to be transported from the yacht to the beach using the paddle board.  It was a rather hilarious process, which made me think that maybe walking to the beach from the jetty may have been a better idea.  But then again, it was an experience! And I wasn’t the one swimming back and forth to transport the paddle board between the yacht and the beach.

When I finally arrived on the beach, I couldn’t resist taking tons of photos! (Like yes, I brought my camera on the paddle board across the water.  High risk maneuver.  I’m REALLY glad the paddle board didn’t capsize.  Otherwise you would be reading another one of my I-lost-my-photos-due-to-stupidity rants again.)

Am I back in Okinawa? Nope.

Am I back in Phuket? Nope.

Am I back in Pattaya? Nope.

This is SINGAPORE! No doubt. Because we didn’t even bring our passports out.

The kids got to work immediately, digging out sand from the beautiful white sandy beach.

Remember I mentioned my boys are beach boys? Needless to say, they absolutely loved the beach at Lazarus Island! I mean.. How can you NOT love this beach?

They dug the sand, kicked the ball, dug more sand.

Can’t remember how long we spent on the beach.  But eventually we managed to get the kids back onto the yacht despite strong objections from them.

And while waiting for the multiple paddle boat transfers to bring everyone back from the beach, MF spent some time jumping off the yacht.

And swimming in the sea – A hobby he picked up from our day trip to Phang Nga Bay in Thailand.

Where’s MY, you asked?? Well, just cleaning up.

With that, we bid farewell to the beautiful Lazarus Island.

As we left Lazarus Island, we passed by a radar tower at St John Island.  A sight which barely screamed “Singapore“.

And we also passed by Kusu Island!

Compared to Lazarus Island, Kusu Island is pretty well-visited, mostly by devotees headed to the temple.  You can read more about visiting Kusu Island on Your Singapore if you’re interested. I’m just here to photo spam.

We didn’t go on the island this time round.  But I think I should bring the kids here some day! Look at those autumn-like trees!

And before we returned to mainland, our friend anchored the yacht in the open waters to see if we could catch some big fishes.

Okay, we sucked at fishing.  Or at least the kids sucked at it.  They kept getting the hook stuck to the sea bed and losing our baits.  But they did catch ONE fish amazingly.

And with all our baits gone and no dinner caught, we made our way back to the yacht club.

Practicalities of Visiting Lazarus Island

There are no dustbins at Lazarus Island.  No food / drinks stall.  No vending machine.  Nothing.  So you need to bring everything you need.  I mean it.  Anything you think you would need – BRING.  Like toilet paper.  And very importantly: Bring a bag for all your rubbish.  You will need to bring all your rubbish with you when you leave the island.

There was only one handicap toilet near the jetty.  There were no showers, though there was a tap with a hose inside the toilet if you need to rinse yourself down.  Note that the water from the toilet here was NOT potable.  So do bring your own drinking water.  Lots of it.  Coz you can’t exactly buy it anywhere nearby if you run out.

Getting to Lazarus Island:

If you don’t have a private yacht and don’t intend to rent one, you can catch a ferry from Marina South Pier to St John Island.  From St John Island, it is about 15 min walk to Lazarus Island via a concrete bridge.

Marina South Pier is right above Marina South Pier MRT station (NS28), so it’s pretty accessible.

The ferry from Marina South Pier to St John Island is operated by Singapore Island Cruise.  It goes in a loop from Marina South Pier to St John Island to Kusu Island and back to Marina South Pier.   The journey time from Marina South Pier to St John Island is about 30 min and from St John to Kusu Island is about 15 min.

Ferry Schedule:

Monday to Friday: 10am | 2pm
Saturday: 9am | 11am | 1pm | 3pm
Sunday: 9am | 11am | 1pm | 3pm

Click here for up-to-date ferry schedule on Singapore Island Cruise’s website.

Ferry Ticket Pricing:

Price of two-way tickets between Marina South Pier and St John Island was

Adult: $18
Child (age 1 – 12): $12

You can purchase your ferry tickets at Singapore Island Cruise’s ticketing booth at Marina South Pier.

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