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While traveling with the kids, I have largely classified the hotels we have stayed at into two categories:  Those that tolerate kids, and those that welcome kids.  ‘Tolerate kids’ means they allow your kids to stay (yes, there are hotels that do not allow kids to stay – always check before booking).   ‘Welcome kids’ means they have facilities and services that cater to kids.

After staying at Legoland Hotel Malaysia, I think I need a new category.  Let’s called it


Like seriously.  From the moment I stepped into the lobby of Legoland Hotel Malaysia, I was thinking “C’mon! Who’s the one paying the bills here, me or the kids?”

Right smack in the main lobby were two HUGE LEGO play areas, filled with LEGO bricks for kids to build whatever they could think of.  Including the pillar.

And if you walk further down the corridor, you will see ANOTHER huge play area with larger foam LEGO building blocks.  Since the normal LEGO bricks were kind of a choking hazard for younger kids.  So yeah, they’ve got your young ones covered too.

Not too sure why these giant bricks were considered choking hazards too.  It seemed they just stuck that choking hazard sign everywhere.

And there was also an XBox Kinect.  Kind of random I felt.  At least this was definitely not a choking hazard. :p

Everywhere you look, you see kids building something with either giant foam LEGO bricks or DUPLO bricks or normal LEGO bricks – depending on their age.

So with the kids very well occupied at the play areas, I went around to check out the details of the hotel.  After all, we were in LEGOland Hotel.   I expected all things LEGO.  And I was not disappointed.

Everywhere, signs and boxes were constructed with LEGO bricks.

The wall behind the check-in counter was covered with hundreds (maybe thousands? Hard to count) LEGO Minifigures.  And oooo, you gotta love the bicycle that moved along the wall.  Its wheels were like a magnifying glasses, blowing up the minifigures behind them.  Really cool.

And really, check out all the stuff they built with LEGO bricks all around the hotel.  Here’s just a fraction of them.

And of course, there were the mandatory souvenir shops to ensure you spent more money than you already did on the hotel stay.


While you are bumming around the lobby while waiting for your kids to be done playing (not that they will ever be done), take some time to check out the ‘INFORMATION’ board next to the castle play area.  Look for the schedule for ‘Hotel Activities’ there which tells you the time and venue of additional activities being held around the hotel.  As if your kids are not well-entertained enough already.

During our stay, we caught a pirate skit-cum-dance in the evening.

And since we were there during LEGO Star Wars Days, there was also a movie screening of a LEGO Star Wars movie.

Adventure Room

And…. We are finally going to our room! It’s not easy to get the kids away from the lobby, really.  But don’t worry, once they see the room, they won’t want to leave either.

In our standard room at Legoland Hotel Malaysia, the room was divided into separate sections for adults and kids.  The kids section had a bunk bed with a pull-out bed below, so it could sleep 3 kids comfortably.  In total, a standard room could fit 5 people.  If you have a larger family, the hotel also had deluxe rooms and suites to fit up to 8 pax.

The kids were absolutely thrilled that they had their own TV in their kids section.  Or maybe I should say I’m happy to have our own TV in the adults section so that we adults didn’t have to watch cartoons throughout our entire stay.

And of course, everywhere we looked, there were LEGO-themed decorations.

Oh, I forgot to mention.  When you book your room at Legoland Hotel Malaysia, there are currently 4 themes that you can choose from: Adventure Theme, Pirates Theme, Kingdom Theme and a NEW Ninjago Theme Room scheduled to launch next month.

So the photos you see here are from an Adventure-themed room.  Which imo was the most boring theme.  HAHA… Don’t ask me why I chose the Adventure theme then.  It was a media stay, I couldn’t exactly choose my room.  Actually I did try to request for a Kingdom room, but it was clearly much more popular and their Kingdom rooms were fully booked. And I stayed in a Pirates-themed room before (sorry, never blogged, too busy).  So yeah, I ended up in an Adventure-themed room this time.

But okay, here’s a quick photo of the pirates-themed room we stayed in 3+ years ago.  Awww, my kids were so tiny then!!

So yah. Okay. Back to the Adventure Room.  Here are some of the LEGO decorations that you would find in an Adventure Room.

Regardless of the theme, you get the same amenities.  All the usual stuff like safe deposit box, hot water flask, cups and coffee / tea sachets, bottled water etc. were available.  They also provided bath robes and slippers – and yes, they had kids sizes.

And I couldn’t help noticing they acquired colourful hangers to suit the whole LEGO theme.  Details, details.

Moving on to the toilet, I couldn’t get over these cute customised toiletries set.

And yup, this hotel was built for kids.

Even the soap dispensers had to be LEGO themed.

Going back to ensuring the kids were never bored, each room had a box full of Duplo bricks for the kids to play with.  I admit, when I stayed here 3+ years ago shortly after the hotel opened, I was really impressed by this box of Duplo bricks.  But I was skeptical how long it would survive.  Coz you know, the LEGO bricks in my house has an uncanny way of disappearing with time? Well, they sure maintained this well here!

And the highlight for the kids was a treasure hunt activity that could be found in each room.  There were some question we had to answer by going around to scrutinize the room.  Like counting the number of spiders on the floor.

After we answered all the questions, we solved the secret code to unlock the treasure chest. Yes, there was a treasure chest in the room, how awesome.  It’s every kids’ dream come true I’m telling you.

And TADAH.  There were LEGO sets waiting for us inside the treasure chest after we completed the hunt!!

Bricks Family Restaurant

There were three restaurants inside Legoland Hotel Malaysia: An Italian restaurant, a sushi bar and a buffet restaurant.  I have only dined in the the buffet restaurant called Bricks Family Restaurant before.

The food was just part of the fun when dining at Bricks Family Restaurant.  I had as much fun checking out the LEGO decorations as I did eating.

There were A LOT of these decor pieces made with LEGO bricks, I shan’t spoil the fun for you.  Go check them out yourself.

The restaurant served buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner.    Breakfast comes by default with your hotel stay.

There was a pretty huge spread of food, from local to continental.

So whether your love your Asian food (like MF with his prata) or Continental food (like MY with his sausages and waffles), you won’t be hungry by the time you check out of the hotel.

And you gotta love the smiles of the chefs at the egg station.  Hotels should all make it a point to hire super happy staff at their breakfast venues.   That way guests will check out feeling super happy too.

During our stay, we were also invited to a King’s Buffet for dinner.  I didn’t come up with that name.  That’s what the hotel calls it.

King’s Buffet happened only on Friday and Saturday evenings.  It cost RM138 nett per adult and RM78 nett per child (age 3 to 11) or senior (age above 60).  And the spread was like OMG.

I particularly like the live grill section.

And remember this was a hotel built for kids? Check out the ice-cream bar.

The fondue with 4 flavours of chocolate to choose from.

And kids could even decorate their own cakes!

In Summary…

Your kids will love Legoland Hotel Malaysia.  It’s the perfect complement to the theme parks.  Staying here after a day (or two) at Legoland Theme Park and Legoland Water Park completes the LEGO experience.

But it comes at a price.  If you have a choice, stay here during a non school-holiday weekday and it’ll be pretty value-for-money.  You can get a standard room for about RM700 off-peak.  But if you are visiting on weekends or Singapore / Malaysia school holidays, expect to pay more than RM1000.

And even if you are willing to pay, you may not be able to get a room during weekends and school holidays.  Legoland Hotel Malaysia is extremely popular and often experiences full occupancy during these peak periods.  I recommend you book well in advance.

If Legoland Hotel Malaysia is booked out for your dates, your next best alternative is Somerset Medini Serviced Apartments which is also within walking distance of Legoland.

Somerset Medini

Information on Legoland Hotel Malaysia:

Address: 7, Jalan Legoland, Medini, 79250 Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia

Map: Click here for Google Map location

Reservation: Book online at Legoland Malaysia Website or call +607 5978888

Official Website: Homepage | Facebook Page | Instagram | Twitter

Read more reviews on: TripAdvisor

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  • This place looks absolutely amazing! Its like a kids dream. We went to the original Legoland in Billund, Denmark and it was not this nice! I have three little boys would just go crazy here. Thanks for sharing! #CItyTripping

  • Elizabeth says:

    The cake decorating looks like so much fun! (Everything looks pretty amazing actually.) Thanks for the tip on trying to go off peek – that can make a huge difference! #CityTripping

  • Wherejogoes says:

    I love your new hotel category, built for kids that made me laugh. We’ve been to Legoland in the UK but we didn’t stay in the hotel and my kids are desperate to stay there! I think a lot of things are similar I’ve heard about the treasure chest. This hotel is awesome you have very lucky kids, they owe mom one! #CityTripping

  • Oh wow that is astonishing – the level of detail is amazing and total kid heaven. My daughter has been asking if we can go to Legoland, she might actually implode with excitement if she knew people can stay somewhere like this… Thanks for linking up with #citytripping

  • Wow such amazing pictures, our boys would love this. The detail in everything is just incredible it is every Lego Fans dream x

  • Lyf&Spice says:

    Woah! Such a paradise for lego lovers. So bright and colourful… psst… I love all your hotel reviews 🙂 Cheers!!

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