Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review (Part 1) – Facilities & Dining

I have been dreaming of going to Okinawa for a pretty long time.  So before I actually booked my air tickets to Okinawa, I have been surfing around online for things to do in Okinawa with kids so that I can convince the husband the make the trip there.  And just about every search result for ‘沖縄子連れ旅行’ (Okinawa travel with kids) mentioned Renaissance Okinawa Resort.   I was crazy impressed by the activities and facilities mentioned on their website, so once our flights were confirmed, I booked a room at Renaissance Okinawa Resort.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Facilities Pinterest

In this post, I will be sharing with you about our room and the facilities at Renaissance Okinawa Resort.  And in my next post, I will share more about the activities available.

Our Room

We booked the cheapest room available in the resort – The Deluxe Twin Room. The room was big for Japan’s standards, with ample space for the kids to roam around.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 05 Room AmenitiesRenaissance Okinawa Resort Review 06 Room Amenities

The room had a balcony with a stunning view!

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 08 Room Amenities

View from the room

There were two wings in the hotel.  The wing we stayed in faced the sea.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 07 (2) Room Amenities

This wing faced West, so you could catch sunset from the balcony.  (Which we did not, because if you refer to my itinerary, we kept driving out to watch sunsets at other areas in Okinawa.  I had to make my car rental worth, you know?)

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 09 Room Amenities

If you do not like the afternoon sun, or prefer a view of the resort, you may want to request for the East wing.  The lift was in the East wing, so the view below that I took from the lift would probably be what you get from a room in that wing.  And staying in the East wing means walking less to take the lift each time.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 68

Kids-Friendly Amenities in the Room

The room was well catered for the young kids.  They had a little stool for the kids to reach the sink.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 03 Room Amenities

Kids toothbrushes for them.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 02 Room Amenities

Kids’ slippers.  Which were too big for my 2 and 4 year olds unfortunately.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 04 Room Amenities

They even had one of those kids toilet seat cover which you could put over the normal toilet bowl when the kids are using it.

To add icing on the cake, the kids even received a welcome pack!

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 01 Room Amenities

The welcome pack was super useful.  It had a colouring activity to keep the kids entertained in the room.  There was a dolphin sponge for them to play with in the bath tub.  And a dolphin draw-string bag which they used to bring their swimming stuff down to the pool.

Flipper’s Connecting Room

One of the highlights of this resort was their Flipper’s Connecting Room.  But unfortunately my kids were too young to stay in these rooms.  You can only book a flipper’s connecting room if your kids are of elementary school age. Like total bummer.



To get to the various meeting points for activities within the resort, we had to walk along the marina.  Which was GORGEOUS.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 12 Marina

There were sting rays, swimming pretty close to the edge.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 12 (2) MarinaRenaissance Okinawa Resort Review 13 Marina

If you want to get up close and personal with them, you could take the staircase down to the bottom.  But let me warn you first, there were a lot of cockroach-like creepy stuff at the bottom-most stair.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 14 Marina

You can also spot the dolphin swimming around!

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 15 Marina Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 16 Marina

And spot the sea urchins too! I think I prefer sea urchins a lot more when they are on my dinner plate, than when they are in the sea.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 17 Marina

Reef Garden

Running alongside the marina, there was a reef garden.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 19 Reef Garden

The map makes it look bigger than it really was.  Lol.  There was basically this pond where you could a variety of fishes and starfishes inside.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 20 Reef GardenRenaissance Okinawa Resort Review 21 Reef Garden

The water was pretty shallow and clear, so it was a great place for the young kids to observe the fishes.  They loved this reef garden!

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 23 Reef Garden Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 25 Reef Garden Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 26 Reef Garden

There were two swings in the middle of the reef garden.  Super relaxing.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 22 Reef GardenRenaissance Okinawa Resort Review 24 Reef Garden

And then there were some tanks of fishes by the side.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 27 Reef Garden

Warabi Park

If you would like to see some non-marine animals, head to the Warabi Park.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 34

I wasn’t a big fan of the Warabi Park  It was kind of small and sad with cage-up animals.  So let me just spam you with some photos.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 35 Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 36 Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 37 Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 38

Down the slope from the Warabi Park, right outside the Dolphin House, there were some more turtles.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 39

The kids could get REALLY close to these turtles!

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 40

Not part of Warabi Park but on the topic of non-marine animals, over at the lobby, there were some birds and parrots.  Those parrots totally remind me of the ones we saw in our neighbourhood.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 63

Swimming Pools

There were three swimming pools at Renaissance Okinawa Resort.

Outdoor Pool

The outdoor pool is great for those who would like a dose of Vit-D while swimming.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 28 Swimming Pool

There was a tiny shelter, strategically located over the small slide.  So thank goodness I did not have to waddle around in the SUN while the kids went on the slide.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 29 Swimming Pool

Indoor Pool

Totally my cup of tea, because I was having an overdose of Vit-D from this Okinawa trip, there was another pool that was totally indoors!  This was also where the *slightly* bigger slides were located.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 30 Swimming Pool

They provided free arm floats for the kids at the pools

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 31 Swimming Pool

Speaking of which, if you need pool towels, you can get them from the counter at the indoor swimming pool. Remember to bring 100yen down for the deposit.

Splash Area

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 32 Swimming Pool

Okay, technically I’m not sure if this is considered a pool.  It is a little water play area, just for the kids to run around, with water splashing out from the cones.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 33 Swimming Pool

It was located at the rooftop of the Diving House.  And hence totally exposed to the sun and freaking hot.  I preferred the indoor pool. So did the kids.


Hoho.. So comes my favourite bit… The FOOD!! There were 10 restaurants & bars at Renaissance Okinawa Resort.   But we only dined at one.  The buffet restaurant.  Since I’m Singaporean and Singaporeans LOVE buffets.

Sailfish Cafe

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 41

Don’t you just LOVE the huge marine animals hanging down the ceiling?

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 42

Okay, buffet was actually not the main reason we were here all the time.  The main reason was because Sailfish Cafe was ULTRA kids friendly.   Firstly, they had a dedicated kids buffet line!

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 43

The 4 year old could help himself to the food.  No need for us to help him!

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 44

And just beside the kid’s buffet bar was a playground!

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 45

So the kids could have a rolling good time, while the parents enjoyed the sumptuous spread.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 46

Bibs and marine-themed children utensils were also provided.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 47

And an ultra-comfy super soft high chair.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 48

Other than all the above kids-friendly amenities, the other reason we kept dining here was quite simply because our breakfast and lunch here were provided.  I shall spare you the torture of seeing the entire spread of food, in case you haven’t had your meal before reading this.  I shall be selective.

Breakfast.  MF was super amused by the Nemo and friends buns.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 49

And juice does not get any fresher than squeezing it yourself.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 51

Kids could make their own multi-shaped eggs at the kids corner!

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 50

And the star of the breakfast spread had to be this.  Omu Rice.  So perfectly smooth and rounded, it gives me OCD.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 52

You should have watched the way the chef making the omu rice.  That guy took his job very seriously. Give him a bonus.

Moving on… Lunch.  Just a fraction of what I ate:

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 53

The highlight must be the dessert.  Huge variety and oh-so-gooood!

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 54

Dinner was not provided with our stay.   We paid for it on our first night there.  Because we were too bummed to drive out to eat.  Here’s the price of their dinner buffet.  (The price in brackets is for weekends and public holidays.)  This price excludes government tax.  When we checked in, they gave us a little card that entitled kids to dine free.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 55

Again, just a snippet of what I ate.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 56

And more desserts.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 57

Did you recognize the Chinbin which I blogged about last week when I reviewed Kuishin-Bo at Suntec City Singapore?? I actually forgot I ate it in Okinawa, but MF remembered.  When he saw the chinbin at Kuishin-Bo, he kept saying he ate it in Okinawa.  So I guess his memory was much better than mine.  Lucky for the photo evidence! LOL!!

In Okinawa, there were two food that I kept seeing: Pineapple and sweet potato.  I swear I ate more pineapples in those few days in Okinawa than in my entire life before that.  In their buffet spread, Renaissance Okinawa Resort included a lot of pineapple / sweet potato infused cuisine.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 58 Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 60

Morning Market

Every morning, a market would be set up at the hotel lobby, selling local produce.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 61 Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 62

Free Laundry

This is an extremely important pull factor for me.  I travel very light and usually only pack about 3 days’ worth of clothes.  Along the way, I would do laundry.  So I have an inclination towards hotels or resorts with a laundry room.  (Not those super expensive send for laundry kind, but self-service kind!)

Most Japan hotels have coin laundries with washer and dryer.  The one here was NOT a coin laundry.  It was a FREE laundry!!!

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 10 Laundry

You can do laundry as much as you like during your stay! Both washer and dryer were absolutely FREE!  Even detergent was provided for FREE!

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 11 Laundry

Okay, sorry, that was just my Singaporean blood at work.  I cannot resist raving when there are free stuff.

Club Savvy

If you stay a minimum of 3 night (off-peak) / 4 nights (peak i.e. July / August) at Renaissance Okinawa Resort, you will automatically be enrolled in their Club Savvy program.  Don’t forget to collect your Club Savvy card from the Club Savvy counter after check-in if you are eligible! (They don’t give it to you automatically during check-in.)

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND meeting the minimum nights stay for Club Savvy.  I mentioned earlier that breakfast and lunch were provided at Sailfish Cafe? That was actually part of our Club Savvy privileges.

On top of that, we could access the Club Savvy Lounge.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 59

You could pop in for drinks when you’re feeling thirsty.  Though the drinks selection was nothing to rave about.  No cocktails whatsoever you expect from a ‘lounge’.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 65

There were sofas around for you to relax while enjoying the beautiful scenery outside.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 66 Renaissance Okinawa Resort Review 67

Club Savvy members could also access the exclusive ONSEN in the resort.  (Though I very much preferred to soak in an onsen in winter than in summer.  And I still think the best onsen are in Hokkaido.  During their sub-zero degree Celsius winters.)

The most important benefit of Club Savvy is the free / discounted marine activities you will be entitled to.  Which I will explain in next week’s Travel Tuesday.

In Summary…

We had a SUPERB stay at Renaissance Okinawa Resort.  I highly recommend this resort for family with children.  There were so many kids-friendly facilities there:

  • Welcome pack for kids
  • Kids-friendly amenities in room
  • Flipper’s Connecting Room
  • Reef Garden
  • Warabi Park
  • Pools with slides & Splash Area
  • Free floats at pools
  • Kids Corner at Sailfish Cafe
  • Kids-friendly amenities at Sailfish Cafe
  • FREE laundry

If all the above are not enough to convince you that this is an excellent kids-friendly resort / hotel in Okinawa, wait till I tell you about the activities. 🙂

Information on Renaissance Okinawa Resort

Address: 3425-2, Yamada, Onna-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa, 904-0416, Japan

Telephone number: +81 98 965 0707 (key in 0989650707 for GPS)

Map Code (what is this?): 206 064 443

Parking: Available at resort for FREE.  Drive to the hotel lobby when you arrive and pass the key to the valet.

For booking, please visit Renaissance Okinawa Resort’s official website.  I highly recommend booking directly from the resort to ensure you get the Club Savvy benefits if you meet the minimum number of nights of stay.

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  • Lydia C. Lee says:

    What an amazing resort for kids – that’s unbelievable!!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      It was really amazing. They were very kids-centric, almost all the guests were families with little kids. It was nice to be surrounded by other families. I sometimes get very self-conscious when we are the only family with little kids surrounded by couples and retirees who would give us ‘that look’ when our kids get raucous.

  • Ashlyn says:

    This is such a lovely resort! Shall keep this place in mind! Thanks!

    And yes, lots of pineapple over there!

  • S.Ching says:

    Wah! I might really just have Okinawa on my next-go-to list! Love the resort…!

  • Mummy Ed says:

    Wow!! It looks a little dated, but in a kitschy way, and so many things to do! Gosh! So many places to go, so little time!! 😉

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Now that you mention it… Yeah, the resorts that I stay in tend to be somewhat dated. Because the newer ones cost twice the price! I can go on 2 vacations by staying in older resorts for the price of 1 vacation at swanky new resorts. Budget budget.

  • This is seriously OMG-ly awesome resort!! Is there still a need to travel out of the resort with all these great food and amenities???! I’m sharing with my friends!!

    Shirley @ SAys! Happy Mums

    • bumblebeemum says:

      I KNOW RIGHT. My husband was like, ‘Why do we need to rent a car?? Thought we are just going to stay at the resort?’ But I was lazy to figure out my transport options, and car rental is so cheap there, so I decided to go with self-drive. And to justify my decision, we just drove out just for the fun of it every evening. Though technically we didn’t have to since there were many restaurants in the resort itself for dinner.

  • What a great looking family friendly resort. I have never seen a resort offer free arm floats before – what a great idea, as I see many kids at resorts who cannot swim and parents who do not watch closely.

    • bumblebeemum says:

      That’s scary! I always feel my heart in my throat when I’m in the pool with my kids. Even in very shallow water, they sometimes lose their balance and don’t know how to stand back out because they panic.

  • Susan says:

    What an amazing resort! So family friendly with so much for the kids to do. And what an amzing view too. If I ever go to Okinawa, I’m booing myself into this resort!

  • Love the abundant interactions available between kids and animals and marine creatures!
    My kids always remember the animals, more than the slides and themeparks 🙂

    Will reference your blog for future trips.


    • bumblebeemum says:

      I think my boy has very good memory for slides actually… Lol!! He will say “I like the hotel with the slide at the hot spring!” rather than “I like the wildlife park where I touched the kangaroo!” We paid $500 for a room at Leofoo Resort facing the animal safari and he said the hotel was not fun because there was no bath tub (??!!!), though he still stuck his face to the window to watch the animals throughout our stay. I think it is an age thing. Probably when they are older, they will earn to appreciate nature and animals better. Right now, it’s all just play play play, the more play the better, for them.

  • This resort is super child-friendly! My children would flip with joy in the Flipper’s Connection Room… provided that my wallet allows me to book such an amazing room.

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Hahaha… Yeah, the flipper’s connecting room is a tad pricey… I would probably stay like 1 night for the experience, then shift to normal room right after that. Or maybe the other way round would be better, because I can imagine the kids complaining if I shift from a better room to a lousier room. Wahaha…

  • Angie Yeow says:

    Whoaaaaaa…. Am salivating…. I adore the clear seawaters!! Ok, Am very curious, how do you keep up with blogging such travel posts?? You just went there? Or you have backlogs and just do 1 post per place or something like that?? Such amazing places!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      I have a HUGE pile of backlogs. For places in Singapore, I go out so often that I just get more and more backlogs. Out of like 5 places I visit, I only have time to blog about 1. So I just selectively blog lor. But for travel it’s the other way. For each travel I do, I drag out my posts over months after that. No money to keep travelling mah. So like this trip, it was done during the June holidays. I have actually been blogging about my June vacation since… June. And I have a schedule for my travel posts for the next few months, featuring 1 place per post. Just to keep my travel link-up moving until I have money for my next vacation. Wahaha…

  • cherieladie says:

    WOW. Looks fun and a perfect place for kids to explore. Would love to check it out someday. Thanks for sharing all that details! Very helpful!

  • Angie.S says:

    I have very vague idea where is Okinawa but one thing I do know after reading your post is that I WANNA BRING THE KIDS THERE! 😀 Would love to try the connecting Flipper’s Connecting room and the big draw is the Marina, Reef Garden and Warabi Park! Will PM you for itinerary the next time I’m planning for my family hols to Japan 😀

    • bumblebeemum says:

      You all seem pretty good at planning your own family hols to Japan already… Maximising your days at Tokyo Disney Resort, finding Good Will Guides… You are like pros yourselves! I actually totally forgot the existence of Good Will Guides until I read your Asakusa post. But sure, if you need any help for your next trip, I will gladly share what I know. 🙂

  • Soon Koon says:

    Thanks for sharing this post! The Flipper’s Connecting Room is so cute. I will be sharing this post with my wife.

    • bumblebeemum says:

      How old is your kid? He looks quite young from your Marriot post. Your kid needs to be at least primary school age to stay in the Flipper’s Connecting Room. They don’t allow younger kids to use that room for safety reason.

  • edmund says:

    Wa! Okinawa looks fantastic. I have got to bring my family there! Look the Reef and the fact that it is so easy for the kids to explore the marine life. May the Yen drop more in the coming days! 🙂

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Haha.. Your comment went into Spam AGAIN! You’ve been blacklisted by WordPress apparently.. :p And don’t be so greedy lah.. Yen is already super low!! Not that I mind it dropping further… *looks around to make sure no Japanese around.. oops*

  • Natalie says:

    Wow, is all that I can say! When you say Okinawa, I certainly didn’t picture it looking so beautiful (not sure how I pictured it!). The sea looks absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing something new with us. Great photos!

  • Rachel ¦¦ A Nesting Nomad says:

    I love having a sneaky peek around other people’s hotels and hearing about their experiences. It sounds like an amazing place to visit with kids, so much to do! As for the buffet… It’s not just Singaporeans who love a buffet! The Flipper connecting room looks AWESOME. Never mind elementary school kids, I’ll take that one!

  • Ruth says:

    To be honest, this is one of the best resorts I have seen in a long time. I am used to see pools and water parks but live animals…nah! Well, at least not on this park of the world. The rooms and views are great too.

  • pc says:

    Soooo nice!!!! And absolutely love the no-charge washer and dryer;)!

  • Thanks for the comprehensive sharing! Will definitely return back when planning a trip! I have linked up too. 🙂

  • Wow, that’s quite a resort! So much to do and see – and are those turtles eating french fries???

  • What a stunning resort! The view from the balcony is amazing, I would love to wake up there 😀
    And how nice that they are so child friendly, I love the idea of the toothbrush and the slippers!!


    • bumblebeemum says:

      Yes, the little touches really make us feel very welcome. And it sends a message to guests that they take your booking seriously, arranging amenities according to the number and age of guests you have indicated in your booking. Versus many resorts that simply supply a standard set of toiletries / slippers regardless of the number / age of guests.

  • I think free laundry is amazing. I love it. It would be nice to not have to pack/buy detergent!! Thanks so much for linking up with #heymomma! Hope you stop by again on Monday!

  • Wow – this has to be one of the most kid friendly resorts I have ever seen. I’m off to search for prices.
    Thanks for joining in #wednesdaywanderlust and sorry for the slow visit this week

  • Angie says:

    Thank you for your posts on Okinawa and especially Renaissance Okinawa Resort. The resort sounds amazing. I am thinking of visiting Okinawa in December this year with my 4 year old and have some questions if you don’t mind.

    Would it be possible to travel around Okinawa without a car? Do they have tour buses?

    Also, would you know whether December might be too cold for sea/ beach activities?

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Regarding public transport, it depends on where you are visiting. If you just want to go to the resorts / Churaumi Aquarium / Naha city, then you can use buses. But if you want to hit the scenic spots like the capes, then you should drive.

      Whether or not it is too cold would depend on your tolerance for cold. I remember when I visited Australia when the temperature was about 15 degrees, everyone was having so much time in the pool, but when we went in, we barely stayed because it was too cold for us! So I imagine Okinawa in December would be the same thing. But I would think it shouldn’t be a problem for stuff like the coral adventure cruise / yacht / dragon boat where you won’t get wet. In fact, I would rather do those in December weather than June weather because it was crazy HOT when we were there! At most just bring along a jacket for the wind. But for activities that you would get wet, it may be a bit chilly.

  • Cher Fern says:

    thanks for your informative blog. I am planning a trip with my 3 & 5 year old girls. Do they provide extra bedding for the kids ?

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