Otaru Snow Light Path Festival

Ever year in February, the city of Otaru holds its Otaru Snow Light Path (Yuki Akari No Michi) festival.  It usually coincides with the much bigger Sapporo Snow Festival in Sapporo city.  Being less than an hour’s train ride away, most visitors to the Sapporo Snow Festival will visit the Otaru Snow Light Path as a day-trip from Sapporo.

During the festival, the Otaru canal is lit-up by romantic candle lights.

Along the walkway beside the canal, there are hundreds of little ‘snow lights’ lining the pathway.

You can also find candles at different areas in Otaru City, not just along Otaru canal.

otaru snow light path 1

Even KFC joined in the candle craze!

otaru snow light path 3

otaru snow light path 2

Information on Otaru Snow Light Path Festival:

Dates: Otaru Snow Light Path is held for 10 days in February.  Exact dates vary by year, you would need to check the official website for actual dates.

Getting there: Take the JR Hakodate Line from Sapporo Station to Otaru Station.  The ride takes about 30 (for rapid train) – 50 (for local train) minutes.  The single one-way trip currently costs 640yen.   You can also consider getting the Sapporo-Otaru Welcome Pass which currently costs 1530 yen and allows unlimited rides on JR Hokkaido trains between Sapporo and Otaru and on all subway lines in Sapporo for 1 day.

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